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A report on the British International Championship club young bird race from Guernsey on 19th August 2017

Two hundred and seventy members entered two thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven pigeons into the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 08.30CEST into south-west winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Sally - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

Micky Watts - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

First open and first east section was won by Micky Watts of Southminster on 1501mpm over 339km. The race winner is an M and D Evans Vandenabeele and was sent driving a hen to nest. Micky also won the any age race from Guernsey on the same day, so two national winners to the same loft.

Meg Murray

Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch was second open and second east section on 1492mpm over 336km. Meg had three pigeons drop together all of which were bred down from stock gifted to her by Craig Booth of Hartlepool. Meg especially likes Craig's Busschaert family of birds.

Andrew Wilton

D Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary were third open and third east section on 1490mpm over 300km. The partners had three birds drop together and first on the clock was a chequer hen bred from a son of Winters' Little Gem, the NFC Tarbes winner. Second to time was a blue cock containing Brockamp's Valhalla bloodlines crossed with their second open national winner.

Michael Harvey

Fourth open and fourth east section was won by M Harvey of Bowers Gifford on 1485.7mpm over a distance of 317km. Mick timed two cocks, both containing a mixture of direct Houben and Meuleman bloodlines.

Jack Martin

Martin and Watts of Essex timed on 1485.2mpm over 312km to take fifth open and fifth east section. Jack timed a Frans Zwol hen bred by Formula One lofts.

6th open

J House and Son from Basildon were sixth open and sixth east section on 1480.4mpm over 314km. The partners timed a chequer cock, the sire of which was a gift from Tony Coker, whilst the dam contains Minderhood bloodlines via Ponderosa stud.

Mrs Jenkins

Seventh open and seventh east section was won by Mr and Mrs Jenkins of Canterbury on 1480.2km over a distance of 328km. Husband and wife clocked a Lambert x Red Barcelona pigeon bred by Westbury Brothers of Aylesham.

Jeremy Nicholson

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was eighth open and first north-east section on 1479mpm over 382km. Jeremy timed a blue chequer Louis Coorman cock bred from Bob Fenech stock. He had five pigeons home within an hour of his first.

9th open

Ninth open and eighth east section went to Gladwin, Jarvis and Family of Leigh on Sea on 1475mpm over 321km. The partners had two pigeon drop together and first on the clock was a Vanwanrooji x Frans Zwols bred bird. The sire is from two of Vanwanrooji's best breeders, whilst the dam came from Rik Herman's Cow Girl.

Completing the top ten and in first centre section is Ken Wise of Isleworth on 1472mpm over 268km.

Around the sections

M and J Adcock and Son of Croydon were second centre section and eleventh open on 1470mpm over 273km. The partners clocked a blue hen bred by Micky Betts of Doncaster from his top Stickers Donkers.

Richard Kent of Walton on Thames was third centre section on 1466mpm over 259km.

Tom Powers of Warminster was first west section and one hundred and sixty-first open on 1151mpm over 192km. Tom clocked a red hen bred for him by Dave Dredge of Westbury and containing Van Hee Motta bloodlines. It was flown on the natural system.

C and J Howse of Devizes were second west section on 1147mpm over 206km. Chris and Jane clocked a mosaic hen bred from a Janet and Ken Wilcox cock when paired to a hen that was second open from Tours.

Ludlam and Hibbert of Treharris were third west section on 965mpm over a distance of 246km.

The north-centre section and eighty-seventh open was won by P Wraight of Bluntisham on 1311mpm over 364km. Peter's pigeon was a chequer cock bred from D Stanway's black family.

David Paine

David Paine of St Neots was second north-centre section on 1295mpm over 342km. David timed a Herman Ceuster cock bred by a friend and raced on the darkness system.

Mr J Huckle of Langford was third north-centre section on 1238mpm over 326km.

David Downing

Second north-east section was won by D Downing of Suffolk on 1354mpm over 370km. David's pigeon was a hen racing to the perch and bred from a grandson of Jan Hooyman's Harry, which he was loaned by a friend and paired to his best Vandenabeele stock hen.

L Rix and Son of Mildenhall were third north-east section on 1333mpm over 384km

Nigel Matthews

Nigel Matthews of Bridgnorth was first north-west section and one hundred and sixty-sixth open on 1141mpm over 330km. Nigel timed three hens, all containing the bloodlines of Alwyn Hill's Wing Down.

Talent & Westbury

Talent and Westbury of Corwen were second north-west section on 1092mpm over 386km. The partners timed a Franz Zwol x Walter Docx hen sent flying back to a seven day squeaker.

Mr Ian Barnbrook of Alveley was third north-west section on 997mpm over 330km.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.