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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougeres on 1st July 2017

Two hundred and twenty-seven members entered two thousand and thirty-nine birds into the British Barcelona Club race from Fougeres. They were liberated at 13.30CEST into moderate west north-westerly winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Dean Childs (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Dean Childs of Basildon had three drop together to take first to third open and first to third section J. First to time was a two year old, named Chalice Dream on 1277.8ypm. Chalice Dream is bred from two pigeons from Mark Gilbert, the sire is a grandson of Drum and the dam contains Kleine Dirk and Figo bloodlines. Second on the clock was a yearling, Chalice Joy on 1277.7ypm. Chalice Joy is a full sister to Chalice Dream. Third was Chalice Supreme on 1277.5ypm. Chalice Supreme is bred from a grandson of Southfield Supreme when paired to a grand-daughter of Southfield Supreme. which in turn is a full sister to Mark's Saintes winner, Southfield Jane.

Jaimie & Oliver Clarke

Jaimie Clarke and Daughter from Selling were hourth open and first section G with a three year old on 1276ypm. Jaimie timed a dark chequer hen, raced on the roundabout system and bred from two children of Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation winners for Ronnie Williamson.

Andrew & Rob Wilton

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary timed two pigeons to take fifth and sixth open and third and fourth section J. The first was a two year old, widowhood cock on 1272ypm. This cock was bred down from Big Tom, sire of second Le Mans in 2015 and second young bird national in 2013, beaten by a loft mate. The second was a yearling hen on 1270ypm. This hen is a grand-daughter of the partner's old Bordeaux cock containing the old Joplin bloodlines.  

John, Teresa & Sophie Gladwin

Seventh open and sixth section J was a two year old on 1266ypm for Gladwin and Jarvis of Leigh on Sea. The winner was a Formula One bred Frans Zwol hen, a half-sister to Max, the 2015 Alençon winner. The dam of both pigeons is a direct daughter of D'Artagnan, which was responsible for breeding many winners. D'Artagnan is a full brother to the Three Muskateers.

Keith Gosling & Mick Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing were eighth open and seventh section J with a yearling on 1262ypm. The partners timed a blue widowhood cock on its fifth channel race of the season. The sire of this cock was bred by Steve Coxell and is a full brother to first section Ancenis. The dam is a grand-daughter of Steve Wakerly's famous blue cock and a full sister to the partners' cock 92.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge timed a two year old on 1259ypm to take ninth open and second section G. Derek timed the same blue pied cock that was second section from Coutances earlier in the season.

Tony Welch

Completing the top ten and in third section G are Mr and Mrs Welch from Chichester with a two year old on 1255ypm. Tony timed a pure Janssen blue bar cock flown on the widowhood system.

Around the sections

Eddie Rann

E Rann of Chillerton on the Isle of Wight was first section A with a yearling on 1111ypm. Eddie's hen contains the DeWeerdt bloodlines of Spiritus x Liesbet and was bred by his good friend Roger Merrin. The dam of this winner is owned by Guy Reed.

Jason Ross

Jason Ross of Portsmouth clocked a two year old on 1060ypm to take second section A. Jason's hen contains Vandenabeele bloodlines and was raced on the natural system.

E Mellis of Portsmouth was third section A.

Mark Gower

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower clocked two pigeons to take first and second section B. First up was a three year old on 1000ypm. Mark and Julie's first on the clock was a Vandenabeele cock, usually raced on the widowhood system, but paired up for this race. It is a son of Mark's best ever Vandenabeele hen that won the section three times in the NFC, being 2nd, 6th and 30th open. This hen was a grand-daughter of M and D Evans Champion Shadow. Second to time was a yearling on 987ypm. This was a daughter of his fourth open Pau classic hen when paired to an Andy Parsons' distance bird.

Alfie Harp & John Gerard

A Harp from Poole was third section B. Alfie timed a yearling blue hen that was bred by his good friend John Gerard. She is a Mandelartz x Bosua and has flown every channel race this season.

Martin Williams

Martin Williams of Hereford was first section C with a yearling on 1056ypm. Martin clocked a blue cock flown on the widowhood system. It is a great grandson of André Roodhooft's Famous Mustang, the bloodlines of which Martin crossed into his old Jan Huybrects family of pigeons.

Mark Brown

Mark and Clare Brown of Hungerford timed a two year old on 988ypm to take second section C. The Brown's clocked Nobby, a Gaby Vandenabeele x Koopman x Van Dyke cock.

Graham Clift of Tirley was third section C.

Jonathan Adams

J Adams of Watford was first section D with a two year old on 1252ypm. John clocked a widowhood cock, a full sister of which won from Le Mans a fortnight previously. The sire was purchased from Mark Gilbert and is a grandson of Golden Gaby and Dutch Master. The dam is a direct Daniel Aerens that John bought when he made a visit to his loft.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading clocked a two year old on 1195ypm. Roger timed a widowhood cock bred from two national winner, the sire being Fast as Lightning the Fougères winner by 25 minutes. The dam is The 02, winner of the national from Guernsey and a double grand-daughter to My Little Diamond, Roger's best ever hen.

Mr and Mrs Dickinson and Sons were third section D.

Dave & Kyle Harris

The section E winner was D Harris from Newport with a yearling on 1009ypm. Dave timed Chet, a widowhood cock that is a direct son of his second open Lessay winner when paired to a hen that has now bred three different section winners. Chet is a nephew to Dessie, which topped the section twice with the British Barcelona Club and contains Dave's old Soontjens family bloodlines which are bred down from The Gauty Cock, an excellent breeder that is still filling its eggs at seventeen years of age.

Mick Hughes

M Hughes of Market Drayton timed a three year old on 993ypm to take second section E. Mick's first on the clock was a blue widowhood cock, the half-brother to which was sixth and twentieth open with the BBC, whilst its sire was the Midlands National Flying Club middle distance co-efficient winner.

Mr and Mrs Shaw from Basford were third section E.

Paul Davies

P Davies of Jersey timed a two year old on 529ypm to take first section H. Paul's section winner is a blue cock containing Janssen x Jan Aarden bloodlines and which was sent sitting fourteen day eggs.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères.