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Sky Chen (Xian, China) has collected a very exclusive and excellent family of pigeons from top fanciers

Sky Chen has never made any secret of his desire to purchase the best possible pigeons from the most successful families winning across the world. In 2012 he purchased Chanel No 5 at the entire clearance sale of Pieter Veenstra and his goal was to bred a new generation from this hen.

Sky Chen

Chanel No 5 was put to stud in Europe and mated with the best cocks that Sky could find, such as Jan Hooyman's Harry, Eijerkamp's New Olympic, Bart Van Oeckel's F16 and the best inbred son of Dolce Vita from Pieter Veenstra. All pairings have bred unique youngsters and Chanel No 5 has brought success for all of those involved in the breeding programme. In such a short breeding period, Chanel No 5 has proved herself in many generations globally.

Chanel No 5

Chanel No 5 herself won 1st international ace pigeon all round WENC in 2010 with the following performances

1st Isnes             6,544p.
1st Meer                316p.
1st Moeskrom            126p.
4th NPO Signy Signetz 8,664p.
14th NPO Sens         6,740p.
15th NPO Sens         6,740p.
5th Wavre             1,501p.
6th Pommeroeul        7,698p.

Chanel No 5 is the dam of 188/12, 2nd Gennep 1,812p. and 3rd St Truiden 1,808p. She is also the dam of Full House, 3rd Boxtel 2,218p. and 81st Meer 11,554p. The grand-dam of Epic, 57th Beijing Eijerkamp One Loft Race 2014, 330km. Grand-dam to Devil May Cry, 154th Xi'An WeiLi One Loft Race 2014 300km and 274th Xi'An WeiLi One Loft Race 2014 500km with very strong head winds. Grand-dam to Perle, Jan Hooymans and Mr Huzhenyu's 14th prize winner in the final of the South Afican Million Dollar Pigeon Race in 2015, a particularly hard race that year. Chanel No 5 is also the grand-dam of Nico Volkens' Toby.

Chanel No 5 was also 1st National ace pigeon long distance PIPA ranking in 2015 with the following performances

2nd NPO Argenton    3,476p. 713km
4th NPO Bourges     4,844p. 648km
4th NPO Chateauroux 4,598p. 680km

She is also the grand-dam of 184th Xi'an Tianping One Loft Race 300km and 370th Xi'an Tianping One Loft Race 500km in 2015.  The grand-dam to Final Faith, which achieved the following performances in the Xi-an Weili Spring One Loft Race in 2016, 22nd ace pigeon second race, 21st ace pigeon third race, 27th ace pigeon fourth race, 21st open from 400km and 100th open from 500km. A great grand-dam to Bert Van Den Berghe's 2nd and 11th national winners from Brive, 5,929p. A full sister to nest ever Dutch performer Dolce Vita, 1st Dutch olymiade all round pigeon in 2011. 1st international ace pigeon long distance WENC, 1st national ace pigeon WHZB, 1st national racing hen WHZB, 1st national ace pigeon long distance WHZB, all in 2010. 1st NPO Chateauroux 1,418p. 2nd NPO Signy Signetz 8,664p. 4th NPO Sens 6,740p. and 8th NPO Ablis 11,945p. IN total a winner of 6 massive 1st prizes.

Rolex is a half-brother to Chanel No 5 with them both being bred down from a world class breeding hen - Special Blue. Rolex became a master breeder and was then acquired by Sky Chen.

Magic 92

In 2015 Sky had another chance to invest in the Limbourg family of pigeons and this time he bought Magic 092, probably the best Sablon hen available at the time. Eric personally recommended that Shy bought this hen as one of the best in the auction. Bart Geerinckx also highly rated Magic 092 and the two fanciers decided to collaborate by breeding some exclusive youngsters in 2016.

Magic 092 was paired to the first national winner, Luc, the super racer and breeder, Gladiator, the sire of first national middle distance ace pigeon KBDB inn 2015, Blue Lagoon and to Fast Boy, the sire of Olympiad pigeon Acy. With each cock only one nest of youngsters was raised with Bart and Sky having one each for themselves. Bart has put his four youngsters straight into his stock loft, but Sky has decided to sell his share. These youngsters offered for sale are therefore unique in both their breeding and in the opportunity they present for prospective buyers.

After discussion, Sky Chen had already made another new, very sensational co-breeding agreement with Freddy Vandenheede and Magic 92 has now moved to Freddy's loft where she will breed with his first KBDB long distance ace pigeon winner, Miracle Ace, next season. Freddy was also veru impressed with Magic 92 and they all believe that she will become a very promising breeding hen.

This year Eric Limbourg has raced two children of Magic 92 and one of the best racers for him this season has been a direct son of Magic 92. This yearling cock is named Number One and his best performances are:

1st Souppes                   282p. 326km
3rd Zonal Brive             2.810p. 674km
4th Interprovincial Limoges 1.567p. 641km
5th Souppes                   922p. 326km

Thanks to these and other results, Number One finished as the best ace bird in his province (1st Provincial Ace Bird KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2016) and among the best in all of Belgium (5th National Ace Bird KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2016). Take a look at its pedigree here.

It stands to reason that only the best of the best has a chance to combine together to breed a new miracle generation. It proves the saying that the fruit never falls far from the tree! Sky Chen continues to look for the most suitable and powerful partners to work together, he keeps his eyes open and he gets what he wants. Sky says that ideas matter, he enjoys his collaboration with other excellent fanciers and which make his journey on the pigeon sport more colourful and more meaningful. Ambitious, creative, unique and professional, Sky Chen has made his dream come true. He adheres to a high standard of breeding, upholding professionalism and believing in his dream of world class pigeons.

We expect that this special, young Chinese fancier will continue to surprise us in the future and continue to write his never-ending dream!