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A report on the National Flying Club old hen race from Coutances

After a six day holdover due to poor weather the National Flying Club old hen race was liberated at 12.00CEST into a light east-south-easterly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Shapway Glory (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John and David Staddon of Shepton Mallett timed two pigeons in quick succession to take first and second open and first and second section G. First on the clock was a yearling on 1573ypm over 153 miles. Second to clock was a three year old on 1551ypm. John and David only sent three hens to the race to so take first and second is a magnificent achievement. The national winner has now been named Shapway Glory and contains Hereman Ceusters x Louis Thijs bloodlines. Both the sire and dam of Shapway Glory were bred by Paul Titcombe of Portishead and it was sent to the race feeding two large squeakers.

Bill Morris

Bill Morris of Elmore was third open and third section G with a five year old on 1461ypm over 196 miles. A consistent racer for the loft, earlier this season this hen took two weeks to return from Pau so was left to recover with the Countances race in mind. She was sent to the race sitting seven day eggs.

Hughie Eades of Street timed a two year old on 1457ypm over 155 miles to take fourth open and fourth section G. Hughie timed a Vendenabeele hen, raced on the roundabout system and sent feeding a ten day old squeaker.

Trevor Cooke of Gloucester was fifth open and first section J with a four year old on 1450ypm over 199 miles. Trevor's timer was a Janssen hen that was gifted to him by Wayne Jenkins of South Wales.

Nigel Matthews

Sixth open and second section J was a yearling on 1438ypm over 239 miles for Nigel Matthews from Alveley. Nigel's hen contains Mark Gilbert's bloodlines going back to Southfield Supreme and was sent to Countances sitting fourteen day eggs. Two weeks prior to the race the same hen topped the section with the British International Championship Club.

Wilson & Iddon

Wilson and Iddon of Chorley were seventh open and first section L with a yearling on 1435ypm over 321 miles. Ronnie timed a Vandenbrande hen that was racing to the young bird loft. In preparation for the race she was paired up to a young cock and sent sitting fresh eggs.

S & K Wintle

S and K Wintle of Bristol were eighth open and fifth section G with a three year old on 1434 over a distance of 172 miles. Kevin clocked a blue Van Den Bosche hen sent sitting four large squeakers. This hen was bred by the partners from a pair gifted to them by Ray Hunt.

Roger Sutton of Congleton clocked a yearling on 1433ypm over 286 miles to take ninth open and second section L. Roger leaves some yearling hens in the young bird loft and then trains them together with the youngsters. The second section winner was sent sitting a six day old squeaker, her first ever youngster.

Derrick Jones

Completing the top ten and in first section W is D Jones of Wrexham with a yearling on 1425ypm over 285 miles. The sire of Derrick's hen is the son of the 42 hen, a Flo Engles pigeon that is the dam of ten first federation winners, a first open Midlands National Flying Club Tours and other section winners.

Around the sections

Lou Severe of Chichester was first section A with a four year old on 1158ypm over 127 miles. Lou clocked a grizzle hen bred by Tony Cowan and sent to Coutances sitting eight day eggs.

Lady Mary

J R Eveleigh of Bosham was second section A. Jon had two pigeons arrive together, a mother and daughter bred from his own Southwell based family, going back to the birds of Albie and Jan Deacon and Jimmy Shepherd. Both were raced on the natural system and sent sitting ten day eggs.

Johnny Attrill

Johnny Attrill of Salisbury was first section B with a yearling on 1418ypm over 142 miles. The section winner is a daughter of Nightmare, Johnny's top racing and breeding Kees Boshua cock. The nestmate to the section winner was third section from Falaise the previous weeks. Nightmare was bred by Crammond and Langstaff of Fontwell and they offered Johnny a tidy sum to buy him back, but Johnny was not tempted to part with him.

Steve Harris

Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter were second section B. Steve timed a hen bred by his father and sister from their national section winner.

Nyland Falaise (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Halstead of Gillingham was first section C with a three year old on 1379ypm over 141 miles. John clocked Nyland Falaise, a blue pied Marcellis hen that won first open Falaise in 2014 by 132ypm. Nyland Falaise has several top six section wins to her name. She was sent to the race feeding a four day old squeaker.

Terry Vincent of Dorchester was second section C.

John Wilkinson

Mr and Mrs Wilkinson and Son from Plymouth clocked a yearling on 1296ypm over 150 miles to take first section D. The family's section winner is a recessive opal, white flighted hen, raced on the roundabout system and sent sitting fourteen day eggs. They also clocked a second pigeon to take thirteenth section, this hen was bred for them by Graham Buck.

Mr and Mrs Naum from Watchet were second section D. Paul had an excellent race on a difficult day and timed three further pigeons to also take third, sixth and tenth section. First on the clock was a three year old hen bred from Paul's old Janssen based family of pigeons.

S & P Kulpa

S and P Kulpa of Reading timed four pigeons to take the top four places in section E. First on the clock was a six year old on 1389ypm over 167 miles. Steve and Paul actually clocked six of their ten entries within half an hour with the last two arriving the next morning. The section winner contains Janssen x De Klak bloodlines and is a direct daughter of Sophia, a grandaughter of Hans Eijerkamp's Bartoli. Second on the clock was another Janssen x De Klak, this one being out of Eijerkamp's De Generaal when paired to a Herman Beverdam Janssen hen.

Eric Ilsley of Wantage clocked a two year old on 1314ypm over 178 miles to take first section F. The section winner is a cross between Eric's established Jan Aarden family and a pigeon he acquired from Mark Gilbert.

Sherman and Wells of Oxford were second section F. The partners timed a hen containing Drapa x Koopman bloodlines. A sister to this hen was second section, third open the week before.

Mr A Talmer of Woburn was first section H with a yearling on 1208ypm. Andy timed a pure Bricoux hen containing Jim Kimmance of Liverpool bloodlines and sent sitting twelve day eggs.

John Black

John Black of Stotfold was second section H. John timed one of his widowhood hens on its only race of the season. The sire was a Raymond Moleveld cock whilst the dam was a gift from Fred Sharman.

Mr and Mrs Armitage of Redditch timed a yearling on 1243ypm over 226 miles to take first section I.

Mr & Mrs Grimsdell

Mr and Mrs Grimsdell of Burton on Trent timed four pigeons to take the next four section places. First to clock was Jenaray, a hen containing Geoff Kirkland bloodlines. The sire is a Willy Thas down from The Snake, whilst the dam is from the lofts well established Meulemans family.  

R and J Hardy of Huddersfield were first section K with a yearling on 1381ypm over 314 miles. The partners timed a hen bred from their first Yorkshire Combine winner.

Pete and Cynthia Hagland

Peter and Cynthia Hagland of Doncaster were second section K. The partners had a great weekends racing with success in the young bird national as well.

Pure Gem (photo courtesy of Jeff Walton)

John Best and Son from Stockton on Tees took the first three places on section N. First on the clock was a four year old on 1423ypm over 383 miles. The section winner is a Soontjens x Jan Huybrecht hen which has numerous previous prizes to her name. Second section was bred from a Maria Vandevelde cock when paired to a grandaughter of top Vandenabeele cock, Wittenbuik.

Micky Watts (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Micky Watts of Southminster was first section P with a yearling on 1201ypm.

J and J Brady of Benfleet were second section P. The partners timed a mealy hen, the sire of which was bred for them by Ken Hine, whilst the dam comes from their direct Jos Thoné pigeons.

Fishlock Brothers and Son were second section W. The Fishlocks timed a Hardy Kruger hen gifted to them by Premier Stud and containing Black Power bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club old hens race from Coutances.