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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 22nd August 2015

Two hundred and three members entered one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-six birds into the British International Club young bird race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 07.30BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

John Rodway (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First north-west section and first open was won by John Rodway of Rushwick on 1141.5mpm over 187 miles. John clocked a blue chequer hen bred in early May from his own family of pigeons and sent racing to her perch. Preparation for Guernsey was three previous races, two from Purbeck ond one from Blandford. John's young birds are fed on a mixture of rolled oats, cut maize, layers pellets and a small amount of depurative mixed in, so a protein light food. John didn't expect to win the race as his main interest with youngsters is to educate them for the future, hence his winner is now called Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John & Nigel Taylor

R E Taylor and Sons from Bristol were second west section and second open on 1141.2mpm over 135 miles. John and brother, Nigel timed a mealy cock sent sitting ten day eggs. Bred in April, this cock was given six training tosses before being sent to Portland (60 miles) three times prior to being basketed for the Guernsey race. The Taylor's exercise their youngsters daily, whatever the weather and they seem to thrive on this. The dam of their second open with the BICC was racing from the same racepoint with the Central Southern Classic Club and finished third open in the old hen's race, with another loftmate being third open young birds.

John & David Staddon with Archie

John and David Staddon of Shepton Mallett took second west section and third open on 1128mpm over 116 miles. The partners timed a dark chequer hen named Archie's Girl which was on its first channel crossing. Archie's Girl was raced as far as Littlehampton previously this season. The sire of Archie's Girl is Shapway Kirk which was a gift bird from Wicky and Kirk Bullen and was a full brother to their seventh open, National Flying Club young bird winner and a grandson of Isla's Rainy Day Boy and Reggie's Boy. The dam of the partners' timer is Shapway Annie, bred from two of their own former BICC winners.

Chris Preece

The Bridgnorth loft of Chris Preece was second north-west section and fourth open on 1117mpm over 206 miles. Chris timed a May hatched youngster bred from a Flor Engels cock given to him by the late Billy Tregoning of Glynneath when paired to a blue, white-flight Cattrysse hen from Neil Price of Caerwent. The dam contains Colin Lloyd Cattrysse bloodlines from King Arthur and Champion Prince on its sire's side and the grand-dam is a Davenport Cattrysse bred down from Plain Jane. This youngster was raced on the natural system.

Mr & Mrs Lloyd

Mr and Mrs Gwyn Lloyd of Moreton-in-the-Marsh were third north-west section and fifth open, flying 182 miles on a velocity of 1095mpm. The partners sent four and clocked four from Guernsey and all came home in excellent condition. First on the clock was a light chequer hen of Busschaert x Hybreght bloodlines and which was sent flying to its perch.

T & F Barresi

Third west section and sixth open were T & F Barresi from Peasdown St John on 1094mpm over 127 miles. Tony and Frank's timer was a Brasspenning hen bred out of their Saintes winner when crossed with a cock from Roger Phillips of Guernsey. This hen has had the whole club programme so far with Carlingcott HS. It had recently paired to a cock, but was yet to lay when basketed. It was flown on the darkness system. Tony and Frank had three out of the four pigeons they sent.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper from Tewkesbury timed on 1090mpm over 176 miles to take fourth north-west section and seventh open. The partners'  young hen was bred from their hen that last year was first section, second open from Fougères and which was bred down from Brian Sheppard stock.

Mark Currivan & Gary Woodward

First centre section and eighth open went to Mr and K Mrs Hine from Hayes on 1065mpm over 170 miles. As most fanciers are aware, Ken passed away a few years back, but the lofts are still sending under his name, but they are now managed by Mark Currivan (Ken's grandson) and Gary Woodward (his son-in-law), assisted by Jeff Byles. Their section winner is a young hen bred from a six year old cock which their good friend Peter Sabba purchased from Premier Lofts and which contains Herman Ceusters bloodlines.

Daniel Hocking

Daniel Hocking of Bridgwater timed on 1042mpm over 122 miles to take fourth west section and ninth open. Daniel's young hen was bred from his Dirk van Dyke stock which have been responsible for many winners for him and which contain the Kannibal bloodlines right through their breeding.

Mr & Mrs Redfern

Completeing the top ten are S Redfern and Family from Derby who were first north-centre section and tenth open on 1019mpm over 240 miles. The Redferns timed a dark chequer hen bred from two birds from George Appleton of Denton in Manchester. The sire of this pigeon is a grandson of Bright Eyes and the dam is a daughter of George's first National Flying Club section winner when paired to his Daleside 02.

Around the sections

Tidbury & Garrett

Tidbury and Garrett from Feltham were second centre section and twelfth open on 1014mpm over 164 miles. The partners timed a little chequer hen, which had been previously trained down to the south coast. This hen was bred from Gary Inkley x Chris Heberecht bloodlines.

Third centre section and thirteenth open was won by Mike Armitage from Ash on 1008mpm over 147 miles. Mike's cock was sent flying to eggs.

Ralph Tofts

First east section and twenty-seventh open went to Mr and Mrs T Tofts from Bishops Stortford on 946mpm over 209 miles. The partners clocked a darkness hen containing De Klak bloodlines going back to Terry Hudson stock and which can also be traced back to the Toft's Alençon national winner. Reared in February, this hen had two races prior Guernsey.

Second east section and thirty-second open was won by Colin Hoskins of Bexley Heath on 932mpm over 182 miles. Colin timed a blue hen, one of a batch of youngsters that were bred by Jack and Pat Walker of Lancashire.

B McAllister from Buntingford was third east section and thirty-fifth open on 919mpm over 206 miles.

John Black

John Black from Hitchin was second north-centre section and eleventh open on 1015 over 203 miles. John clocked a blue hen bred by Paul Loom of Wyboston. He also had four out of five youngsters in race time and the fifth before nightfall.

B and P Loom from Wyboston were third north-centre on 1001mpm over 212 miles.

Alan Hacon

Joanne and Alan Hacon from Great Yarmouth were first north-east section and eighty-fourth open on 784mpm over 283 miles. Joanne and Alen timed a dark chequer pied hen containing Herman Vandewyer bloodlines and on the third race of her career.

Second north-east section and ninety-first open was won by Cook and Taylor from Over on 774mpm over 226 miles. This timer was a Stichelbaut x Jan Aarden hen raced on roundabout.

Dave Downing from Suffolk was third north-east section and one hundred and thirty-seventh open on 513mpm over 231 miles. Dave timed a pigeon from his Vandenabeele family, a January bred darkness youngster racing to the perch.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship young bird race from Guernsey.