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A report on the National Flying Club race from Saintes on 4th July 2015

The birds for the National Flying Club race from Saintes were liberated at 06.30BST on Saturday 4th July 2015 into a light west wind turning south-westerley on route. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Crammond & Langstaff (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Crammond and Langstaff from Fontwell timed a four year old on 1398ypm over 353 miles to take first section A and first open. The partners timed a second bird, a yearling on 1391ypm, to take second section A and third open. Since Ian and Nigel formed their partnership they have flown at the forefront of national racing being previous winners of first, second, third and fourth Ooen National Flying Club Messac, amongst many outstanding national positions. What may have gone un-noticed by the fancy in general is their local domination of section A from the Saintes race having won the section eight times in the last nine years (earning Nigel the title of the King of Saintes with his mates) in fact their winning pigeon also won the section from Saintes in 2014 and his father is also a NFC Saintes section winner.

Garry Inkley

Garry Inkley of Uxbridge clocked a two year old on 1391ypm over 401 miles to take first section E and second open. The first pigeon Garry timed is a widowhood cock with previous form, as a yearling he was second combine in a hard Poitiers race, 366 miles and prior to Saintes he was forty-sixth open BICC from Alençon. The loft's second timer which should be twelfth open or thereabouts (vel 1366ypm) is a yearling cock from the same loft section. Garry races to two sections with sixteen pairs in each. One is  based on middle distance and the other destined for the longer races, so as a result they are fed differently and exercised separately. Both of these cocks were paired in January and reared before going on to widowhood, where they have remained. The first timer is a son of his 2009 national winner, Northern Nights, when paired to a daughter of Syndicate Lofts’  Hannibal x Genie. The next cock on the clock is a yearling with a bit of previous as well, having secured a couple of club wins and seventy-fourth open Ancenis, his sire is a son of Northern Nights when mated to the unrung hen, a full sister to Brian Bolton's Oh So Sharp, when mated to a full sister of B & K Hawes Celina, first combine Stonehaven.

The Wells Family

Mr and Mrs P J Wells of Dunstable were second east section and fourth open with a two year old on 1385ypm over 424 miles. Pete is having a cracking season, having been runner up earlier in the season to the Buckley Boys. This is a loft that thrives on national and classic competition and has an enviable CV to show for his efforts. The pigeon that came for him on this occasion is a widowhood cock that was home bred. His sire is a Van Reet cock that was a gift from Terry Robinson and has served Pete well to date. The dam is home bred from a Marina Vink bred by Simon Schofield crossed on to a Willy Thas, bred by Alistair McEwan. Pete is preparing an elite and select team for Tarbes.


Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert of Winkfield timed two birds to take third and seventh section E and fifth and ninth open. The first was a yearling on 1383ypm over 394 miles. The second was another yearling on 1369ypm. This is a race point that Mark thrives on and usually delivers a master class in middle distance racing from it. The first pigeon across the pad was a widowhood cock and was from a direct son of Che, the double national winner for Ejerkamp, the mother was a good racing hen for Mark and is a daughter of the Ugly Koopman Cock. The second pigeon was a hen from a direct Van Elsaker, with the sire being a son of Igo, when paired to a the old Verkerk hen, this pair have already  bred Mark his first section and second open from Agen and many other winners as well.

J F Haynes of Maidenhead clocked a yearling on 1374ypm over 397 miles to take fourth section E and sixth open.

Mailk & Khan

The partnership of Malik and Khan from Tolworth timed three pigeons to take fifth, sixth and eighth section E, seventh, eighth and tenth open. The first two were yearlings on 1374ypm and 1372ypm over 389 miles. The third was a two year old on 1369ypm. On the day these guys showed a lot of lofts how it should be done, with a magnificent three birds in the top ten of the open result. Their first bird was a yearling cock bred from Tipsey, a direct son of Marike Vinks Tips when paired to Nala, a double granddaughter of Jan Hooymans' Jonge Bliksem, the father of Harry. This cock was a summer bred youngster last year and has already picked up a minor fed card. The second bird was another yearling cock bred from The Eagles' Son, a direct son of Frans Zwols' Eagle boy, when paired to Sarabi, a daughter of Tipsey. The third bird across the pad for Ace Lofts was a two year old bred from As Ace Euro, a direct August Janssen from a full sister to Olympiade, when paired to Tip Top Ace, a direct daughter of Frans Zwols, Tip Top Junior. This cock was previously third, twelfth and fifteeenth federation, third combine from Vire and thirty-third open from Tours with the BICC. (4,315 birds.)

Around the sections

M J Skidmore from Havant was third section A with a three year old on 1327ypm over 354 miles.

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs Dave and Lisa Waterhouse won section B with a Jacob Poortvliet and which is a granddaughter of Daves’ ace pair which are responsible for a lot of great performers for the loft. The hen in question, now named Lisa’s Girl, was sent to Saintes covering a pair of chipping eggs and when she arrived on Saturday looked as fresh as a daisy, as if she hadn’t been out of the loft.

Jason Ross of Portsmouth timed a yearling on 1307ypm over 353 miles to take second section B. Third section B went to Wearn brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean with a two year old on 1302ypm over 363 miles.

P J Hollard of Poole was first section C with a two year old on 1199ypm over 353 miles. This cock was bred from a previous Saintes winner for the loft, which houses thirty widowhood cocks. The bloodlines of the Hollard pigeons revolve around the winner of the national from Nantes in 1990. All the race team are sent with the Dorset Federation to prepare them for national racing.

S Laws of Poole clocked a yearling on 1194 over 351 miles to take second section C. Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe were third section C with a two year old on 1172ypm over 374 miles.

Daniel Hocking of Bridgwater took the first three places in section D. First on the clock was a three year old on 1135ypm over 394 miles. Next up was a yearling on 1036ypm and third was a two year old on 1034ypm. Overall Daniel had five pigeons in the top ten of the section, no mean feat given that the wind wasn't favourable to the west side of the country. The section winner was bred for Daniel by his friend Dave Woodland, when Daniel started back in the sport and it is a granddaughter of Dave's thirty-second open winner from Palamos. Second section was a Janssen x Jan Aarden hen that has been first back to the loft on numerous occasions this season. Third in the section was bred down from birds gifted to Daniel from Sheldon Horn and contains Jan Aarden and Busschaert bloodlines.

Cosmin Talas of Oxford took first and third section F. First on the clock was a two year old on 1352ypm over 421 miles. Third section was a two year old on 1323ypm. The section winner is a 2013 latebred cock, a half-brother to last year's section winner, which was also fifth open. It contains Van Wanroy x Matt Rakes bloodlines from a daughter of Indy and was raced on the widowhood system.

Second section F was a yearling on 1334ypm over 414 miles for Sherman and Wells of Oxford. Having been raced on roundabout for the early part of the season, this cock was re-paired for the Saintes race. On one side it is inbred from Southfield Supreme x Eijerkamp bloodlines and on the other it contains the old Southwell pigeons which the partners crossed into the family with the intention of breeding a team aimed at the Tarbes race.

Joe Raeburn of Melksham timed a two year old on 1266ypm over 395 miles to take first section G. The section winner is a blue cock flown on the widowhood system and on its fifth channel race of the season. The sire is Barcelona Bound, first section and third open BICC Barcelona for Joe. The breeding is Jimmy Sheppard's Nobel Lad x a granddaughter of Gwen. The dam is from a son of Isla's Rainy Day Boy, first international Dax when crossed with a daughter of Gwen, first open from San Sebastian.

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John timed a yearling on 1261ypm over 394 miles to take second section G. The sire of this pigeon is Euro Star, a son of Euro Diamond. The dam is a daughter of George, first grand national from Tarbes. George is also a grandsire to first international Bordeaux and second international Bordeaux as a yearling.

Third section G was a three year old on 1258ypm over 402 miles for Nigel Templar of Bristol.

Andy Smith

Andy Smith of Wellingborough took first and second section H, both two year olds, they were clocked at 1342ypm and 1295ypm over 456 miles. First on the clock was a cock that has now topped the section three times in its racing career to date and containing one hundred percent Van Breeman bloodlines. Second section was a hen bred the same way as the winner. Andy had eleven out of his fifteen entries home on the day.

Patmore and Rayner were third section H with a three year old on 1278ypm over 432 miles.

Clive Yates with grandaughter Kelsey

M Yates and Son of Tamworth took first section I with a two year old on 1296ypm over 478 miles. Clive's first bird home was also his first from the Messac race, flown on the widowhood system, it has been to all four National Flying Club races this season. The sire was bred by Mark Gilbert from Euro Diamond bloodlines and the dam was bred by the Battenburg family from Holland from their established Jan Aarden lines.

P J Bicknell of Southam was second section I with a two year old on 1276ypm over 453 miles. Pete clocked a cock bred from Gerald Van Tuyl x Southwell bloodlines, the brother of which won from Messac last season.

Rob Rome

Rob Rome of Cheltenham clocked a yearling on 1269ypm over 430 miles to take third section I. Rob timed a cock containing Houfflijn, Geronimo bloodlines, a full brother to his top racer 34617.

Geoff Kirkland

Mr and Mrs Geoff Kirkland of Stoke on Trent were first section J with a yearling on 1336ypm over 511 miles. The section winner is a grizzle cock containing the bloodlines of Snake, a proflific line for the Kirkland loft. Geoff and Barbara had another pigeon close behind which may well end up being second section on the final result. The partners clocked six pigeons and had eight on the day from their twelve entries.

A Jones of Stourbridge was provisionally fourth section J with a two year old on 1274ypm over 470 miles. Arthur timed a red cock, the sire of which is a full brother to some of his best channel birds. The dam is from a cock that was second and twenty-sixth open with the Midlands Continental Club, before being badly hawked. The dam is a full sister to Colin Lloyd's champion Hazel.

Eric Higginbottom's lofts

First section K went to E Higginbottom from Chesterfield with a yearling on 1343ypm over 519 miles. Eric timed a dark chequer hen that was lightly trained as a youngster and for which Saintes was her second channel race. The sire was bred by Brian Leadbetter from Stoke on Trent and is a grandson of De Perpignan from Marc Pollin. The dam of the sire was Eric Limbourg's De Joost. The dam of the section winner was purchased from Stuart Knowles of Widnes, the sire being a full brother to De Passion.

P Curtis and Son of York took second section K with a three year old on 1340ypm over 562 miles. Phil and William clocked a dark chequer cock bred from a grandson of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme and Perpignan 06 when paired to a Brian Denny hen, a daughter of Charm, fifth open Tarbes.

Flying 556 miles, Nicholas Adshead of Selby timed a two year old on 133ypm to take third section K.

Roger Sutton

Section L was won by J R Sutton from Congleton with a three year old on 1339ypm over 517 miles. Saintes is one of Roger's favourite racepoints at five hundred and seventeen miles on the day. The section winner is a blue cock, bred in the summer of 2012 and raced on the widowhood system. Roger started racing with Delbar and André Berté Janssens which he has now moulded into his own unique family.

E Taylor of Crewe was second section L with a two year old on 1306ypm over 523 miles. Eric sent two widowhood cocks to Saintes and had both in the clock within sixteen minutes. His first was a chequer cock containing the Padfield Family bloodlines that originated in the loft of Paul Dewsnapp from Stoke on Trent. Eric's second bird contains the Patrick Brothers' bloodlines.

F & M Hough of Macclesfield were third section L with a two year old on 1302ypm over 527 miles.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Saintes.