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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona on 3rd July 2015, in conjunction with the international race

One hundred and fourteen members entered three hundred and thirty birds into the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona in conjunction with the international race. They were liberated at 06.40BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Dave Delea (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Taking first east section and first open is the Rainham loft of Dave Delea. Dave timed a three year old on 857mpm over 705 miles. The winning pigeon is a dark w/f hen sent sitting overdue. It was mated in March and has reared two nests of youngsters. In the build up to Barcelona it had three preparatory races from Fougères, Tours and Ancenis along with regular seventy mile trainers from the south coast. This private training is carried out in conjunction with Dave’s brother Paul. The brothers also exchange pigeons from their separate line bred families with Paul concentrating on the old Kenyon lines and Dave developing his family of Champion Major and Trueman Dicken Bartholomew lines. The Delea pigeons enjoy an open loft throughout the day and are fed to appetite as and when Dave enters the loft. An interesting fact emerged when talking to Dave and that was that many of his top performers have emerged from the same small section and the same two nest boxes within that section. Whatever it is that they like in that secluded domestic environment, it continues to encourage top class performances from the individual pigeons nesting therein. The latest news is that Dave’s brave hen looks to be ninety-fifth open in the international field against more than 19,000 pigeons and should finish even higher in the hen's international.

The UK Barcelona winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Dave & Vince Padfield (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First west section and second open went to the Padfield Family from Abertillery and was a six year old cock on 793mpm over 758 miles. The Padfields timed a second pigeon, a four year old on 689mpm and a third, a five year old on 578mpm to take second and third section and sixth and ninth open. It is bred from a Brian Leadbetter cock of Super Crack  x Champion 48 bloodlines. The dam contains the best of the Padfields' Wim Muller Jan Aardens x Morgan & Cook bloodlines. It in turn is a full sister to Vince, first Pau, Welsh South Road National, 2000 Gold Cup winner and RPRA long distance award winner. Her sire was eighth open WSRN, Pau and his g/sire was second Welsh North Road National from Lerwick. This year the cock had a few inland races and then Carentan and Fougères this followed by Tours with the BICC, then into Barcelona. It has been raced on the roundabout system for all of the season, but on the Friday before basketing on the Sunday he was left to run with his hen for two nights. Vince and Dave’s second in the clock is yet another outstanding long distance racer, Jean. Its preparation this year has been similar to the blue w/f cock, in as much as she has had a few inland races and then Carentan and Fougères followed by Tours with the BICC, then into Barcelona. It had also been raced on the roundabout system for all of the season, but on the Friday before basketing it was left to run with its cock for two nights. Jean’s previous performances include first WSRNFC Tarbes and second section G, 27th open NFC. Jean is a first cross with the old Wim Muller’s on the sire’s side and Ken Hine bloodlines on the dam’s. The Padfield's third bird home was a full sister to their second open cock.

Jim King

J King and Son of Slough timed a five year old on 702mpm over 713 miles to take first centre section and third open. The Kings clocked a Jan Aarden, chequer pied hen whose parents were bought as a kit of 12 babies from Louella.  It has been a consistent racer for the partners and this year it had two club races through to 123 miles followed by three channel races from Carentan, Fougères and Messac in preparation for Barcelona. Raced on the celibate system in the early part of the season, it was mated and allowed to go to nest on a first set of eggs of the season, then sent to Barcelona sitting ten day old eggs. All the partners' birds are allowed an open loft to come and go as they please from 5.30am until 2pm each day with no forced exercise in the build up to the marathon races.

Dorin Melinte & son

Dorin Melinte of Stanmore clocked a three year old on 701mpm over 714 miles to take second centre section and fourth open. Dorin clocked a chequer hen that’s now been named Call Spanish Princess, after competing from Barcelona twice and once from Perpignan. It has been a consistent racer in the loft from a baby and previously scored at Agen international 2013 as a yearling. As two year old it was thirty-third open Barcelona with BICC and same season, seventh open Perpignan, only to be beaten in the section by its own mate by four minutes. This hen has also scored in short and middle distance races from France on a number of occasions. Bloodlines originate from the original pigeons that Dorin purchased from Mr and Mrs Riley, the dam being a descendent of Bea of Van Lint, first national Belgium Bourges 2005 as a yearling. The sire contains Jos Thoné bloodlines. The hen returned in excellent condition and may well be pencilled in for a crack at Perpignan in three weeks time. Dorin races the pigeons on roundabout at the beginning of the season, after they rear a round of young birds. They are then allowed to run together once more prior to the marathon races so they can be on eggs or feeding a single youngster at the time of marking. The hen raced back to a seven day old young bird in this year’s Barcelona race.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert of Winkfield timed two pigeons to take third and fourth centre section and fifth and seventh open. The first was a three year old on 690mpm over 707 miles. The second was another three year old on 631mpm. These two are widowhood hens and are sisters. Their sire is a son of Rutz & sons’ Barcelona winner. This cock is also sire of Mark’s great racer winner of first Marseille, fourth Barcelona with the BICC and tenth open NFC Tarbes. The dam is a daughter of Brian Denney’s Dark Dancer. The sisters have had three short channel races through to Messac and then jumped straight into Barcelona.

Alan Turner

Second east section and eighth open was a three year old on 615mpm over 678 miles for A J Turner of Dover. Alan’s timer is dark chequer cock bred from his great Barcelona cock winner of third, seventh and eighth open BICC Barcelona. The dam is a mixture of Denney, Deweerdt and Delbar bloodlines. In preparation for this year’s Barcelona race the cock had one channel race with the East England Continental Club followed by BICC Poitiers. This was followed by a couple of 100 milers with the Wingham club and a few 50 mile private trainers. It was sent with his hen having laid again and with a big squeaker in the nest- one of Alan’s favourite conditions for long distance cocks.

Completing the top ten and in third east section, we have B Howes (aka Alan)of Birchington with a three year old on 572mpm over 690 miles. This was a chequer hen bred from a stray Belgium cock which the partnership of Mudde & Herpst transfered to Alan, as the pedigree supplied was full of long distance winners. Alan paired it to a dark chequer hen he purchased from Louella Van Geel. As a baby it was only sent on three occasions to Bedhampton (107 miles). As a yearling it was sent once again training to Bedhampton before having its first ever race with the BICC from Alencon (210 miles) and two weeks later to Tours homing just off the pace on both occasions. As a two year old Alan decided to put it into St Vincent, for which it was paired up to be sitting eight days on basketing. It arrived to record first club, first section and fifth open BICC. Three weeks later it took fiftieth open from Perpignan, (603 miles). This year Barcelona was its destination and it was sent feeding an eight day old youngster.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship club race from Barcelona in conjunction with the international race.