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A report of the National Flying Club young bird race from Falaise on 9th September 2014

The National Flying Club young bird race was expected to be from Fougères, but due to bad weather on the Saturday the birds were brought back to Falaise and released on the Tuesday morning at 09.30am BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mike Whitcombe (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

M Whitcombe of Southampton was first section B and first open with a young hen on 1475ypm over 152 miles. This was Mike's first ever national race so to take first open was a dream come true for him. He clocked Rocky's Gem, a hen that was paired to him and when she arrived she tried to land on his hand as he was shaking the corn tin. Rocky's Gem is a Van Loon bred from a hen that Mike obtained from Ian Johnston and which has now bred twelve first prize winners and this national winner in a very short space of time. Mike used to fly in partnership with his father but recently decided to go it alone with the pigeons.

The winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mr E V Churches of the Isle of Wight was second section B and second open on 1473ypm over 134 miles. Mr Churches timed a blue pied hen from his own family of pigeons based on birds he obtained from his clubmates and which are well tested in the basket. Training on the island is difficult due to the expense of getting birds to longer training tosses. This young hen was paired to another hen and they were showing to each other prior to basketing.

Eamon Kelly

The partnership of Lloyd and Kelly of Abingdon were first section F and third open on 1466ypm over 195 miles. Eamon timed a Van Lint cock that was bred by Dean Pallett, the same breeder that bred Eamon's section winner in this race last year. Raced on the darkness system this young cock shed his second flight whilst in the basket. Prior to the race he had been paired but Eamon split the young birds up after the classic Guernsey race and then put nestbowls in the young cocks section before basketing for the national. He was fighting for a nestbowl when he was basketed and so Eamon decided to pool him through all categories.

John (l) & David (c) Staddon pictured with Rob Wilton (r)

John and David Staddon of Evercreech timed a youngster on 1439ypm over 186 miles to take first section G and fourth open. John and David clocked a blue, white flight darkness cock to take their second section win after their first, second and fourth winners from the recent Saintes national race. Named Shapway G-Whizz this cock is bred from a new stock pair, the sire of which is a direct son of Mark Bulled's Champion Legacy which was first open NFC from Tarbes. The dam was bred by Mark Gilbert and is out of Southfield Dream, his second open NFC Tarbes winner. John and David timed six of their entries within an hour.

Darling & Ede

Darling and Ede of Southampton timed to take third section B and and fifth open on 1433ypm over 147 miles. Darren, Tony and Ellouise timed a hen bred from a daughter of Morris and Robbie Pugh's good racing cock, Licensed to Thrill and the sire is a direct son of Champion Eli which won first Up North Combine from Lilliers with over ten thousand birds competing. This is this partnership's first season back in the sport and racing together.

R & R Wilton of Street took second section G and sixth open with a youngster on 1410ypm over 191 miles. Ron timed a young cock bred by fellow club member Dave Vowles of Walton and containing the bloodlines of R & M Venner of Street. Dave bought the best of the Venner lines and obtained further stock when the partnership finally left the sport and the Wiltons believe that he now has the best collection of Venner pigeons in the UK.

Howse and Parsons from Devizes took third section G and seventh open on 1409ypm over 186 miles. Chris and Dave timed a chequer hen bred from their own family when crossed with a Soontjen cock and the dam is a full sister to the partner's NFC certificate of merit winner. A cock the same way bred won the West of England South Road Combine for them last season.

Roger Lowe of Reading was first section E and eighth open with his young bird that was clocked on 1408ypm over 181 miles. Roger clocked a cock bred from his direct Daniel Aeren stock, this being the first season he has bred from these pigeons. He clocked a second pigeon not long afterwards, this being a hen bred by Kris Wijnants.

Mr and Mrs A D Hodge from Cullompton took first section D and ninth open on 1397ypm over 196 miles. Andrew and Denise timed a blue Van Loon cock, the sire of which won second section D and second open from St Nazaire in 2006. The dam was third section D, beaten by two loft mates, from the young bird national in 2007.

Completing the top ten and in first section K we have Mr E Higginbottom from Chesterfield on 1385ypm over 304 miles.

Around the sections

Joe Langbridge

Section A was won by Mr and Mrs Langbridge of Chichester. Joe sent five birds and clocked his first on 1314ypm over 132 miles. Joe's first on the clock was a chequer hen, bred from a pair of latebreds that he purchased from A E Shepherd of Woodmancot. Second section A went to A Blake of Havant with a youngster on 1261ypm after 141 miles. Third in section A was clocked by W Walker on 1260ypm after 140 miles.

Mr & Mrs Hodges

Section C was won by Mr and Mrs Hodges from Templecombe near Bristol. They clocked their youngster, which was bred by Mark Dorrington of Litton from his old Thomas Peeter's bloodlines, on 1291ypm over 177 miles. Second section C went to Upshall and Peters of Dorchester on 1228ypm over 156 miles. The partners timed a pigeon bred from Achilles 2, which they purchased from the Derby Arona one loft race and which won 8,500 euros for them in that race. Third section C was won by C A J Riley on 1202ypm after 160 miles.

Daniel Hocking

Daniel Hocking from Bridgwater was second section D on 1368ypm over 206 miles. Daniel timed a pigeon bred from a Wall, Lunt and Green cock containing the bloodlines of Shadow, Hannibal and Trixie, whilst the dam is a Van Loon on load from Sheldon Horn. Mr and Mrs A & D Hodge were third section with their second bird that was clocked on 1279ypm after 196 miles.

Second in section E was timed by Mrs and Mrs Ken Hine of Hayes on 1381ypm over 183 miles. Ken himself, died a couple of years ago but the family kept the loft going. Third section went to Mr and Mrs H D Lee of Reading with a young bird on 1342ypm over 179 miles.

J & P Parker of Reading took second section F with on 1306ypm after 179 miles. James and Pete timed a Jos Thoné youngster bred from their stock. They have recently introduced further championship winning birds and intend to test the offspring of these next season. Third section F went to Steve Slade of Calne.

John Black

Section H was won by John Black of Hitchin with a young bird on 1180 after 216 miles. John timed a blue chequer cock bred for him by Sheldon Leonard of Arklow in Ireland from his old Janssen Brothers lines of De Klamper, 019, Racket 76 and Merckx. Second section went to Richard Holmes of Spalding on 1113ypm over 267 miles. Third section H was won by Mr and Mrs R Strowager from Leiston on 926yom over 242 miles.

The Londt cock

Lourens Edward Londt from Birmingham won first section I and one hundred and fifty-second open on 1027ypm over 262 miles. Lourens flies pigeons based on Janssen, Van Reet and Jim Biss bloodlines with which he formed his own family of birds. Lourens clocked a second bird to take third section on 912ypm. Second section I went to M Brindley of Cheadle with a youngster on 957ypm over 294 miles. This sire and dam of this pigeon came direct from Kees Boshua.

Williams & Hassell

Williams and Hassell from Quarry Bank were first section J and twentieth open on 1323ypm over 261 miles. This is the partner's third time at the top of section J and on this occasion Jean timed a pigeon bred from a hen from their old Busschaert family crossed with a cock from Andy Trumpeter. Louis Yemm of Newcastle under Lyme was second section J on 1281ypm over 299 miles. Thirteen year old Louis only breeds a small team of youngsters due to space restrictions but he is also gifted pigeons from Neil Boulton each year and the young bird he timed was one of these. Eric Watkins of Shrewsbury was third section J on 1268ypm over 279 miles.

Louis Yemm

Second section K went to Chris Gordon of Pontefract with a young bird on 1316yom over 335 miles. Third section K was won by Peter Hagland from Doncaster on 1247ypm after 315 miles.

Gerry Clements

Section L was won by A G Clements of Manchester on 12978ypm over 327 miles. Gerry timed a young hen bred from Krommen of 96 bloodlines, the brother and nestmate of which have also done well this season. Second section L went to Tom Gill of Heywood in Lancashire on 1294ypm over 1337ypm. Third section L was won by W & R Beverley from Knutsford.

That completes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Falaise.