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A report of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Fougères on 31st August 2014

One hundred and ninety three members sent one thousand and and seven young birds and two hundred old birds to Fougères with the British Barcelona Club. Due to bad weather the convoy was held over and liberated on the Sunday at 07.50am BST into light west-north-westerly winds. The following is a report on the provisional result according to members' verifications.

Tony Welch

First into section G and first open went to Mr and Mrs Tony and Carol Welch from Chichester on 1228ypm. The husband and wife partnership timed Fontwell Blue, a gift pigeon from Ian Crammond and Nigel Langstaff of Fontwell when Tony and Carol had a flyaway earlier in the year. Trained and raced with the South Coast Federation, Fontwell Blue was the partner's fourth pigeon back to the loft from the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Guernsey and arrived in such good condition that it was decided she would be sent to Fougères with the British Barcelona Club. Tony and Carol have had a great year with the British Barcelona Club, taking the top five in the section from Messac and also first section from Niort. They were also second section, seventh open from Barcelona. The sire of Fontwell blue is a grandson of Figo, first national from Bourges, 12,226 birds and this cock's brother was responsible for breeding Kenny Abbott's fourth open British International Championship Club from Guernsey. The dam of Fontwell Blue is a Van Den Heuval of Kees Boshua lines, being a granddaughter of Muggie, second national Le Mans.

Three generations of the Wilton family

D Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary timed four in quick succession to take the first four in section J and second, third, fourth and fifth open. Their first pigeon was on 1221.6ypm and their fourth was on 1220.8ypm. First on the clock was a chequer hen containing Soontjen x Brasspenning bloodlines and the next three arrivals contain H & P Brockamp blood, all double grandchildren of Armstong, which was first international from Perpignan with 17,584 birds competing. The parents to these three pigeons were bred by the Jutla Brothers of Penge in east London. The Wilton's first three pigeons were all hens, raced on the sliding door system and their fourth was a cock flying to nest and sitting ten day eggs.

Robin Hampton

Robin Hampton of Bognor Regis was second section G and sixth open on 1183ypm. Robin timed a Luc Van Coppenolle hen which has been a very consistent racer all this young bird season. Raced on the roundabout system, Robin feels that this suits the hens more than the cocks.

Dorin Melinte & son, Vlad Denis

Dorin Melinte of Harrow timed first section D and seventh open on 1182ypm. Dorin's first pigeon was a brother to his central section winner from Perpignan earlier in the season. He flies his pigeons on the darkness system with morning and evening training around the loft, time permitting. After the first young bird race the youngsters aren't trained at all. Dorin had three out of four that he sent in race time.

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow clocked fifth section J and eighth open on 1140ypm. Mark timed a natural hen flying to the perch and with only three flights to go as he doesn't fly the darkness system. This hen was Mark's first timer from Guernsey the week before, winning first club and provisional sixty-fourth open. The sire of this hen is a Janssen bred by Robbie Wilton direct from his Tours classic winner. Robbie has bred some outstanding pigeons for Mark over the years. The dam comes from Mark's Red Bull Family and has already bred him a first open British Barcelona Club winner from Fougères.

Joe Langbridge

Third into section G and ninth open went to Mr and Mrs J Langbridge from Sidlesham on 1133ypm. Joe took eighth open from Guernsey with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club the previous weekend. His pigeon from Fougères with the British Barcelona Club was a gift from Derek Reid of Weybridge, this one being a hen that has now been called Elaine. Joe now has a pair from Derek's Janssen family and the cock has been named Del-Boy.

Richie Thomas

Completing the top ten and in first section A is Richie Thomas from Portsmouth on 1124ypm. Richie has had a great young bird season this year having won the Dorset Federation young bird race from Guernsey and then topping the Central Southern Classic Club breeder/buyer race and winning two thousand pounds. Now with first section A from Fougères with British Barcelona Club he has finished the season in style. The sire of Richie's section winner was bred from his 2007 classic winner from Fougères and the dam was a Kipp pigeon from Frank Sheader.

Around the sections

Colin Edwards

Second section A went to Colin Edwards from Romsey on 1098ypm. This was a dark chequer hen flown on the darkness system and on her first channel race although she had been raced four times inland. A well bred Van Loon pigeon, this hen was bred down from Ponderosa Chicago and Denver lines when crossed with a dark cock gifted from Mannor Lofts and bred into Colin's Van Loon winners. M, C & J Norman, better known as Mannor Lofts of Southampton were third section A on 1093ypm.

Mark & Julie Gower

Mr and Mrs Gower of Fordingbridge timed two pigeons to take first and second section B on 1095ypm and 1079ypm respectively. Mark and Julie timed their first bird, a Van Rijn x Meeder hen sent to the race unpaired. Raced on the darkness system she was nevertheless a little short on feathers when she was sent. This hen's breeding is full of Dutch winning genes at the middle distance. Mark and Julie's second pigeon was a Mark Gilbert Rutz x Brian Denny Deweerdt again sent unpaired. John Halstead of Gillingham was third section B on 995ypm. John timed a January hatched pencil white flight cock now named Myland Marcelo. Flown on the darkness system and sent sitting a small youngster, Nyland Marcello was on his third race across the channel.

Malcolm Beech

Malcolm Beech of Upton on Seven was first section C on 1056ypm. Malcolm started racing in the late nineteen-sixties with his brother in law and since then has raced on his own and on various systems. The pigeon he clocked from Fougères was bred by his fellow club member, Shane Harvey and was a Walter Docx x Imbrechts which was sent sitting eggs. R Beaconsfield from Marlborough was second section C on 1040ypm. Raymond's pigeon was bred from Pondersa UK pigeons and with Janssen bloodlines. Dave Fox of Stroud was third section C on 955ypm.

Denis Smith

Second section D went to D J Smith of Bethnal Green on 1122ypm. Denis timed a natrural cock on a semi-widowhood system. This cock was Denis' first timer the previous week from Guernsey and its breeding is via John Craske of East London when paired to Denis' London North Road Classic winner from Stonehaven. Roger Lowe of Reading was third section D on 1117ypm.

John Richard

J Richard and Son from Whitchurch was first section E on 906ypm. John timed a young hen from his Luc Van Hoecke family and flown on the darkness system. Mr and Mrs A Shore of Crewe were second section E on 887ypm. Alan and Cynthia's pigeon was bred from a cock gievn to them by Andrew Lawley, of Vandenabeele stock, when paired to a daughter of their Pau pigeon, Danny Boy. D Harris of Newport was third section E on 839ypm.

Paul Davies

Paul Davies of Jersey was first and third section H on 976ypm and 899ypm respectively. Paul clocked a chequer hen bred from a pair of eggs given to him by Glen Moon. Due to heavy losses Paul has only been racing four young birds this season but still managed to win five out of the six young bird races. Glen Moon from St Helier was second section H on 956ypm. Glen timed a pigeon the same way bred as the section winner.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères.