Dennis Veugelers (Nieuwstadt, NL) is a young winning fancier with an 80-year-old history in keeping pigeons

Fanciers today are always looking for a family with a long history that they can bring in to enhance their own pigeons. Dennis Veugelers is lucky to have such a family, which can be traced back to 1935.

The fancier’s history

It has long been known that one of the best ways to achieve super flying results is to take an inbred family and cross this out to get that fast flying vigour. Dennis Veugelers (Nieuwstadt, NL) can trace his family of pigeons back to 1935, before the Great War. This is the year that his grandfather first kept pigeons and was allowed to keep three pairs through the war years. Dennis can trace his present day family back to those times. His grandfather passed away in 1972 but his father Peter kept the tradition going and continued until 1996 when a sale was held. Although, Dennis kept the name going on his own. Five pairs of the old family were kept to enable him to keep true to the family traditions. A big majority, let’s say 95%, of the present day team actually can be traced back to the 1992 Munich National winning bird.

The present day family can be traced back to these pigeons. The base pair becoming B94-6685887 known as the Bonte Van Meulemans and NL93-1558611 the Stammoeder. She was purchased from Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) who are still flying pigeons well and have a family of pigeons closely inbred to Superboy and Dochter 666. Many a top flyer is beating a path to the brother’s door.

Improving their loft

To keep the team full of vigour, Dennis is not afraid to make introductions that he feels will enhance what he already has. Recently there has been a further compliment of Scheele brother’s pigeons and also children of Che from Eijerkamp. Dennis and his father will not though be resting on their laurels and are constantly looking to improve upon what they already have in the loft.

A family affair

This is still a family affair as Peter is still very much involved with the team and his mother, Annie, is the person who cleans the lofts out every day. They have just flown widowhood cock birds up until 2013 but are looking to try racing hens in 2014. This will greatly increase the size of the race team as it was only 16 cock birds, just increased to 24 and further enhanced by the addition of the hens.

Dennis with his parents, Peter and Annie

The loft

As this is only a backyard set up, a few changes had to be made to accommodate the team changes that Dennis was looking to make. His young bird loft which was across the bottom of the garden was converted into a loft for the extra eight racing cocks, which left the youngsters homeless. Dennis and Peter then set about building an extension above the old stock and racing lofts for the young birds. They also included a large aviary built from aluminium so that the youngsters could sit out during the day free from attack by the local hawk population.

Exercise and care

The birds are exercised around the lofts twice a day, at 6AM and 5.30PM. The young birds will get a one hour slot from 4.30PM and from now on the race hens will get from 6.30PM. This also means that the whole family needs to be involved as both Dennis and Peter work full time. Again, Annie becomes a vital cog in the team. The birds are fed on Champion Plus from Versele Laga mixed with Matador Super Energy. Sheep fat is added to the food as the prospective race dates approach. The young birds are darkened from weaning until two weeks before the first race which is in mid-June. This should ensure that they get nine races before the moult starts. The birds are treated for PMV and Pox and for the first time this year they also received a capsule for paratyphus. Canker is treated with B.S. from De Weerdt as a cure and a preventative action.

Some results

Dennis and the family’s flying team have been 6 times 1st national, starting in 1992 when they were 1st Munchen against 9,214 pigeons. The top pigeons in the loft at the present time are based around Superman.

This pigeon personally won the following prizes.

Prov. Pithiviers: 2nd against 2.424 pigeons
Pithiviers: 3rd NPO against 5,029 pigeons
Gien: 3rd NPO against 3,226 pigeons

His son Mika Hakkinen was even better and obtained these results.

Blois 2010: 1st National against 33,709 pigeons
Blois: 1st NPO against 3,036 pigeons
Prov. Charleville: 2nd against 3,609 pigeons

Sadly these two super pigeons have now left these shores for China, but before they departed they left a legacy of pigeons for Dennis to build on.

Below you can find some other impressive results from Dennis.

National Munchen 2002: 1st against 5,406 birds
National Munchen 2004: 1st against 3,664 birds
Prov. Rethel 2010: 1st against 2,834 pigeons
Prov. Sezanne 2011: 1st against 15,558 pigeons
2013: 1x1st, 2x2nd, 5th and 8th NPO against up to 5,176 pigeons

A walk through the stock loft will only further confirm what a future the loft of Dennis Veugelers has. You can further view his family on his web site I promise you that you will be suitably impressed. I believe that we will be seeing a lot more of the name Dennis Veugelers in the future.