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Ganus Family Loft (USA) has gained international recognition after superb results in recent one loft racing history

Ganus Family Loft (GFL) has established its name among the top fanciers in our sport with outstanding race results in both the international and USA one loft races. The highlight in the GFL race portfolio is winning the Final Race in the South Africa Million Dollar Race Series in 2015.

The 1st place race Winner was GFL 267-15 – LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY.  This amazing hen was 15 minutes ahead of the 2nd place bird and won $150,000 USD.   Since the South Africa Million Dollar Race receives top entries from the best fanciers around the world, Mike Ganus considers this win a top accomplishment.

Mike Ganus (left) after his win in the 2016 South African Million Dollar Race

In 2013, GFL had another top racer in the South African Million Dollar Races with GFL 438-13 – MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE.   This bird was so consistent in the races, placing:  14th, 14th, 19th, 27th, 28th, 30th, 47th, 53rd, 63rd, 77th.   Another top winner for GFL, collecting over $100,000 USD.

In the current 2017 SAMDPR series, GFL has placed 7th in Car Race 3 and 4th in Car Race 4.

The other major one loft race attracting quite a bit of attention is the Victoria Falls Challenge in Zimbabwe.  In the 2016 Final Race, GFL placed 8th, 13th, 25th, 35th and 44th.   Five top positions – quite an accomplishment!  No other loft had so many birds place in the top positions.  In the Victoria Falls Challenge Ace Pigeon Awards, GFL place 5th, 6th and 7th.    But the winning did not stop here in the 2016 Victoria Falls Races.  In the final race, three birds arrived together.  The 2nd Place bird, AFL 240-16 – JAWS, was a grandson of MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE.  JAWS won $100,000 USD in prize money.   

In the current 2017 Victoria Falls World Challenge Race series, GFL is off to a good start with 8th place Hot Spot #2, 2nd Place Hot Spot #3, 8th Place Hot Spot #4 and 5th Place Hot Spot 5.  GFL has top ten prizes in 4 of the 5 hot spot races flown to date. 

In the 2017 USA one loft races, GFL had an incredible season. Some of the bigger accomplishments include an Equal 1st Win (clocked 17th, 17 on a drop) in the Hoosier Classic One Loft Race – 989 birds competing and GFL winning $43,000 USD total prize money.  This race is probably considered the largest in the US and with the million-dollar payout guaranteed for 2018 it will be another top international race for any serious fancier to compete in! 1st Place California Classic Race with 908 birds competing from 305 miles, winning $75,000 USD.   In the San Francisco Bay Triple Crown Races, GFL placed 6th in the final race and had the 1st Average Speed Champion Bird winning $17,000 USD.  GFL also had top finished in the Cajun Classic One Loft Race and the Pacific Northwest Challenge Races.