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The BICC race from Guernsey for old hens on 25 August 2013 - a report on the winners and the section winners

Seven hundred and twenty old hens were entered into the race and after a one day holdover due to poor weather, they were liberated at 11.30am BST into blue skies and sunshine. The wind was from the north west and expected to reach 17mph in the channel.

Lee (r) and Joe (l) Jackson

First east section and first open went to P Jackson and Son (Lee) of Bromley with a two year old on 1071ypm. The father in the partnership, Peter, sadly passed away in October of 2011 so Lee is now assisted with the birds by his son, Joe. The partners clocked a double granddaughter of The Golden Eye cock when paired to Sumo's Princess which was purchased direct from Jos Thoné. The partners usually race their hens on widowhood or celibate, but felt that this year they were lacking focus so they decided to pair them, hence Silent Lady was raced on the natural system. Their second arrival to the loft was a direct daughter of their first open Fougères winner with the National Flying Club, The Outlaw Cock, when paired to their good channel hen, National Lady. The partners are enjoying an excellent August having taken the first three positions in the Surrey Federation from Blandford and the first eleven federation places from West Bay.

Rob and Andrew Wilton

Second east section and second open was won by D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary with a three year old on 1059ypm. Rob and Andrew timed a consistent Brasspenning hen raced on the widowhood system. As a young bird she flew St Malo, Falaise and Guernsey then as an old bird she was timed well from Guernsey, Vire x 3, Carenton, and Fougères x 2.

Gosling and Jarvis

Keith Gosling and Mick Jarvis of Mountlessing were third east section, third open with a yearling on 1013ypm. The partners timed Rosheen, the last daughter of the champion racer and breeder Brown Ring. The sire of Rosheen was Champion Matt, one of the partners best racing cocks. Rosheen was sent sitting eggs and feeding two large youngsters and has previously won first open from Guernsey with the National Flying Club. This was her second ever channel race, previously she was nineteenth section and thirty seventh national from Messac. Keith and Mick sent twelve to Guernsey and clocked two more shortly afterwards.

Tony Brown and son

Tony Brown and Son from Gimingham were first north section and fourth open with a three year old on 1002ypm. Tony started the season with just ten pairs of racers and four pairs of stock birds. Flying to a small back garden set-up his favourite races are from across the channel. His winner was bred from stock obtained from Kevin Linley and is three quarters Dordin and one quarter Jan Aarden. This pigeon has now been across the channel eight times and have previously taken third prize from Alençon and a third club from Guernsey last year.

Meg Murray

Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch won fourth east section and fifth open with a yearling on 997ypm. The sire of Meg's winner was a Vandenabeele cock that was obtained from Stuart Ager when they exchanged some youngsters four year ago. He was named the Roman Lord and he won the London and South East Classic young bird race, going on to breed some super youngsters. The dam is an 2007 hen containing numerous bloodlines including Soontjen, Van Reet, Busschaert and County Durham. Meg says she is not quite a Heinz 57, but is not far off! When she moved south Meg brought some Kavanagh pigeons with her and the dam was bred by one of these crossed with a cock from clubmate Lee Bastone.  Lee also gave Meg a pair of Soontjens with some Van Reet in the cock, hence the pedigree of the dam of this winner.

Fifth east section and sixth open was won by Sarah Adelsberg of Sandwich with a three year old on 985ypm. A smokey chequer hen raced on the natural system, she is bred from a Jos Thoné hen when paired to a Tommy Sparkes Corman cock. As a yearling she won from Lyndhurst and she has flown Bergerac twice, coming second club last year, beaten by a loftmate that went on to top the federation. She took a week to come back from Alençon earlier in the season and was sent to Guernsey to make amends.

Simon Knowles with daughter Lucy and son Ryan

The Canterbury loft of F Knowles and Son clocked a four year old to take sixth east section and seventh open on 984ypm. Simon clocked Bedhampton Express, named as her preparation for Guernsey was club racing from this liberation site. Bedhampton Express has won over ten x firsts in inland racing and her sire had nine x firsts in his racing career. A nestmate to this pigeon won twentieth open National Flying Club old hens on 2011.

Vic Emberson

First centre section and eighth open was timed by Vic Emberson on Banstead on 981ypm. Vic timed a Staf Van Reet hen that was previously fourth section, ninth open Falaise in 2009, second section, sixth open Guernsey in 2011 and thirteenth section, fiftieth open Guernsey in 2012 when she returned to the loft having been hawked.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Second centre section and ninth open on 977ypm was timed by the Winkfield loft of Mark Gilbert. Mark timed a yearling bred from a son of Southfield Supreme when paired to a daughter of Golden Gaby from M & D Evans.

Roger Lowe (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Completing the top ten and in third centre section, we have the winner of the young bird race, Roger Lowe of Reading on 974ypm. Roger timed a full sister to Nemesis, being a daughter of Little Diamond. This hen has also won eighth section, twenty eighth open Guernsey, tenth federation Carentan and seventeeth section, forty seventh open Le Mans. She was raced on the widowhood system.

Around the sections

Keith Latham of Southwold timed second north section and eleventh open with a four year old on 959ypm. Keith's winner was a blue pied of Louella Van Geel bloodlines, usually used as a widowhood hen. However, due to his illness, Peter paired his birds this season and so she was raced on the natural system though to Alençon.

Third north section and twelfth open was clocked by Neil Weatherhead of Bungay with a three year old on 964ypm. A Southwell x Supercrack widowhood hen she lost her cock earlier in the season so was given a couple of club races and then sent to Saintes with the National Flying Club. On her return she was re-paired in preparation for Guernsey and was sent sitting due to hatch.

Rob Wilton

The west section and thirty ninth open was won by R & R Wilton of Street with a six year old on 865ypm. Sent showing to her mate just prior to basketing this hen is a previous winner on the north road and is bred from Bob, one of the Wilton's top pigeons and himself the winner of first section, second open NFC Saintes. Bob was paired to Phyllis who won second section, third open NFC Fougères (old hens). The bloodlines are Janssen x Jan Aarden.

Second west section and fifty eighth open was clocked by Spracklen and Thomas from Dorchester with a three year old on 769ypm. Containing the best of Mark Gilbert's Dax international winner, Southfield Supreme, she had been used as a widowhood hen all season but then re-introduced to the racing loft and Guernsey was her first race this season. She was sent sitting eggs and has previously won ninth section, twenty third open from Tarbes.

Third west section and sixty fourth open went to Mark Sparey of Abertillery with a yearling on 730ypm. Mark clocked a blue hen, sent sitting eggs for a few days. She had flown the channel three times previously this season winning national positions on two occasions. The sire of this hen is the top stock cock The £30 cock and her dam was bred by Mark Gilbert and contains James Bond and Syndicate Lofts' bloodlines.

That concludes the report of the British International Championship Club old hens race from Guernsey.