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Serge & Maryline Martin (Missy les Pierrepont, FR), 1st national Narbonne yearlings

Serge Martin from Missy les Pierrepont (France), pigeon fancier of 49 years, surrounded by his family, his friends and a pigeon found back on the roof, just won the 1st national Narbonne 2013, against 1862 yearlings and the 8th international Narbonne yearlings 2013 from 5831 pigeons!

Maryline & Serge Martin surrounding their nepehew Samuel Varnier holding the 1st national & 8th international Narbonne yearlings 2013

He was into a loft with his nephew being busy to teach him some tips about the pigeon sport. The pigeon sport cannot be explained in theory but in practice. Serge & Samuel were in the breeding loft when they saw the winner of Narbonne falling from the sky at 16h26, a blue cock holding the ring FR12-086677 with the gummi «1454». Nothing was ready to welcome him and even the entrance of the loft was closed. 

The winner of Narbonne in his box

They had to get back at the house to catch the clocking system, they running in direction of the loft to open it, oppening the entrance and call the pigeon inside. He quickly grap the pigeon, take off the gummi and... clack ! He pushed on the clocking system to win the victory.

The exact hour of the clocking

Sun, heat, storm. The month of july 2013 is the year of all the records. The high temperatures made the flying conditions really hard. For the race of Narbonne 2013, 28 departments of France were in storm alert. To achieve a top prize, you needed some good pigeons able to orientate easily and quickly. The 2013 season is made for the serious fanciers.

The head of the wonderful «Flori» who achieved a speed of 1276,64 m/m

Serge Martin can be considered as a serious one :

- 05 july 2013 : Barcelona (927 kms) : 7 pigeons : 10h39 – 13h30 – 14h46 – 18h37
- 19 july 2013 : Marseille (710 kms la Seyne sur Mer) : 6 engagés : 19h19 – 19h34 – 06h55 – 07h11
- 12 july 2013 : Saint Vincent (767 kms) : 4 pigeons : 10h02 – 10h20 – 10h46 – 12h38
- 26 july 2013 : Narbonne (723 kms) : 14 pigeons : 16h27 – 18h26 – 18h54 – 19h01 -19h44 - 21h02 – 10h51 – 11h14 – 11h31 – 11h38 – 12h08 – 13h19 – 13h40

The loft consist of 20 widowers and 14 yearlings. Not bad with this amount of pigeons ! The loft are really nice and is equiped with an automatic cleaning system. The pigeons are vaccinated against the paramyxovirose with the Nobilis. He doesn't give any medicaion except the thricorex who is used against the thricomonose. He also give a lot of by products.

The racing loft: on the right, the two first loft are for the widowers, then for the yearlings and the last one for the youngsters

The basis of Serge Martin is built with pigeons coming from one of the best pigeon fancier of the department of the Aisne, Marcel Leveque from Broyeres et Montberault (02). Marcel built his own loft with the pigeons from the legendary Marc Roosens from Leernes (B), one of the best pigeon fancier ever. Marcel Leveque had a super loft based on performers and a lot of fanciers were successful with his pigeons, like Serge Martin who bought him 10 youngsters in the beginning of the new milenium. Nowadays, he make some exchange with his friend Philippe Lambert from Cuirieux (FR), 1st national Béziers yearlings 2004.

With me, a bad pigeon can become an average one and an average one can become a good one. The good ones can become a crack ! I already heard this sentence a thousand of time and the 'Flori' from Narbonne is a grandson of the 3rd national and 69th international Barcelona 2009 against 27.669 pigeons. A pigeon bred out of the strain of Didier Beaujean from Hargnies (FR). The best pigeon fanciers are like the starred chef in cooking. They are making prowess with simple, noble and quality products. Like the best pigeon fanciers !

Themarvelous wing of the Narbonne FR12-086677

Serge Martin is a starred chef, and he is now trying to help his nephew Samuel Varnier in the pigeon sport because he has a common point with his uncle Serge : he is a heart and minded pigeon fancier ! His coach is now trying to make him ready to race. Because the young guy wants to race the international races like his uncle. And he will race against a hard opposition with pigeon fanciers like Vanacker, Vitel, Kepe, Casail, Thil, Tant, Bonnin, etc… !
Yes, Serge & Maryline Martin are now starred, like the best chief who just received their first star. Breeding, racing, selecting, falling, stand up again, again and again. This star is now shining like a nugget. Congratulations Serge & Maryline Martin and welcome to Samuel !