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Premier Stud are about to spread their wings

A few days ago I was talking to Derek Nicholls the manager of Graham Sparkes ‘Premier Stud’ and he was a very excited man because the Stud is planning to race in both Belgium and Holland in 2012!.

This following closely on the enforced decision to curtail the ultra successful ‘Premier-Sittner’ racing loft. As was the situation in the ‘Premier Sittner’ team, Brian Bolton who was a proven and highly successful fancier in England will be in control of both the new racing lofts!. How can this be you may ask?.

  Well the Belgium set up will be run from land owned by the famed Ronny Van Tilburg ‘Hobby Shop’ which many readers will be aware is a very popular store for pigeon food and equipment. Soon there will be a racing loft under the control of Brian with the assistance of a member of the ‘Hobby Shop’ staff.

   Brian has now moved into a new home just a short distance away over the border in neighbouring Holland and with the help of his partner will race the Dutch team.

   Without doubt the ‘Premier Stud’ is entering the ‘Lions Den’ of pigeon racing but the stud feel that in Brian they have a good ‘Lion Tamer’ who will the aid of stock sent over from the parent loft in England has all the weapons necessary to fend off the stern opposition that they know awaits them.

  I am sure that you will agree with me that this a very bold move to race against what many believe to be the hottest of competition with so many household names racing that area. So their decision is to be applauded.

  As most readers will be aware the bank account of Mr Sparkes was constantly raided to acquire what they believe to be the world’s most superior birds directly from the likes of Koopman’s ‘Kleine Dirk’, Van Dyck’s ‘Kaanibaal’ and the Reynaerts partnership’s  ‘Figo’ pigeons with many top acquisitions this year.

  Derek told me that a very small selection of 2011 bred birds directly from their principal pigeons of these families will be offered on PIPA in the near future. Obviously a wonderful opportunity to buy into the ‘Premier Stud’s’ huge investments.

  Proof of the fantastic pigeons bred by the stud comes in the shape of just two amazing  birds both racing in 2011 of which I am aware .    

‘Bossy Boy’ bred by Premier Stud and raced by Tony Buttirige

  This fabulous won all seven club races that he was entered in with no duplicated results and won 5 X 1st Federation against an average of 1209 birds.
For his efforts ‘Bossy’ won 2011Best Y.B. of Wales from in over 80 000 birds.

‘Class Act’ bred by Premier Stud and raced by Tommy Sarginson & Son

  As his name suggests this pigeon is a class act his wins in classic  and national racing is wins are:

1st section 1st Open  Caretan  1588 birds
1st section 1st Open  Messac     988 birds
3rd section 6th Open Lessay      2639 birds
7th section 8th Open Caretan   1649 birds
3rd section 8th Open Vire          3,973 birds
1st Open Lea Hall Banks Classic from Lessay
1st Open Lea Hall Banks Classic from Messac
1st Open Lea Hall Banks Classic Caretan
Plus 3 X 1st prizes in club racing.

For his efforts he won an R.P.R.A. West Midlands Region Award in 2011

In the 250-400 miles Category   (400-600 Kms)

Without a doubt two once in a lifetime pigeons bred in just one season at the Premier Stud. It makes you think doesn’t it?