National Days 2012 in Romania: report

From the 29th of November 2012 till the 2nd of December 2012 the National Days took place in Tirgu Mures, a quite big city with 160,000 inhabitants situated northeast of the Romanian capital Bucresti (Bucharest).

It was the perfect weekend for the Rumanians to organise these national days: they had a three day weekend with St. Andrew’s day on 30 November and a national holiday on 1 December. This means all Rumanians had a few days off and every Rumanian fanciers took the trip to T.G. Mures. So did we!

We paid a visit to the fair that was organised one day before the event. There was a large hall with several smaller stands where pigeon related products were sold, just like in The Netherlands and Belgium. It was a busy scene! After the exhibition we went to a typical Romanian restaurant with a few fanciers from around. We had a great meal and we tried a few Romanian beers.

The next morning we joined a few young fanciers from the area and they showed us their pigeon lofts. It was a very nice and well maintained loft, especially for Rumanian standards. I was really impressed with the accommodation.

We talked about pigeon fancying in Rumania and they told me that there are different release sites in different parts of the country, as there are many mountainous regions in Romania. In some areas the pigeons fly from the west to the east as well as from the north to the south, sometimes covering up to 1000km. There were also a few fanciers who raced from Barcelona, which is a trip of about 2,000km!

We arrived at the celebration evening and the venue was crowded. On the podium we saw the cups that were to be awarded. The president of the pigeon union took the stage and he announced the different award winners. At the end of the evening all award winners were again gathered on the stage to show their cup and to have a group photo taken. That was the end of a wonderful evening.

The national pigeon days in Romania have come to an end and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it; it was worth the trip. The Romanians are very hospitable and warm and I have a lot of respect for our colleagues there!

It would be great to be there again next year.