Nouwen - Paesen & zoon, "General Champion Limburgse Fond Marathon 2004"

Nouwen – Paesen from Grote Brogel in Belgium

Grote Brogel
It has been a while that I have visited the father & son combination Nouwen–Paesen from Grote Brogel in the province Limburg. They are very friendly people and I like to come to their house. The performances stay amazing each year. Nouwen-Paesen win a big prize every racing season. Dirk and Jaak managed to win the big championship General Championship Fondmarathon Limburg for the 4th time in history. No other fancier in Limburg managed to win this championship even twice! Nouwen-Paesen won 26 international prizes out of 39 on the international races. This is 66% and 16 prizes in first 10% (= 41 % 1/10). They won almost for the 16th time a provincial long distance race. They had to settle with 2nd provincial. But in total: 2 X 1st international, 4 X 1st national, 8 X 1st interprovincial and 15 X 1st provincial victories. Nouwen-Paesen own on of the best breeders in Belgium. The ‘Narbonne’ born in 1987 is still fertilizing the eggs. An amazing cock!

Dirk & Jaak Nouwen and Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht


In 1962 Jaak Nouwen (now 62 years old) and his father-in-law Pier Paesen (died in 1997) made a partnership in pigeon racing. For 35 years they stayed friends and partners and won many important championships and races:
-1st International Barcelona hens in ’71;
-1st National Barcelona hens in ’91;
-1st National St. Vincent hens in ’75;
-2nd Champion Long Distance National ’93;
-2nd National Marathon ’96;

and numerous 1st prize winners on other lofts in Belgium and all over the world.

Nouwen-Paesen has made themselves a real strain famous for the long distance a kind of Van der Wegen or Aarden of Belgium. This had the roots in the famous Cattrysse birds. The first Cattrysse pigeons came by the muscle specialist Van Steenbergen, later Jaak en Pier went to Cattrysse (Moere) themselves and it happened a few times that they got a box full of youngsters of 2-3 days old home to Grote Brogel.

“ We also were succesfull with other stains like M. Denys, Van den Heuvel (Van der Wegen), Jan Ernest, Phillippens, Kuypers and I must not forget the famous Jef Carlens (Zepperen) also with Cattrysse-blood” Jaak says. “For 20 years we only got Cattrysse birds and by inbreed we made this strain very strong. Later we started crossbreeding them. Usually still 75% Cattrysse and 25% new blood”’.

The first main breeding pair was 68-5060455 an 66-5140152 (1st International Barcelona hens). The second basic pair was formed by the same hen (152-66) with the cock 72-6601593, inbred Cattrysse (line “45”). This first breeding pair produced 4 superbirds:
-041/72: Ace pigeon plus more than 20.000 km prize;
-009/72: Dikke won 5x Barcelona and 5x St. Vincent;
-010/72: 2x 2nd Provincial;
-059/72: 2x in first 50 International from Barcelona.

The second basic pair produced 1st National St. Vincent in ’75 and ’76 (the last one at the loft of Van Steenbergen).
The current main basic breeders are “Narbonne” 87-5020399 and “Beauty Marseille 5295724/95. “The Narbonne” is 16 years old but still fertilizes. He is undoubtedly the best breeder in Belgium. When he was a widower he won 17 prizes on the long distance races along with 1st Provincial Narbonne and 2nd Provincial Montauban. He is direct father of 1st intern. Marseille 1995, 7 direct children won in top 10 provincial fond-race, 37 grandchildren won in top 10 provincial (1st interprov. St-Vincent, 2nd nat. Perpigna hens, 1st prov. Beziers, 1st prov. Barcelona, 1st prov. Perpignan, 1st prov. Dax, 1st prov. La Souterraine, 1st prov. Nevers, 1st prov. St-Vincent…)
The second main breeder of this moment is ‘Beauty Marseille 5295724/95’.

The cock 724-95 won the Marseille race with one second ahead from a bird of father and son Loobuyck from Aalter. Only a few centimeters difference! The 1962 - 2 birds were released at 7:10AM and the 724-95 arrived in Grote Brogel just after 19:00 PM. Jaak and Dirk were surprised to see this cock arrive so soon and all windows were still closed. The 724-95 did not want to go into the loft and a few minutes were lost. Lucky for them he was clocked just before the 2nd prize keeping not even 1 second left over, but good enough for the victory.
The father is the basic cock “Narbonne 399/87” and the mother is the basic hen 514/91, daughter of 214/87 (1st National Barcelona hens ’91) and basic cock 571/84 “Euro Regio”.
The Marseille race 2001 was the last race for 724/95.

He won also:

Laon 279 birds: 7th - Artenay 1783 birds: 4th - Dax 4170 birds: 66th - Perpignan 5855 birds: 522nd - Vierzon 267 birds: 48th - Brive 25842 birds: 1789th - Dax 4066 birds: 524th - Perpignan 5765 birds: 296th - Brive 27081 birds 1594th - Pau 2560 birds: 597th - Marseille 17648 birds: 335th - Perpignan 6246 birds: 489th - Brive 22026 birds: 1955th - Pau 466 birds: 81th
Marseille International 19622 birds: 1st

Nouwen –Paesen want to invest in the future. They did not sell the international winner, but bought a special hen to match this cock. They bought 1st national Perpignan 2001 from Conaert and son:
1st National Perpignan 2001

The winner of this race is the hen 5166917/96, a beautiful small cheq hen with long muscles. She is called "Lady Di". As a youngster she was not raced, not even tossed but as a 2 year old she was raced from Barcelona and won in the Club against 337 pigeons 5th; Provincial 2,209p - 13th; National 12,678p - 69th; International 29,139p - 159th and International Hens 5,189p - 40th. "Not bad!" said Jean and sent her to Perpignan a few weeks later. She won in the Club 99p -2nd; Provincial 694p - 6th; National 5,855p - 86th; International 16,025p - 21Oth. With these excellent results on the two longest races she became lst ace pigeon Marathon LFM (Provincial Championship).

In 1999 she was raced again on these two races. She won Barcelona National 645th and Perpignan National 662nd. In 2000 Barcelona National 875th and a small prize on Perpignan.

In 2001 she was prepared with a few other hens for Barcelona and Perpignan on the same special system. One week before the
Barcelona race she was tossed on a distance of 40km, late in the evening, almost dark. All the hens (78) came home immediately, before darkness, but "Lady Di" was not among them. She arrived at midnight in the total darkness.
On Barcelona she won 597th National bens but Jean had hoped for a better prize. One week before the Perpignan race the same method was used. Now the same happened, all bens arrived just before darkness and 917-96 at midnight, in the dead of night. This must have helped her with her Perpignan victory. At 5am she was already on the roof of the racing loft.
‘ Lady Di ‘ is from the strain Nouwen-Paesen X Kuypers (NL). She is the grandmother of 1st national St-Vincent 2004 at the loft Conaert. Together with ‘Beauty Marseille’ is she the grandmother of 55th nat. St-Vincent 2004 Nouwen-Paesen.

New racers

Brive prov. 3604p-95 - Nat. 22.026p-828


Montauban prov. 897p-87 - Jarnac prov. 1225p-280


Marseille intern. 20.786p-694 - Perpignan intern. 16.800p-1515


Marseille prov. 914p-15 - Marseille intern. 19.622p-266 - Perpignan prov. 822p-28 - Perpignan intern. 17570p-1087
1st Ace pigeon very long distance in the club 2004. The father is ‘Son Narbonne 077/97’, direct son of ‘Narbonne’ x ‘400/87’ (sister 1st nat. Cahors.) The mother is ‘2185404/90’. She is the sister of 1st national Barcelona 1993 of Caberghs but almost 100% Nouwen-Paesen.


Limoges prov. 1052p-22


Bourges prov. 3407p-439 - Barcelona prov. 2190p-53 - Barcelona nat. 12.275p-222 - Perpignan prov. 822p-20
Perpignan nat. 6489p-360
2nd Ace Pigeon very long distance in the club 2004. His father is ‘509597/98’ , son of ‘831/87’ (brother 1st nat. Barcelona hens) X ‘800/95’ (Matterne X Rhone Princes 033/89). The mother is ‘NL2508633/99’, direct from Jac van der Wegen from his ‘Kleine Parel’ x sister ‘3 Musketiers’.


Montauban prov. 918p-15


Brive prov. 2679p-86 - Cahors prov. 974p-105 - Jarnac prov. 1142p-46 - St-Vincent prov. 479p-7 - St-Vincent nat. 1115p-17
The father ‘641/00’ is full brother of ‘297/99’. The mother is ‘Superke Barcelona 521/96’, daughter of the famous ‘150/87’ from Verscheure (7-72-94-105-691 nat. Barcelona) X ‘O33/89 Rhone Princes’.

NL1614877/98 Zwarte Jo

2000 St-Vincent 1557p-15
2001 Barcelona 13.161p-69
2001 Perpignan 8.041p-72
2002 Barcelona 13.000p-387
2003 Barcelona 11.806p-79

2nd best cock on Barcelona 2001-2003 overall.
He is direct from Jo Jeurinck from Sevenum as a gift. The father of this cock was direct Nouwen Paesen 94/298 and the mother was also Cattrysse strain. This 94/298 won several good prozes on the loft of Jeurinck (Soustons National 12372 birds 172nd, Barcelona 100th National, Bergerac 8496 birds 64th, Bergerac 8972 birds 38th, etc). Jo Jeurinck was satisfied with this direct Nouwen Paesen and gave a son as a gift to Nouwen Paesen. Pigeon sport makes good friends!

The old widowhood cocks are mated by the end of March and after 10 days sitting on eggs they are separated and the widowhood starts. They are tossed by car 2 times on 50 km, 2 times 150 km and than 250 km with the club. Subsequently 400 km, Vierzon 500 km and Brive 700 km. After the first race with the club they get a cure for cancer. After Brive and Cahors Jaak and Dirk were not satisfied with the results of these cocks so they cured again for cancer. After a visit to the vet it turned out one of them still had cancer. So the cure was not successful. The vet advised to cure with Emtryl and after that all was okay.
When the birds come home from a race they get electrolytes, one day Aviol and one day Naturaline. During molting 2 days tea, 2 days apple vinegar, 2 days Sedochol and one day multi vitamins. Don’t forget minerals!

The 25 yearling cocks are on another loft and can raise youngsters before the racing season. They only race up to 500 km. As 2-year olds 3-4 times up to 700-960 km. They also race 25 hens (yearling and old). The yearling hens must race Beziers or Perpignan in order to get experience on the long distance. The old hens get a special preparation for Barcelona and Perpignan. They are mated for the first time on March 25th in the breeding loft. The breeding cocks are their partners. The hens can raise youngsters and train once a day in the afternoon. They are not allowed to lay for the second time and go in an avery on widowhood. They don’t train during the week but race every weekend; 150 km, 2x 250 km, 1x 430 km. They can stay with the breeding partners 1-2 hours after the race. By the end of May they can start another nest but they don’t go into any races anymore. A few times a week Dirk tosses them by car up to 100 km. The racing hens are basketed for the Barcelona race with 2-3 days old youngsters in the nest. After this race a 3rd nest for the Perpignan race.

The breeding lofts

Results 2004

Barcelona prov. 2190: 55-101-112-120-171…(11/16)
Dax prov.648p: 2-14-33…(4/4)
Marseille prov. 914p: 15-82…(3/6)
Perpignan prov. 822p: 20-28-64…(5/8)
Pau prov. 418p: 23-24…(3/5)
St-Vincent prov. 479p: 6-7…