Fauches Brothers, "International Barcelona Winners (2003)"

PipaTeam with the Fauche Brothers

Winning Pigeon Ringnumber : B 99 - 1024337

The Barcelona Race... A sun drenched Spanish City on the shores of the Mediterranean Ocean. Here grand plazas and massive buildings are evidence of the time,a decade ago, when the ancient city played host to the Summer Olympics.

For three summer weeks Barcelona was the center of man's atheltic ritual, where human athletes compete for the ultimate symbol of physical greatness, Olympic Gold.

A decade later, the Olympics are a proud memory for the people of this ancient Spanish City. The games moved on.
But each summer Barcelona still hosts an an athletic event as dramatic as any seen in the field of sport. Each July, they come by the thousand of athletes, both male and female. But these competitors don't know the games begin in Barcelona...they only know their mission is to race home. For Barcelona is the starting gate of the greatest pigeon race in the world.

Monday 7th of July, We left at 9h30 from Knesselare, where Ruben " Junior Vet" Lanckriet, Benoit "The Joker" Tierentyn and Nikolaas "Pipa" Gyselbrecht met at the Gyselbrecht Lofts. From Knesselare, we set direction Hamme-Mille, where our PR Manager Martin Degrave is living.

After not planned visit to the faculty of Merelbeke and some very stressy moments in the heavy traffic, we arrived at about lunch time in Hamme Mille, at the house of Martin and his lovely spouse Josiane.

Also some other Pipa Members, Tom Aerts, Kurt Haesen, Ulrich Lemmens and last but not least the most recent Pipa Member Frans " The Silver Wing " Hermans, joined us.

On the picture above from left to right : Ulrich Lemmens, Ruben Lanckriet, Kurt Haesen, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, Tom Aerts, Martin Degrave, Frans Hermans en uiterst rechts Benny ( or Benoit ).

After having had an excellent lunch, offered by Martin and his wife, we left to Waret-L'Evêque.

It is only a half an hour driving from Hamme-Mille to Waret-L'Evêque, where Jean Louis Fauche is living. The racing lofts were built in his place. Both brothers are real fanatic, extremely friendly, pigeon racers. While you can't keep Jean Louis (45) away from the pigeons, the older brother Jean Claude (56), made a lot of time to tell us exactly anything about their methods, system, feeding, the victory, ..... Jean Claude himself lives in a village nearby and enjoys doing also the administration of the pigeons...

Loft : Totally there is accommodation for about 500-tal pigeons. There are 80 widowers and 40 hens to use for the races. A lot of pigeons, but knowing that both brothers are spending all there free time on pigeons, one can understand that this is possible to manage in a good way.

We also have to thank our good friend Jos Veulemans ( also called "The Third Fauche Brother" ). He made the appointment with the Fauche Brothers. On the left picture, on the right loft, the international winner arrived at 6h57...in the morning! An hour before the second pigeon international, unbelievable! An fantastic pigeon!

The Third Brother, "Jos Veulemans". (in the middle)

In the picture above from left to right : Jean Claude Fauche, Jos Veulemans and Jean Louis Fauche.

The Brothers Fauche are famous for a long time already in the Pigeon World. From the early start in 1984 (also Father Fauche was a pigeon racer) they dominated pigeon world. They first started on the sprint like everybody. But soon they both realized that the ultimate goal was going to be Barcelona and the extreme long distance.

In 1988, it was the first time they started racing the Long Distance, they basketted 8 pigeons for the Brive Race and they had immediately 6 prizes per ten. It was the beginning of a succesful long distance career.

In 1991 the Fauche brothers won on the Olympiad in Verona the first pigeon on the long distance.
In 1993 they won two international victories,on Pau and Bordeaux, with 7.760 and 4.373 pigeons. They continued on the same level and and so they won also an international victory in 1997 against 1.416 pigeons on the Marseille race.
Also in 2000 two provincial victories, one on Barcelona, the other one on Perpignan.

In 2003 they achieved something only few people in history every did...they won international Barcelona against more than 20.000 pigeons...The winning pigeon is a 4-year old hen, black chequered, like you can see on one of the pictures more on the bottom of this article...

There were basketted at about 40 pigeons on Barcelona, 36 cocks on widowhood and 4 hens on nest. Just like the former International Barcelona from the last years, it was again a hen that got the first price internationally. This time with a youngster from 3-4 days during the basketting, and 10 days when the hen arrived home. The hens are begin put in the same loft like the young cocks of this year. They are also mated with them. Normally hens don't fly a lot, but when they are mated with young cocks, they fly more around the loft than they normally should do when they would be flying alone. Looking to the fact that 3 of 4 hens found their way back home, and only 7 out of 36 cocks, we can conclude that it was real hen weather; also on other lofts hens achieved excellent results.

On the end of 2002 Jean Louis wanted to quit racing pigeons, because of the enourmous time investment. They were racing widowhood with the hens... Jean Claude luckily was able to convince his brother to continnue racing with the hens, but not on widowhood, they had to find a different system. Jean Claude convinced his brother by telling him that the last years, the international victory was always won by a hen. This year Fauche raced for the first time with hens on nest. This new effect would be one of the critical key factors of succes, tells Jean Claude. The hens were extremely motivated. Of course, you have to have a bit of luck, he admits... Another very important key factor is the excellent origine of the winning hen.

International winner :

The father is one of the main pigeons on their loft “The 39“, second Olympiad pigeon in Basel in 1997. The strains from this father are Lesire and Collard. Also on the side of the mother, there is top origine, with the FIRST INTERNATIONAL Barcelona of the Gyselbrecht Family, which one the first international in 1995, the worldfamous " LAUREAAT BARCELONA " and Crack 40, first Olympiad Pigeon in Verone in 1991.
Most important strains in Fauche Lofts, next to the Gyselbrecht Family are Deroo, Collard, Lesire and Crack 40. The Gyselbrecht & daughter of Crack 40 was also the father of the interprovincial winner of Barcelona in 2000. More about the Gyselbrecht strain in the Fauche Lofts here ( unfortunately in dutch, but with pictures )
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Jean Claude Fauche and Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht : Two International Barcelona Winners. This picture was taken on one of the several Gyselbrecht auctions, where Jean Claude bought many Gyselbrecht Cracks, which became his main breeders later on.

Preparation :

As preparation the pigeons raced this year 4 times a short race ( until the border of France, because of the Fowl Plague, they could not enter France ),after that Orléans, on 14th of June Châteauroux and the 21st of June a 125-km race from Dizy, a week before basketting. The hens can eat as much as they want for 1/2 h. The weeks in between Châteauroux and Barcelona they cure against Trichomonias and Ornithosis.

After much stories, Jean Claude asks the Pipa Team if we know everything we want...

I think we know the most importan things, after those very pleasant and interesting hours...In this way we want to thank the Fauche Brothers + Family + Jos Veulemans for the excellent receipt of the Pipa Team. We wish them also a bright pigeon future, but we don't doubt that in the near future, other similar results will be achieved here, because for both brothers Pigeons is the only thing that really matters in their live....