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2019 was another unforgettable season for Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL)

Wendela claimed her first national championship titles in the junior ranks, and she is now proving to be just as competitive at the highest level, claiming for instance a title of Best young bird sprint in The Netherlands 2019 (PIPA Ranking).

The talented newcomer Wendela Wiersema does not need an introduction anymore. She claimed several national championship titles when racing in the junior ranks, and she successfully transitioned to the senior competition as well, at the age of 23. She has now completed a handful season at the highest level, in which she has already claimed several championship titles in prestigious competitions. These are her national championship titles since 2017:

 1st National champion young birds not nominated
 2nd National champion young birds nominated
 2nd National pigeon championship young birds
 3rd National pigeon championship young birds
 4th National pigoen championship young birds
 5th National pigeon championship middle distance
 9th National pigeon championship young birds
 9th Best fancier in The Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB

She claimed the following titles in major competitions in 2019:
 Best young bird sprint in The Netherlands PIPA ranking (4 prizes)
 1st Natour nominated Prov. 10
 1st General North not nominated Prov. 10
 1st General North nominated Prov. 10
 2nd Sprint loft champion Prov. 10
 2nd Young Birds middle distance loft champion Prov. 10
 2nd Natour not nominated Prov. 10
 3rd Natour loft champion Prov. 10
 5th Middle Distance not nominated Prov. 10
 6th Middle Distance nominated Prov. 10
 9th Sprint not nominated Prov. 10
10th Middle Distance not nominated Prov. 10
10th One Day Long Distance not nominated Prov. 10

The brilliant results from 2019 that led to her championship titles:
Heino      107 km 2,083 p.: 1-2-3-7-12-20-23-24-25-44-47-48-53-66-67-etc. (48/60)
Duiven     159 km 1,627 p.: 1-2-5-10-11-13-14-15-17-23-26-29-36-40-etc. (27/30)
Rethel     455 km   243 p.: 1-7-8-17-26-38-52-etc. (7/17) (and 1-9-13 of 1,292 p.)
Maaseik    256 km   930 p.: 1-11-17-18-36-etc. (19/27)
Arlon      410 km   673 p.: 1-13-18-19-21-etc. (12/20) (and 1-32-57-58-62 of 2,442 p.)
Venlo      220 km 3,132 p.: 2-3-4-5-10-20-21-22-23-40-41-42-etc. (40/47)
Gennep     190 km 2,001 p.: 2-5-19-20-24-25-26-27-28-30-38-etc. (31/40)
Arlon      410 km   569 p.: 3-4-7-20-21-24-28-34-38-41-46-48-49-etc. (20/30)
Kalkar     175 km 2,436 p.: 3-4-25-26-28-46-62-77-etc. (47/58)
Varsseveld 154 km 3,724 p.: 7-8-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-53-etc. (38/49)

We take a closer look at the most notable prize winners in this team.

NL19-1031021 Noortje, Best young bird sprint in The Netherlands 2019 PIPA ranking

This talented young pigeon was bred by the Van Toor Brothers Jr. (Maren-Kessel, NL). The sire of Noortje is a grandson of Olympic Fenomenale and her dam comes straight from Leo Heremans. Click here to discover her fantastic pedigree. Noortje was national champion YBs sprint based on the following results:

Nr. Prize Race Results Distance # pigeons Coeff
1   Wendela Wiersema Appingedam 1031021-2019   0.4321%
N34 Venlo 2019
N35 Weert 2019
J25 Duiven 2019
N31 Varsseveld 2019
Prov 10: Noord-Oost Nederland
Prov 10: Noord-Oost Nederland
Prov 10 Rayon 3 (5020)
Prov 10: Noord-Oost Nederland
220.092 km
243.646 km
159.661 km
154.796 km


NL17-4708967 Vince, 10th best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2018

Vince was 10th in the PIPA Ranking for best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands in 2018. And he was on top of his game again in 2019, with for instance a 1st Rayon in Maaseik. We look at some of his best results:

 1st Maaseik     256 km   930 p.
 3rd Morlincourt 494 km 4,243 p.
 3rd Chimay      402 km 4,136 p.
 9th Quievrain   389 km 4,671 p.
12th Quievrain   389 km 3,774 p.

Vince was bred from Brother Stippie x Blue Wonder (check his full pedigree here). Brother Stippie was a 5th Ace Pigeon in Prov. 10 in 2014, winning for instance a 1st Asse-Zellik (322km) of 2,522 pigeons. And his dam Blue Wonder had a terrific racing career as well:

3rd Duiven    159 km  3,362 p.
3rd Zutphen   136 km    622 p.
5th Quievrain 389 km  2,193 p.
6th Tilburg   232 km 11,208 p.
8th Quievrain 389 km  1,643 p.

She then went on to become an excellent breeder; she is now the dam of:

4th Ace Pigeon YBs Prov. 10 2018 (behind 2 teammates)
1st Arlon  410 km 2,442 p.
1st Rethel 455 km 1,292 p.
1st Arlon  410 km   628 p.

NL17-4708989 Barbarian 989

This successful racing bird, Barbarian 989, is showing to have excellent origins as well. His best results in recent years include:

 1st Quievrain          1,473 p.
 2nd Chimay    Prov. 10 4,136 p.
 2nd Chimay             1,271 p.
 3rd Quievrain Prov. 10 4,651 p.
 5th Quievrain Prov. 10 3,754 p.
 9th Quievrain          1,721 p.
10th Gennep             1,966 p.
30th Quievrain          3,038 p.
33rd Quievrain Prov. 10 5,592 p.
90th Quievrain NPO      7,760 p.
97th Tongeren  Prov. 10 9,821 p.

The parents of Barbarian 989 both come from M. De Jong, who left the sport a few years ago. The dam of Barbarian 989, Fondkampioentje, was a great racing bird in particular, with some major results in the one day long distance (2nd pigeon champion long distance rayon 3 of Province 10). In fact, her name appears in the pedigrees of many great racing birds from recent years. Besides being the dam of Barbarian 989, she is also the grandmother of a 2nd National Pigeon Champion YBs 2017, among others. For the full pedigree of Barbarian 989, click here.

NL17-4708958 Runner Up Ace, 2nd National Pigeon Champion YBs NPO 2017

Runner Up Ace was 2nd National pigeon champion YBs (NPO) in 2017, and he was excellent in the following seasons as well. For instance, he claimed victorhy in province 10 in a middle distance race with a northeasterly wind. Here is is an overview of all of his prizes per 100:

1st Quievrain 389 km 1,117 p. (and 1st of 3,754 p.)
3rd Quievrain 389 km 1,473 p. (and 5th of 4,651 p.)
6th Gennep    190 km 1,966 p. 
8th Duiven    159 km 4,125 p. (and 8th of  12,734 p.)
8th Quievrain 389 km 3,038 p. (and 27th of 10,012 p.)
11th Chimay   420 km 1,271 p. (and 18th of 4,136 p.)
12th Weert           1,794 p.
23rd Gennep   190 km 5,855 p.
30th Meern           4,653 p. (and 55th of 14,434 p.)

Runner Up Ace comes from breeding pair Father Runner Up Ace (NL16-225) x Mother Runner Up Ace (NL16-311). The sire of Runner Up Ace is another son of Fondkampioentje (2nd pigeon champion long distance Rayon 3 in Prov. 10). Click here for the full pedigree of Runner Up Ace. And Father Runner Up Ace x Mother Runner Up Ace is proving to be a terrific breeding pair indeed; they are the parents of:

3rd Tongeren 294 km 2,542 p.
3rd Duiven   159 km 1,754 p.
5th Duiven   159 km 1,627 p.
7th Chimay   402 km 2,176 p.
7th Arlon    410 km 2,055 p.

And Runner Up Ace is in turn the sire of a 1st Rethel (455km) of 1,292 pigeons.

Great respect

Wendela shows time and time again that she has mastered the art of racing pigeons. We cannot think of many fanciers that were outstanding in the junior competitions and that continued to excel in the senior ranks as well. Wendela already has an impressive palmares for a 23 year old; some fanciers need an entire career to accomplish so many great results. It goes without saying that we have great respect for this talented young player.