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Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE) introduces some world class bloodlines in his breeding loft once again

Roger Debusschere has introduced another group of world class bloodlines in his breeding loft, with the winners of a 1st + 3rd International Agen, a 1st National Perpignan, a 1st National Jarnac, and a 2nd + 4th International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance, all from 2018. These were obtained alongside a number of direct descendants of national ace pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons.

The pigeon baron from Lokeren continues to surprise. Roger Debusschere is an internationally renowned fancier and collector of world class pigeons. Even the best of the best is hardly good enough to be granted a spot in his pigeon family. He is always looking for better. He is widely praised as the breeder of countless super class birds.
With that in mind, he invested in another round of remarkable bloodlines in late 2018 and early 2019. That includes the winner of a 1st International and two winners of a 1st National. All three victories were won in demanding conditions and a strong headwind. He also obtained a 2nd and 4th International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance from 2018. And that explains why Roger believes he has one of the world's most valuable collections of breeders for the long distance and the extreme long distance in his loft, packed with highly talented race winners and other great athletes. We will be taking a closer look at the champions that have recently been transferred to Lokeren.

Belmondo: 1st International Agen 2018

We all remember the particularly demanding weather conditions throughout the summer of 2018: sun-drenched weekends and temperatures exceeding 30°C, and sometimes even 35°C. And let's not forget the strong headwinds. The race from Agen was no exception: it proved a very difficult and demanding race. The international winner, called Belmondo, belongs to Jean-Paul Balcaen from the north of France (it was already his third national victory in three years' time). Belmondo arrived home after 12 hours and 10 minutes, reaching a velocity of 1009 m/min. The weather conditions were particularly suited for top class racing birds with powerful wings, as well as a lot of endurance and the urge to make it back home quickly. In other words, the most talented birds could really excel in this competition.
Roger Debusschere reckoned it was time to take his chance, since he is always looking for race winners in difficult conditions. After all, he knows from experience that many of such race winners are likely to develop into top class breeding birds later on. And so it was time for some important transfers. He obtained racing bird Belmondo, along with his parents and a brother and sister, as well as the winner of a 3rd International Agen. These pigeons come from a family of powerful race winners, including first of all:

-Belmondo FR16-161852

1. National Agen France 2,043 p. in 2018 (737 Km)
1. International Agen  13,325 p. in 2018
Fastest of 24,897 competing pigeons

He is a son of the world class couple 'Belmondo-pair'. They are the parents of several race winners, champions, and renowned breeding and racing birds in the extreme long distance.
Sire: Superbreeder NL11-1721914
A direct A.P. Overwater, being a son of Blauwe Turbo (winner of a 69th Nat. Perpignan) x Lady Pronk (winner of a 5th Nat. St.Vincent 5,336 p.)
Dam: Golden Paula FR10-055858
A strong breeding dam, inbred to the world famous Witneus of Florizoone.

Belmondo was not the first national winner that was bred from this so-called Belmondo pair. In 2015, Jean-Paul Balcaen claimed a 1st National Agen yearlings with another son of this very breeding pair. That national winner was called Premier:

-Premier FR14-273305

 1. National Agen France      1,473 YLs in 2015
13. International Agen        4,485 YLs in 2015
16. National Agen             2,043 p.  in 2018
28. International Agen       13,325 p.  in 2018
93. International St.Vincent 11,515 p.  in 2017
Full brother of Belmondo: 1st Internat. Agen 13,325 p. in 2018

And there is more: a third son of this renowned Belmondo-pair also developed into an excellent racing bird in the long distance and extreme long distance:

-Brother Premier FR14-273336

10. National  Agen  2,043 p.  in 2018
14. Internat. Agen 13,325 p.  in 2018
36. National  Agen  1,472 YLs in 2015
87. National  Pau   3,748 p.  in 2017
Full brother of Belmondo: 1. Intnat. Agen 13,325 p. in 2018
Full brother of Premier: 1. Nat. Agen 1,473 YLs in 2015

We saw Belmondo claim an international first prize from Agen in 2018, and his teammate Jean-Paul claimed a 3rd International Agen of 13,325 p. in the same season. This successful racing bird was also transferred to the Royal Collection of Roger Debusschere in Lokeren.

-Jean Paul FR16-162314

3. International Agen  13,325 p. in 2018 (3rd fastest of 24,897 p.)
3. National Agen France 2,043 p. in 2018

This is a fantastic family of national and international stars and race winners. An invaluable addition for any breeding loft.

Little Perpignan: winner of 1st Nat. Perpignan in 2018

The international race from Perpignan had one of its most demanding races in 2018: the sun was beating down, temperatures rose to more than 35 degrees, and there was a slight headwind as well. This was a race for powerful and persistent pigeons. And one of them was Little Perpignan, a pigeon of Christian Demaret from Havre. This pigeon was outstanding that day, claiming a national first prize:

-Little Perpignan BE15-1073206

1. National  Perpignan  3,964 p. in 2018 
7. Internat. Perpignan 12,353 p. in 2018

Little Perpignan has also been transferred to the lofts of Roger Debusschere in Lokeren, along with his parents.

Michel Jarnac: 1st Nat. Jarnac in 2018

The pigeons got to spend an additional day in the basket for the national race from Jarnac in 2018, to start their journey back home in beautiful summer weather with a north-northeasterly wind. The winner of a 1st national of 5,371 old birds and the fastest overall of 10,311 pigeons belongs to Michel Dufermont, a fancier from Moeskroen. The national winner claimed victory in Jarnac with an average speed of 1124 m/min. His palmares also includes a 94th Nat. Argenton and some top results from Bourges (2x) and Chateauroux, so this is not a one trick pony. This national victory was rather the icing on the cake for him. Roger Debusschere was immediately very fond of this athlete the moment he saw him in person. And that is why this race winner was also transferred to Lokeren, where he demonstrated his breeding potential almost right away.

-Michel Jarnac BE16-1013290

  1. National Jarnac  5,311 p. in 2018 (fastest of 10,311 pigeons)
 94. Nat Argenton    11,823 p.
139. Nat Bourges     20,759 p.
173. Nat Bourges     20,284 p.
574. Nat Chateauroux 26,695 p.

His sire BE11-3046717 is a 100% pure Damien Baert pigeon, and his dam BE13-3006438 originates from the best lines of the late Robert Dobbelaere from Marke. This top class racing bird has everything to become a renowned breeder. Mark our words!

Lotus: 2nd International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018

Roger Debusschere had already obtained some exceptionally gifted birds but his search for prestigious bloodlines did not end there. He continued to look for national and international winners in demanding weather and national and international ace pigeons, and he eventually came across Lotus, a 2nd International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance of superstar Alexandre Margris, a nationally renowned from France who excels from middle distance to extreme long distance. Lotus is a true champion and he has the appearance of a great athlete as well. On top of that, he originates from two extremely talented birds with several provincial ace pigeon titles to their name. One of them is in fact the dam of an Olympiad Pigeon. And here we have Lotus's own palmares:

-Lotus FR16-21837

 2. International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018
 4. National Pau (794 Km)        3,830 p. in 2018
11. International Pau           11,739 p. in 2018
11. National St.Vincent (777 Km) 3,076 p. in 2018
16. International St.Vincent     9,458 p. in 2018

Sire: Quango FR13-14316
Winner of a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance in 2014, a 5th Prov. Ace Pigeon in 2016, and a 7th Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance & long distance YBs 2013. He is a son of Piombino FR10-566 (3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon ’10, 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon ’11) x Jarnac d’Hermine (grandmother of 2nd Intnat. St.Vincent 10,737 p.)
Dam: Olympic Billie FR13-14350
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B in Brussels in 2017. She was a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance in ’17, 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon in 2013 and 2014, and 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon in 2016 and 2017. She has also won three provincial first prizes. She is a phenomenal racing hen and a top class breeding dam.

Both Lotus and his two parents were brought over to Lokeren. This means the top-tier breeding loft of Roger Debusschere got to welcome another group of world class pigeons.

Lexus: 4th International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018

And the last pigeon to be obtained by Roger Debusschere is a 4th International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018 of Marcel Loquet. This racing bird called Lexus looks like a fantastic athlete as well. He won this ace pigeon title thanks to two top results in demanding weather and into a strong headwind, reaching a speed of 1046 m/min (2nd Nat. Pau) and 1011 m/min (25th Nat. St. Vincent) respectively. It makes his ace pigeon title all the more impressive. This pigeon was already quite successful as a two year old, with a strong finish in the races from Pau, St. Vincent and Perpignan. And he was clearly on top of his game at the age of three, as you can tell from the following list of achievements:

-Lexus FR15-413338

 4. International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018
 2. National Pau France 3,830 p. in 2018 
 6. International Pau  11,739 p. in 2018
25. National St.Vincent France 3,076 p. in 2018
34. International St.Vincent   9,458 p. in 2018

And Lexus does have some surprising origins as well: his sire FR06-537297 has a 1st Nat. Tarbes and a 3rd International of 12,537 pigeons to his name. It goes to show that champions breed champions; Lexus is yet another telling example. Lexus was transferred to the breeding loft of Roger Debusschere, alongside one of his full sisters.

Perhaps a little extra

Roger Debusschere does not like to stand still. Even after investing in so many super class pigeons and their relatives (parents, brothers, sisters), he was still trying to find other talented birds. He also obtained the following top class bloodlines for future crossbreedings:

- a son, daughter and full sister (the dam of a 15th Nat. Limoges 10,554 p., 34th Nat. Bourges 19,989 p., and 75th Nat. Limoges 14,929 p.) of Triple 5 Barcelona of Erik Limbourg (Olympiad Pigeon Marathon Poznan 2019, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 208 and winner of a 5th Nat. Barcelona 2017, a 5th Nat. Barcelona 2018 and a 5th Nat Perpignan 2018).

- 2 full sisters and a half sister of Provincial Pau (3rd + 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB in 2017 and 2016), a daughter of super-pair Montali x Daughter Ace Pair (the parents of a 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Agen, 1st Prov. and 6th Nat. Agen, 13th Nat. Pau, 22nd Nat. Agen, 24th Nat. Perpignan), alongside some other descendants of this renowned breeding pair of Etienne Meirlaen.

- a daughter of Helios, winner of a 1st Internat. Perpignan of 12,349 pigeons in 2018, 21st Nat. St. Vincent and 38th Nat. Pau. of Jos Martens

In other words, Roger Debusschere strengthened his already impressive team of breeders with another extensive group of super class birds, international ace pigeons and national winners, as well as several direct descendants. And this underlines Roger's number one philosophy: you have to be the best of the best to become a member of his prestigious collection of breeding birds.
Surrounding himself with 'the best of the best' has always been Roger's number one objective; it has become sort of a hobby for him, albeit a rather expensive hobby. But it has served him well. Breeding super class pigeons and supplying them to fellow fanciers is still his greatest passion. And these pigeons have enabled pigeon lofts from across the globe to develop into top-level breeds!

Superbreeder Son 5. Nat St-Vincent x Golden Paula: the parents of Belmondo, 1st Intnat. Agen in 2018

Sire x Dam 'Little Perpignan': 1st Nat. Perpignan 3,964 p. in 2018

Guango x Olympic Billie: the parents of Lotus, 2nd International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018