Frans Bungeneers (Ranst, BE) - Barcelona specialist with numerous references

Every season, Frans Bungeneers receives an extensive list of references in his mailbox. Meanwhile, his own racing team is getting up to speed again after the pigeon theft. They scored some excellent results in ... Barcelona!

Frans shows his impressive collection of Golden, Silver and Bronze wings.

Impressive palmares in Barcelona

Frans has won an impressive six national top 7 placings in the queen's race from Barcelona since 2005. This makes for quite a unique palmares:

2005: 1st National of 13,066 pigeons
2009: 2nd National of 13,503 pigeons
2009: 4th National of 13,503 pigeons
2015: 7th National of  7,791 pigeons
2016: 6th National of  7,693 pigeons
2017: 2nd National of  7,874 pigeons

Frans's well-reasoned breeding and racing approach have led to four international top ten placings (4th, 5th, 9th and 9th) and three international top ten placings with the hens.

And Bungeneers came in first place in the Golden Wing competition twice: with Queen Tonny in 2015 and Icarus in 2009. Racing hen Elena claimed a Silver Wing in 2017, and Iron Lady Ellie did something unusual as well, winning a Bronze Wing title both in 2015 and 2016.

Such great achievements are bound to lead to ace pigeon titles as well. Iron Lady Ellie won the PIPA Ranking for best Barcelona pigeon between 2015 and 2016. And Elena BE11-6047958 has won quite a few rankings as well: she won a Silver Wing title, and she was 1st Ace Pigeon Barcelona PIPA ranking across two seasons (2016-2017) and three seasons (2015-2016-2017).

In addition, she wins a 1st Provincial, a 2nd National, a 5th International hens and a 9th International Barcelona in 2017.

The 2019 season

The pigeon theft from 2016, where entire generations were lost, is still being felt. However, some talented newcomers are already making an appearance as well. Frans's pigeons managed to finish in the national top 100 both in Agen and Barcelona:

20. Nat. Agen
45. Nat. Barcelona
63. Nat. Barcelona

Laura BE14-6193296 was the first pigeon of the team to arrive home from Barcelona. She claimed a 45th Nat. and 125th Internat., which makes her the leader of this racing team. She had already won a 46th Nat. St. Vincent 2016 and a 249th Nat. Barcelona 2018, and she nows adds a 45th National Barcelona 2019 to her palmares as well. This makes her the 1st pigeon in the three year ranking of the Bruges Barcelona Club 2019 (2017, 2018 and 2019)! Laura is a daughter of Lily BE09-6153586, which took a five out of five in Barcelona, with a 7th Nat. of 7,791 pigeons and an 81st Nat. of 7,693 pigeons in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The apple does not fall far from the tree.


Several new references were added to the list again in 2019, including a 1st Internat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona over 3 years, a 1st National Pau, a 2nd (Inter)Nat. Barcelona, and a 2nd Nat. Barcelona in Germany, as well as a 5th Nat. Pau. This a long list of references, with a lot of top quality results. Let's take a look.

The renowned 'Orange Oil' of Gerard Schalkwijk

The PIPA ranking for the Best international pigeon in Barcelona across 3 seasons (2017-2019) was won by a 100% Bungeneers pigeons. This terrific long distance pigeon of Gerard Schalkwijk (Lopik, NL) has been almost impossible to beat in recent years. This pigeon feels particularly at ease in Barcelona:

 76. International Barcelona 2018 of 15,700 pigeons
 97. International Barcelona 2019 of 15,981 pigeons
158. International Barcelona 2017 of 17,026 pigeons
 20. National Orange 2015 Sector 3

Click here for Orange Oil's pedigree.

Silent King of Martin Dhooge

Martin Dhooghe from Ursel, BE claimed a 1st National Pau with “Silent King” BE14-4217300. The dam of this national winner is a daughter of Mooie witpen BE06-6374780, a hen inbred to Queen Tonny, 1st Nat. Barcelona.

Click here for Silent King's pedigree.

2nd National and 2nd International Barcelona + Golden Wing for Raf Stynen (Geel, BE)
The grandfather is a half brother of Queen Tonny, 1st Nat. Barcelona ’05

2nd National Barcelona of Karl-Heinz Kanski (Eschweiler, DE)
The grandfather is a son of “Blokje Bungeneers” X “Saartje” through Piet de Vogel

5th National Pau Frans Boudry (Dikkebus, BE) (The dam is a 100% Bungeneers)

41st National Barcelona for G. Schalkwijk (100% Bungeneers)

51st National Barcelona NL for Ton Vertelman (50% Bungeneers)

60th National Perpignan NL for Ton Vertelman (from grandson Elena)

10th- 13th- 31st- 63rd-76th Nat. Agen for Ton Vertelman (all 50% Bungeneers!)

53rd Nat. Agen for Ton Vertelman (25% Bungeneers)

62nd National Barcelona NL for Jo van Schijndel & Sons (Geffen, NL) (The dam 440 is a half sister of Elena)

Super 77

“Super 77” stems from breeding dam 440 as well, the half sister of Elena)

90th National Agen for the Hagens Brothers (from son Saartje = daughter Queen Tonny)

85th National Bergerac and 168th National Bordeaux by sister “Fedde” (grandson Penelope) for the Hagens brothers

References from before 2019

Numerous other references were won prior to 2019 as well; the list of references is nothing short of impressive. Frans's Barcelona pigeons have been outstanding over the years, both at home and abroad:

For instance, the PIPA Ranking for international ace pigeons hens (2 prizes) was won by Lady in the Dark (Gerard Schalwijk). The sire of this winner is none other than Laika Jr, a half brother of Elena, 2nd National Barcelona 2017, winner of a Silver Wing 2017 and 1st Ace Pigeon National Barcelona 2015-2016-2017 and 2016-2017.

For the pedigree of Lady in the Dark, click here.

And the 4th International Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking hens with 2 prizes in 2017, racing bird NL14-3447448 of Van Schijndel en Zonen, is a 50% Bungeneers descendant. The dam of this 448 is a daughter of Penelope x Icarus (2nd and 4th National Barcelona 2009 respectively).

And Van Schijndel and sons have won several other top prizes as well:

  • 2. Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2017 (27th Nat. Pau, 334th Nat. St Vincent and 12th Nat. Perpignan). The dam is a daughter of Icarus X Penelope or a 2nd X 4th nat. Barcelona'09.
  • 10. Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2017 (205th Nat. Pau, 193rd Nat. Marseille and 259th Nat. Perpignan). The dam is a half sister of Elena.
  • 4. Ace Pigeon ZLU Narbonne 3 years 2015-2016-2017. The dam is a daughter of Icarus X Penelope or a 2nd x 4th nat. Barcelona'09.
  • National ZLU Perpignan 2017: 12th -28th -46th -51st -83rd -119th -165th -222nd -259th ... (7 of the first 9 pigeons are at least 50% Bungeneers birds)

Hagens Brothers - Achthuizen, NL

  •  44. Nat. Agen - YLs Z.L.U. 2017 - 5,930 p.
  •  50. Nat. Bergerac S2  2017 - 3,699 p.
  • 917. Nat. Agen - YLs Z.L.U. 2017 - 5,930 p.

  (The dam is a daughter of 979/11, son Queen Tonny x 933/11 (Icarus x Penelope))

  • 155. Nat. Agen S2  2017 -  2,652 p.
  • 744. Cahors S2  2017 - 3,922 p.

  (The sire is a son of Saartje (nest sister Laika Queen))

  • 178. Cahors S2   2017 - 3,922 p.
  • 388. Cahors S2   2017 - 3,922 p.
  • 544. Nat. Cahors S2  2015 - 5,279 p.
  • 671. Nat. Agen-oude Z.L.U. 2017 - 6,211 p.
  • 757. Nat. Bergerac S2  2016 - 3,744 p.
  • 850. Nat. Cahors S2 2016 - 3,653 p.

  (The dam is a daughter of Penelope)

  •  67. Nat. Barcelona  2017 - 4,504 p.
  • 134. Nat. St. Vincent  2015 - 3,714 p.
  • 428. Nat. Cahors S2  2015 - 5,279 p.
  • 488. Nat. Barcelona  2017 - 4,504 p.
  • 522. Nat. Bergerac S2  2016 - 3,744 p.
  • 619. Nat. St. Vincent  2016 - 3,386 p.

  (The sire is a son of Icarus)

The "Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2017" was won by the Veulemans - Techavichian combination, with a pigeon related to Bungeneers for 50%.

José Poteaux (France)

  • 4th National Narbonne 2017

  (The sire is a son of Icarus X Penelope)

A bright future

Scoring reference has never been very difficult for the Frans Bungeneers pigeon breed; these appear to be coming in season after season. However, the pigeon theft had led to a vacuum in their racing team. As a result, Frans had to start all over, with pigeons that were not very experienced. He gradually managed to create some talented pigeons that might enable Frans to excel in his favourite classic once again, just like he used to. He already made an impact in 2019, with two pigeons in the national top 63 in a very demanding Barcelona classic. His opponents for 2020 have been warned!