Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) dominate the field with their Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw have been setting records season after season. Dominating the pigeon racing competition looks like child's play for this fantastic combination, in part thanks to their highly renowned Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline.

Raf & Kurt Platteeuw are enjoying their many great results

The alarm bells go off in the minds of many fanciers when someone mentions the name of Platteeuw. Whenever the father-son combination from Rumbeke appears at the basketing club, fellow fanciers know that something special is about to happen. After all, Platteeuw has become synonymous to extraordinary or record-breaking achievements over the years. And that is why it is almost impossible to briefly summarize the many achievements of this breed. The Platteeuw bloodlines are a constant topic of debate both at home and abroad, because these pigeons are racing in a league of their own, with their opponents not standing a chance at all. It was first of all the bloodline of the now world famous Cannibal (BE16-3046631) that claimed one top result after another for team Platteeuw.

Cannibal was himself a 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB sprint in 2017, and his relatives and descendants have allowed the Platteeuw family to claim numerous great results in a variety of competitions, ranging from sprint to national long distance. Cannibal was an unparalleled racing bird in the lofts of Ronny Calus, where he ended his racing career with another prestigious victory. The ambitious Kurt Platteeuw managed to obtain this superstar, along with a few of his relatives, which proved a smart move (for Cannibal's pedigree, click here). Kurt's pigeon family was already a renowned breed but it was thanks to the introduction of this top class bloodline that Kurt truly became an international champion.

Cannibal: 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB and a super class breeder

The prestigious Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline

As most of you know, the fanciers from Team Platteeuw really put their pigeons to work. The racing team has to deliver every single week, and those that fail to deliver are inevitably left out. If this approach goes on for long enough, you automatically end up with a pigeon breed that can face any challenge. And that is what the Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline was designed for. Racing bird New General (BE17-3117649) is a perfect example; this is Kurt Platteeuw's absolute favourite bird. In fact, any fancier that has seen this pigeon in person was genuinely impressed with his overall appearance. He combines beauty, strength and character, in a way that no other pigeon can. And Kurt is confident that his New General would have been the star of the team again in 2020. After all, no other racing bird arrives home from a race with such energy, almost like a hawk. The sheer talent of this racing bird is hard to describe, and the Platteeuw family was particularly disappointed when they had to say goodbye to this champion. They can only hope to discover another similarly talented pigeon in the future. The incredible palmares of New General shows that he was a true champion indeed. His top 100 finishes in Jarnac, Aurillac, Angouleme, Tulle and Limoges, and many other great results in ace pigeon competitions make this one of the best ever pigeons at national level. (Click here for the pedigree of this amazing bird)

New General : star of the team

Another star of the Cannibal bloodline that has earned a lot of respect is Sea Cove (BE12-3044649). He, together with Cannibal, marked the start of the Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline. There is a reason why many fanciers consider these to be the best two sprint pigeons of the province of all times. Sea Cove was himself an outstanding racing bird (1st provincial ace pigeon sprint KBDB etc.) and he is now a fantastic breeder as well, having already bred numerous successful descendants. He is for instance the grandfather of New Cannibal, and of several pigeons that claimed a national ace pigeon title KBDB. For the pedigree of Sea Cove, click here.

Sea Cove : 1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB and a great breeder

Another iconic pigeon from that prestigious Cannibal bloodline is Sea Surfer (BE16-3116410), a beautiful chequered hen that made quite an impact in the national long distance, getting great results on a weekly basis both as a yearling and as a one year old. Her palmares includes a 5th national Gueret, a 14th national Jarnac, a 29th national Souillac and a 53rd national Tulle. As such, she claimed her place among the very best athletes around. And she did claim a national ace pigeon title KBDB two years in a row, which is quite a unique feat. For Sea Surfer's pedigree, click here.

Sea Surfer : 5th nat. ace pigeon KBDB 2018 + 12th nat. ace pigeon KBDB 2017

Another hen of team Platteeuw with talent in abundance is Lovely Godiva (BE16-3116411). Successfully covering the many kilometres in the most popular national races seems like a walk in the park for this racing bird. And she has a similar history as her teammates: she is closely related to Cannibal as well, and that explains her many great results over the course of her racing career (click here for the impressive pedigree of Lovely Godiva). She claimed a provincial first prize from Vierzon of more than 4,000 pigeons, which resulted in a 4th national of almost 21,000 pigeons. And that was not the only great result from this niece of Cannibal. She also claimed a 2nd National Angoulême (finishing right behind Joël Verschoot's famous Armando) and an 8th prov. Chateauroux, as well as several early arrivals from Tulle, Souillac, Gueret, etc. In other words: the Cannibal bloodline has the ability to deliver in all types of conditions and competitions.

Lovely Godiva : 1st prov., 2nd nat., 4th nat.,... 

The pigeons that we just talked about are just a few of a much larger collection of birds referred to as the Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline. It goes without saying that this bloodline produces pigeons with a lot vitality, and pigeons with all the qualities to deliver great results. And that explains why the Platteeuw Cannibal bloodline has helped Kurt and Raf reach a whole new level in pigeon racing. The Platteeuw birds have been tremendously strong in the major competitions. Claiming national victories or dominating the entire field has become their trademark. The result is an extensive list of KBDB ace pigeons for a pigeon breed that has drawn a lot of attention lately. The champions from Rumbeek have made it more obvious than ever that good blood never lies.