Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) shows his qualities with his inbred Ludo Claessens pigeon breed, both at home and in OLR's across the globe

Sakis has had another highly successful season in his home loft, thanks to such stars as Super 10. And he was able to produce great results across the globe as well, mainly in one loft races.

As always, his many great results were won with the help of his Ludo Claessens pigeons, including Meeuwke 12, Super Crack's Talent, Blue Talent, White Talent and many others.

Season after season, Sakis Minovgioudis appears to be among the most successful fanciers in the one loft racing competition, even though he does not have that many pigeons in his collection. His inbred Ludo Claessens breed has been able to achieve great successes in OLR's across the globe, and mainly in China, our sport's leading country. Last November, Sakis visited the Langfang pigeon exhibition in China, and he ran into a fancier that had purchased one of his pigeons back in 2012, at our PIPA stand. He told Sakis that he has been highly successful with a youngster of this pigeon, winning for instance a first prize in a 500km race.


2019 had been quite a challenging year for Sakis. There was the sudden loss of his father, who had always been his mainstay. He had to leave him behind in Greece. He travelled back and forth to make sure everything was well taken care of. As a result, his pigeons were paired rather late, and his yearlings only managed to gain some experience in the Natour competition. But the racing team had an excellent season nonetheless. One of these rather inexperienced yearlings was the highly talented Super 10, a grandson of Sakis's world famous Meeuwke 12. His sire is top breeder Blue Talent (a 100% Ludo Claessens, as you can see here). This Blue Talent, a son of Meeuwke 12 x Super Crack's Talent, is ready to become the new stock breeder for Sakis. 

Top breeder NL14-1050791, Blue Talent

The dam of Super 10 is a direct hen of G&S Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL). Sakis suggested to fellow fancier M. Alwatri from Kuwait to visit the pigeon lofts in Reeuwijk together, to see if they could get their hands on an unusually gifted hen. And their mission was a success: a breeding hen of Reeuwijk was paired to Blue Talent, and these two breeders bred Super 10. We take a look at Super 10's palmares:

 1st Nanteuil  331 km 1,784 pigeons
 1st Duffel     86 km 1,114 pigeons (alongside a teammate)
 8th Melun     389 km 1,341 pigeons
11th Peronne   247 km 1,512 pigeons
18th Peronne   247 km 1,254 pigeons
20th Quievrain 175 km 2,330 pigeons
24th Duffel     86 km 1,904 pigeons
27th Quievrain 175 km 1,186 pigeons
16th Peronne   247 km   906 pigeons
43rd Melun     389 km 1,191 pigeons

NL18-1092610, Super 10

And Super 10's teammates were quite successful as well this season:

1st Pontoise 350 km 2,233 pigeons
1st Fontenay 447 km 1,533 pigeons
1st Nanteuil 331 km 1,784 pigeons (1-2-3-11-18-21-en 10x in top 50)
1st Duffel    86 km 1,930 pigeons
1st Duffel    86 km 1,114 pigeons (1-2-4-5-6-7-etc)
1st Argenton 629 km 1,272 pigeons (10 minute lead)

Successful in One Loft Races

The pigeons of Sakis have managed to produce excellent results time and time again; we talked about it in this report and in earlier reports as well. His good friend John Georgopoulos for instance, racing as Greek Connection, has been able to win two one loft races in the US in recent months with descendants of Sakis. These stem from the line of Super Crack 135.

Sakis (l) and John Georgopoulos (r)

The results of the One Loft Race Royal Cup

The results of the One Loft Race California

Sakis's pigeons were also successful in the Al Shaheed One Loft Race in Bahrein, which involved 1,800 pigeons. Abdulaziz Alkandari finishes in 10th place of 1,224 pigeons (375km) and in 3rd place of 770 pigeons (375km) with a grandchild of Bont Beauty. Thanks to these top results, the grandchild of Bonte Beauty became the 1st Ace Pigeon in the Al Shaheed OLR 2019. 

One of the most renowned One Loft Races in the United States is Big Andy's OLR. And the winner of the final race over 375 miles was the Genesis Syndicate Loft with their racing bird 374. This 374, which was also the 2nd Ace Pigeon, is a grandson of Bont Beauty x Meeuwke 12 (click here for the pedigree of the 374).

Sakis had sent five pigeons to the Pioneer Club in China, where he raced in a combination with a Chinese fancier. Together they finished in 14th place (550km) in one of the most demanding competitions in all of pigeon racing, with 7,000 adversaries. Their 14th place winner is a marvellous white bird (pedigree of CN18-B024757), which is related for instance to White Talent, a son of Super Cracks Talent and Meeuwke 12. The White Talent bloodline has led to many great results.

NL14-1050916, White Talent 

Sakis, a small-scale fancier with big results

A surprising number of top results have been won with pigeons of this Greek pigeon breed. In a fairly short period of time (just a few years), Sakis has drawn several great champions from his inbred Ludo Claessens pigeon pigeons, which were often crossbred to other renowned bloodlines. When breeding new birds, Sakis wants to be 100% convinced that the newcomer has all the physical characteristics of a top quality pigeon. This is important not only for his own collection but also for other fanciers.

Pigeon collector and fancier Kaier (r) is visiting Sakis in Alblasserdam