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Auction weekend with 667,000 euro revenue – G&S Verkerk 4,336 euro on average – Jong Bonte Crack 24,000 euro

12 different auctions closed on Sunday and Monday, in which 667,175 euro was raised for 262 pigeons. This makes for an average sale price of 2,546 euro per bird. We briefly discuss each individual auction.

Chris Hebberecht – 10 pigeons – 2,460 euro/bird
Every season, Chris Hebberecht sells a special group of young birds on PIPA. For this year's edition, Chris also picked a top class racing bird: Lotus, a 2nd Int. Ace Pigeon Perpignan. Lotus was the most expensive bird in this sale; it was sold to China for 8,200 euro. The 10 pigeons were sold for 24,600 euro, and they are going to China (4), Taiwan (4), Belgium (1) and South Africa (1).

Cor de Heijde – 30 pigeons – 2,980 euro/bird
Iconic pigeon fancier Cor de Heijde sold an exclusive round of youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA, including a youngster of Jong Don Michel, which goes to Romania for 7,200 euro. The second most expensive bird is a son of Diamantje, which goes to Taiwan for 7,000 euro. The 30 youngsters raised 89,400 euro in total, and they were sold to The Netherlands (10), Japan (5), Romania (4), Taiwan (3), Belgium (3), China (3), Germany (1) and Italy (1).

Gevaert-Lannoo – 16 pigeons – 2,806 euro/bird
This combination has a reputation for achieving brilliant results with a small team. Top quality birds are the number one priority for Gevaert-Lannoo, and that goes for this auction as well: they auctioned off a wonderful group of youngsters. Sale 2, one of the last youngsters of King Gaby, was the most expensive bird; it goes to China for 8,200 euro. The 16 youngsters were sold for 44,900 euro, and they will be shipped to China (11), the USA (2), Taiwan (1), Germany (1) and Belgium (1).

Gino Clicque – 62 pigeons – 2,023 euro/bird
Youngsters from the most special youngsters of Golden Prince, Devil Prince, Golden Princess, Prins Rudy, Olympic Princess, etc. were sold in auction. This was a unique group of grandchildren with four unique grandparents. These 60 pigeons were sold alongside two youngsters of the 'Million Pair' Golden King x First Lady, and these happen to be the two most expensive youngsters of this auction: one was sold to a Chinese fancier for 14,400 euro, the other goes to Germany for 12,800 euro. The 62 pigeons were sold for 125,400 euro in total, to fanciers from Belgium (17), Germany (9), Poland (8), Taiwan (5), Thailand (4), France (3), the United Kingdom (3), Japan (3), The Netherlands (2), China (2), Saudi Arabia (2), the USA (2), Canada (1), and The Philippines (1).

G&S Verkerk – 50 pigeons – 4,336 euro/bird
Bas & his father Gerard offered for sale one of their most impressive collections of young birds ever. Each of these birds has something special, and this is something many potential buyers came to appreciate: it resulted in an impressive overall revenue of 216,800 euro; the highest ever revenue for Bas & Gerard in a PIPA auction. The most expensive young birds are two youngsters of New Olympic Solange. They were both sold to a Chinese fancier, for 23,000 euro and 16,400 euro respectively. The third most expensive pigeon, a youngster of Captain Hook x Davina, was sold to a Chinese fancier for 15,200 euro. A youngster of Topper Harley x Expectation was the fourth most expensive pigeon; the winning bid came from a Chinese fancier: 12,200 euro. The 50 youngsters were sold to fanciers from China (28), Taiwan (9), Morocco (4), The Netherlands (3), Belgium (2), the United Kingdom (2), Malta (1), and Germany (1).

Sorin Florea – 18 pigeons – 1,442 euro/bird
Over the years, Sorin Florea has invested in some of the best bloodlines he could find in Western Europe. He decided to offer 18 youngsters from his best bloodlines for sale. Sale 1 and 2 had the highest sale price; they both stem from the winner of the 2018 SAMDPR. Sale 2 goes to China for 4,200 euro, sale 1 goes to an American fancier for 3,000 euro. The total revenue for the 18 youngsters was 25,950 euro, and they will be spread across China (9), Taiwan (3), Belgium (2), Japan (1), The Philippines (1), Romania (1), and the USA (1).

Lubomir Kubacek – 7 pigeons – 1,429 euro/bird
This champion from the Czech Republic offered for sale a number of racing birds and a couple of youngsters. The most expensive bird was top class racing bird Tina (sale 1). She was sold to a Chinese fancier for 3,600 euro. The 7 pigeons had an overall value of exactly 10,000 euro; they will be moving to China (3), Taiwan (1), the USA (1), Belgium (1) and Germany (1).

Yves van de Poel – 16 pigeons – 930 euro/bird
Yves van de Poel owns a wonderful collection of Gaston van de Wouwer & Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. A grandson of Kaasboer received the highest bid; he goes to Germany for 3,200 euro. The 16 pigeons raised 14,875 euro in total, and their new owners come from China (9), Belgium (3) Taiwan (2), Germany (1), and the USA (1).

Marc de Cock – 16 pigeons – 1,166 euro/bird
The most expensive pigeon in this collection was sale 1, Mister Brive. This successful racing bird had a sale price of 3,200 euro, and he will not leave Belgium. The 16 pigeons were worth 18,650 euro overall, and they were sold to fanciers from Belgium (10), Argentina (2), Qatar (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Taiwan (1) and Germany (1).

Jos Cools – 8 pigeons – 1,181 euro/bird
Jos Cools has been a highly renowned sprint fancier in the Antwerp region for years. He auctioned off 8 youngsters from his best breeders, raising 9,450 euro in total. The most expensive young bird is a youngster of Miel x Octavia, which was sold to a fellow Belgian fancier for 2,100 euro. The 8 pigeons have found a new home in the United Kingdom (1), Belgium (2), Iraq (2), and Hungary (1).

Anthony Maes – 14 pigeons – 4,582 euro/bird
Anthony Maes had an unforgettable 2019 season thanks to the fantastic Bonte Crack, this year's 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance. The first two youngsters of this ace pigeon ever to be auctioned off, were offered for sale by PIPA on Monday. The first youngster was sold for 24,000 euro to a fancier from China, who also obtained its nest mate for 11,200 euro. The second most expensive bird of Anthony Maes is a full brother of Bonte Crack; he will also be transferred to China, for 12,600 euro. The 14 pigeons were worth 64,150 euro overall, and they are moving to Belgium (7),  China (4), Egypt (1), The Netherlands (1), and Poland (1).

Derek Rooney – 15 pigeons – 1,533 euro/bird
The last auction of the day was hosted by Derek Rooney. He sold a group of 15 youngsters for 23,000 euro. The most expensive youngster was sale 10, a double grandchild of Harry of Jan Hooymans. He was sold for 2,700 euro, and he will be moving to Taiwan. Not a single youngster was sold for less than 1,000 euro. The 15 youngsters will soon be on their way to Taiwan (5), China (3), Hungary (2), Belgium (2), Japan (1), Poland (1), and the USA (1).