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Youngster from Armando X Nadine sold for 120,000 euro – Jan Hooymans 9,000 EURO on average – Auction weekend has total revenue of 487,000 euro

Ten auctions came to a close last Sunday, with an overall revenue of 487,000 euro for 113 pigeons, or more than 4,300 euro on average per bird.

Pieter Oberholster – 8 pigeons – 1,413 euro/bird
One of Europe's most special Gaby Vandenabeele collections can be found in Pieter Oberholster's loft. He is the owner of 15 youngsters of Rudy, as well as a fantastic son of Bliksem. The most expensive bird in this collection is a youngster of this son Bliksem, which goes to Kuwait for 3,200 euro. The 8 youngsters were sold for 11,300 euro in total, and they will be shipped to Taiwan (2), Kuwait (2), the United Kingdom (2), Japan (1) and Belgium (1).

Gaie Brothers – 9 pigeons – 1,133 euro/bird
For years, the Gaie brothers have been among the best performing lofts in Wallonia. In this auction, they auctioned their 1st provincial ace pigeon 'Planeur 47'; it goes to the US for 4,000 euro. The 9 pigeons were sold for 10,200 euro in total, to fanciers from Belgium (4), China (2), Taiwan (2) and the US (1).

Jos & Jan Loobuyck – 10 pigeons – 938 euro/bird
The East-Flemish father-son combination sold a number of racing birds, which had a total value of 9,375 euro. The most expensive pigeons were sale 1 and 2, with a sale price of 1,500 euro each. Sale 1 goes to China; sale 2 was sold to a Belgian fancier. The 10 pigeons are going to China (6), Taiwan (2) and Belgium (2).

De Smeyter-Restiaen – 14 pigeons – 3,536 euro/bird
The 14 youngsters bred from the best breeders of De Smeyter-Restiaen were sold for an impressive 49,500 euro overall. The most expensive pigeon was sale 2, a full sister of super class hen Floorke. She goes to Japan for 9,400 euro. The 14 pigeons were sold to Belgium (8), Japan (4), The Netherlands (1) and Taiwan (1).

Vermeerbergen-Wilms – 11 pigeons – 2,532 euro/bird
This is an exceptional result for the Vermeerbergen-Wilms combination: the 11 pigeons were eventually sold for 27,850 euro, with two pigeons being particurly popular: a first prize winner from the Pitbull bloodline, sale 2, goes to a Belgian fancier for 9.000 euro. The other bird is an inbred youngster to a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB sprint, which goes to the same fancier for 6,000 euro. The 11 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (7), China (1), the Czech Republic (1), Poland (1) and Taiwan (1).

Jan Hooymans – 7 pigeons – 9,000 euro/bird
Jan sold an exclusive youngster of New Harry x Alexia, which goes to a renowned Dutch loft for 25,000 euro. All other youngsters proved quite expensive as well: 7,800 euro – 7,400 euro – 7,000 euro – 6,800 euro - … The seven youngsters were sold for 63,000 euro in total, to fanciers from China (4), Kuwait (1), The Netherlands (1) and Taiwan (1).

Kai Er – 25 pigeons – 10,504 euro/bird
One of the most unique young birds' auctions ever has come to a close, in which one of the most exclusive young birds was offered for sale: the only youngster of Armando x Nadine ever to be sold in auction. Last year Kai Er & Joël Verschoot made the international headlines with the sale of Armando, which was worth 1,252,000 euro at the time. It was decided to keep Armando in Europe, where he would be paired to one of the best and most famous hens worldwide: Nadine. They would sell only one youngster of this pair; all other youngsters will go to the breeding loft. We saw an exciting battle between two Chinese fanciers, and the end result was an impressive 120,000 euro. The other youngsters had a high sale price as well; the 25 youngsters were eventually sold for 262,600 euro overall, to fanciers from China (15), The Netherlands (3), Germany (3), the United Kingdom (2), Japan (1), and Singapore (1).

Dean Pallatt – 14 pigeons – 2.050 euro/bird
Over the past three years, father & son Dean Sr. & Dean Jr. from the United Kingdom have put a lot of effort into creating a unique collection of Jelle Jellema breeders. They obtained several invaluable youngsters of Kleine Jade, Zwart Goud, Romee, Silvie, MG 430, etc. It was the first time ever that youngsters from this unique collection was sold in auction, hence the excellent result: 28,700 euro in total. The most expensive youngster was sale 1, a youngster of the last son of Safier, paired to daughter Romee. This young bird goes to Belgium for 3,800 euro. The second most expensive bird is a double grandchild of Saar, which goes to China for 3,400 euro. The 14 youngsters will be sold to Taiwan (4), Belgium (4), China (1), France (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1), The Philippines (1) and Poland (1).

Alwin Petrie – 10 pigeons – 1,188 euro/bird
Pigeon racing had not been Alwin Petrie's top priority in recent years but he was able focus on his sport again in 2019, with great success. Alwin offered for sale 2 racing birds and 8 youngsters. The most expensive pigeon was sale 2, a daughter of Gigi and winner of a first prize of more than 7,000 pigeons. It goes to the United States for 4,200 euro. The 10 pigeons raised 11,875 euro, and they were sold to Taiwan (2), the USA (2), The Netherlands (2), Morocco (1), Italy (1), Belgium (1), and Austria (1).

Tom Schilling – 5 pigeons – 2,520 euro/bird
This auction consisted of no more than 5 youngsters, which were all linked to SAMDPR final winner Little Miss Nikki, which goes to Bulgaria for 3,200 euro. The 5 pigeons raised 12,600 euro in total, and they are going to Switzerland (2), China (1), Bulgaria (1) and the USA (1).