Declerck - Blancke, Tielt Win 1° + 2° prize FCI Thailand World Championship 2009

The 2009 edition of the ‘FCI Thailand World Championship’ was dominated by the Belgian pigeons, because the victory went in a glorious manner to Dr. Piet Blancke (read: Declerck-Blancke) who managed a real ‘stunt’ by winning the 1° + 2° prize in the ‘Khon Khen-Bangkok race’

 …  a heroic double battle which meant a ‘historical peak’ , because never before had a fancier managed to claim the 1° + 2° place in the result of this ‘one loft race’ in Thailand! This ‘final race’ over more than 400 Km is always tough, where the real ‘class pigeon’ comes to the surface.  And that suits the pigeons of the success duo Declerck-Blancke so it seems, who, in addition to the 2 jackpots also ended in 21° place with a third pigeon, directly good enough to win the “Queen’s cup”, which was received in the ceremony from the hands of the representative of the Royal Palace in Thailand, Mr. Johny Goegebeur, chairman of the ‘National Sportcomité’. It was the first time that the duo Declerck-Blancke had taken part in a ‘one loft race’ for which they sent 10 youngsters to Thailand… talk about a ‘dream debut’!

“Miss Thai 2009”
Their winning pigeon, in the meantime christened as ‘Miss Thai 2009’, a blue hen with the ring B09-3181501 was also the fastest pigeon in the ‘2° Pre –toss’ from Phimai-Bangkok (more than 266 Km)… so anything but chance. This super hen is a daughter of the ‘Blue Rudi’ ring B08-3037369, a direct Antoine & Rudi Desaer from Ruiselede… which is a 100% pure Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon as son of the ‘Perigueux’ ring B99-3243699, which was not only a superior racing pigeon, but also a miraculous breeder… a chap with noble victories so as:
6° Prov Perigueux 1.053 p.
14° Prov Ruffec     2.710 p.
24° Prov Poitiers   2.413 p.
Father of the 3° + 22° Nat Brive 17.456 p. in 2009
This ‘Perigueux’ comes self out a son of the 1° Nat Limoges YL in ’87: the ‘Chequered Limoges 277/95’ x ‘Daughter Wittenbuik 275/95 (direct daughter of the world famous ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele). The ‘Blue Rudi’ has as mother the top breeding hen ‘Corry’ B01-3031189, ea direct Gaby Vandenabeele out the 1° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB West-Fl ’93, 2° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB West-Fl ’94 and winner 2° Nat Brive ’93: the ‘Turbo 128/90’ x ‘Black Beauty 307/98’.
The winner ‘Miss Thai 2009’ was a hen from the first breed of this classy breeder ‘Blue Rudi’… it is clear to see in his pedigree that he hasn’t got it from a stranger, in addition he stems from a family of real ‘super pigeons’, so is he a.o. full brother of:

-‘Zwarten As’, a real ‘crack’. Included in his honours list:
1° Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2009
3° Nat Brive 17.456 p.
47° Nat Limoges 11.869 p.
96° Nat Cahors 7.347 p.
179° Nat Souillac 7.597 p.

-‘Limoges’ who won a.o. :
8° Prov Chateauroux 4.544 p.
22° Prov Limoges 4.099 p.
136° Nat Argenton 5.458 p.

-‘Zwartje’, super  racing pigeon with to his name:
3° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB 2006
1° Limoges 233 p. and 88° Nat Limoges 15.504 p.
13° Prov Poitiers 1.179 p.
17° Prov Angoulême 2.070 p.
20° Prov Argenton 2.106 p.
23° Prov Poitiers 1.365 p.

-‘Jessie Bond’ who is mother of:
32° Prov Argenton 4.544 p., 46° Prov Argenton 2.246 p., 54° Nat Brive 17.456 p., 62° Prov Blois 3.300 p., 76° Prov Tours 2.394 p., 80° Prov Argenton 4.544 p. etc…

-‘Zwartje 2’, who is father of a.o.:
2° Arras 362 p., 2° Clermont 588 p., 8° Blois 399 p., 11° Ablis 417 p., 92° Prov Gueret 2.241 d… etc.

-‘Tourgeke’: 1° Arras 231 p., 1° Tours 154 p.
The mother of ‘Miss Thai 2009’ is the ‘Carolien’ B01-3116119, included in her honours list a.o.:
1° Blois 349 p.
3° Blois 339 p.
13° Chatellerault 1.517 p.
Grandmother 2° Nat Bourges 2008

This ‘Carolien’ is a full sister of stock mother ‘Francoise 530/95’ (so out the Stier 138/94 x Francine 422/92… see further by stock building).

The pigeon that achieved the 2° prize in FCI Thailand World Championship 2009, now christened ‘Mister Thai 2009’ ring B09-3181515 is a son out a coupling of ‘basis couple 1’ x ‘basis couple 2’ by Declerck-Blancke (see further)…. Namely out “Fryda’s Pol 486/02” (son basic pair 2: ‘Frans 137/95’ x ‘Alfoncine 182/94’) x ‘Clemmy 130/01’, self 9° Prov Poitiers 1.022 p., 12° Prov Chateauroux 7.347 p., 18° Prov Poitiers 4.190 p., 18° Prov Tours 2.079 p., 23° Prov Chateauroux 4.498 p. (and daughter of basic pair 1: Gaby 184/93 x Françoise 530/95).
It need not be said that this ‘FCI Thailand World Championship’ was a daydream closure to a colourful sport season 2009… with which we have directly unleashed the  ‘apothesis’ of the story on you, prior to going into further detail about the ‘roots’ of the colony Declerck-Blancke.

History of the colony
Piet Blancke (48) is a veterinary surgeon by trade and has been a pigeon fancier for over 35 years. When he was just 13 years old Piet could be found in the lofts of his grandfather Oscar Decloet in Aarsele. When he stopped in 1990 because of old age, Piet was given the breeding pigeons as a present… and his grandfather also bought 12 eggs from Gaby Vandenabeele in Dentergem… these included 2 sons of the stock breeder ‘Kleinen’ and 2 daughters of the ‘Groten’… at the time the ‘star breeders’ by far in the colony of the superstar from Dentergem!  It’s hard to imagine better starting material! Piet’s clients included a certain Paul Ally, farmer – pigeon fancier… but above all neighbour of Rik Cools. This is how Piet and Rik came to know each other… and in 1992 the friends joined forces under the name ‘Cools-Blancke’! Piet took charge of the breeding pigeons, Rik the racing pigeons (being the old and yearling racing hens  + youngsters). Their stock was mainly based on and built up with Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. They inundated the West-Flemish pigeon landscape for more than 12 years with magnificent results, a cartload of 1° prizes (13 in 2000, 16 in 2001, 18 in 2002… etc.) and a handful 1° Provincial victories… they laid the basis for provincial ‘Ace pigeons’ so as

1° Prov Ace pigeon Youngsters KBDB West-Fl 2000 (with the ‘Aske’)
1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance Yearlings KBDB West-Fl 2003 (with ‘Aske Dahlia’)
1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance Old birds KBDB West-Fl 2004 (with ‘Darling’)
1° Prov Ace pigeon Yearlings KBDB West-Fl 2004 (with ‘Erna’)
3° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters KBDB West-fl 2000 (with ‘Bieke’)

So as you see, Cools-Blancke walked along roads strewn with rich success. In 2004 they decided in mutual consultation and good harmony to end their combination… and the pigeons were divided whereby they took turns to choose from the rich pigeon stable that they had built up over the years.

The pedigree of the breeding source remained more or less intact, Yet Piet was saddled with the problem of too little free time because of his busy practice and work conditions… which formed a not unimportant obstacle of not being able to do everything himself  and so not be able to obtain the perfection and continuity in the successes. Via colleague veterinary surgeon Dr. Lionel Declerck, Piet got to know his son Bart… who, in their search of reinforcements had visited the duo ‘Cools-Blancke’. In his search for a new partner, Piet thought that Bart Declerck from Tielt would offer the ‘right solution’.  Bart was very interested in a ‘partnership’ with Piet… and after making a few agreements the new duo Declerck-Blancke was held above the christening font in 2006. Here Piet is also the man with the breeding pigeons and the ‘medical picture’, and Bart is the ‘racer’… and so the racing pigeons reside in the lofts of the Declerck family in Tielt. In 2006 a start was made with the youngsters, in 2007 the game with the old birds was added, according to the principle of the ‘total widowhood’, this under the influence of the Dutch middle distance and extreme middle distance topper Piet Van de Merwe. This system was maintained until 2009… but starting in 2010 they want to set sail on a new course… and only the old and yearling hens will be raced in widowhood (so with ‘stay at home partners’) and with youngsters. Bart is a ‘clerk’ by the Flemish government in Brugge… meaning that taking care of an entire colony with youngsters and old birds in ‘total widowhood’ was almost impossible. Thereby they will go back to the old successful groundwork of ‘Cools-Blancke’… widowhood with hens, and this both with old, yearling and young hens… so that Bart will only have to concentrate on this game component. Piet clarifies that the ‘stock’ of the loft in the period 1992-2004 was formed by performances and selection on the game with hens (by Cools-Blancke)… because of this it seems that the hens, even now, achieve better results… hence their ‘logical choice’ for the hen game in the future!  Yet they want to move the emphasis slightly… where they used to mainly concentrate on the provincial middle distance, Bart & Piet now want to peak more towards the ‘national’ grand middle distance and light long distance, say the races from 400 to 600 Km (read from Bourges up to and including Limoges, with as maximal end station national Tulle).
Stock building
Here above you learnt that the breeding pigeons are really something for Piet Blancke, where they also live. At the start the breeding source was then for 100% Cools-Blancke… logical, because Piet obtained half of the loft consistency Cools-Blancke when they divided up the pigeons. This basis was based on 2 phenomenal ‘top breeding couples’ which also later placed their mark on the Declerck-Blancke colony.

-The first stock couple or ‘basic pair 1’ was formed by the ‘Gaby 184/93’ x ‘Françoise 530/95’. The ‘Gaby 184/93’ was bred from 2 direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons from the eggs that Piet’s grandfather bought, namely out ‘Brother Wittenbuik 317/90’ (so out stock breeder the ‘Kleinen’) x ‘Daughter Groten 306/90’. The ‘Françoise 530/95’ was then a daughter of the ‘Stier 138/94’ x ‘Francine 422/92’… with which she is full sister of ‘Carolien 119/01’ or the mother of ‘Miss Thai 2009’! This breeding couple lies at the basis of a lengthy list of top racers and super talented breeding pigeons. One of the most famous daughters of this ‘stock couple 1’ is without doubt ‘Bieke 029/00’ whose honours list includes ‘firecrackers’ so as:
3° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters KBDB West-fl
7° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance  Old birds KBDB West-fl
11° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance Yearlings KBDB West-fl
1° Chartres          326 p.
1° Blois                519 p.
1° Argenton        323 p.
1° Chateauroux  781 p.
1° Poitiers            639 p.
2° Prov Chateauroux 7.183 p.
2° Prov Poitiers  2.766 p.
7° Prov Chateauroux 4.498 d… etc.
She is also mother of the super talented ‘Pinocchio 776/04’ (where over more later)
Another hen out ‘basic pair 1’  which played a leading role in the further expansion of the stock is without doubt the ‘Clemmy 130/01’… who was self 9° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance & Long distance yearlings KBDB West-fl in 2002, she won amongst other things:
9° Prov Poitiers  1.022 p.
12° Prov Chateauroux 7.347 p.
18° Prov Poitiers 4.190 p.
18° Prov Tours 2.079 p.
23° Prov Chateauroux 4.498 p.
And she is already mother of top racing hen ‘Nathalie 070/05’ and of ‘Mister Thai 2009’ (2° FCI Thailand 2009).

-the second stock couple of ‘basic pair 2’ was formed by the ‘Frans 137/95’ x ‘Alfoncine 182/94’ (a direct Vergotte-Braet). The ‘Frans’ is a direct Frans Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke and comes out ‘Son Bliksem 200/92’ (out Bliksem x Crackduivin) x ‘Daughter Playboy 387/93’ (out Playboy x Gerarda). Two daughters of this couple demanded a leading role in the current stock building, namely the ‘Aske’ and ‘Fryda’.
The ‘Aske 018/00’ is the absolute top breeding hen in the lofts of  Piet Blancke. Before developing her breeding talents fully she raced the following over 3 seasons:
1° Prov Ace pigeon Youngsters KBDB West-Fl 2000
1° Prov La Souterraine 2.244 p. (and 44° Nat 15.306 p.)
1° Poitiers 398 p.
3° Blois 556 p.
5° Prov Poitiers 1.023 p.
6° Tours 431 p.
7° Prov Poitiers 3.390 p.
8° Argenton 609 p…
And further 16° La Souterraine 2.350 p., 16° Gueret 1.335 p., 42° Prov Tours 2.409 p., 51° Prov Blois 5.878 p., 59° Prov 2.953 p., 64° Prov Chateauroux 4.498 p. etc…
The ‘Fryda 770/99’ (who moved to Rik Cools in 2004), who when coupled with 4 different Vandenabeele cocks,  produced superior descendants so as:
*’Eline 334/03’ : winner 1° Nat Argenton Zone A 2004, and further 6° Prov Tours 2.977 p., 20° Prov Blois 5.246 p., 43° Prov Chateauroux 4.061 p.
*’Chateauke 222/01’: winner 1° Prov Chateauroux 7.437 p. in 2002, and already mother of the ‘Fijntje 097/05’ (mother of the 22° Nat Bourges 27.506 p. in 2009) and of super hen ‘Chateaurke 164/05’ by Gevaert-Lannoo
*’Double Bliksem 539/06’: won a.o. 11° Nat Gueret 10.670 p. in ‘06
*’Fryda’s Pol 486/02’: father of ‘Mister Thai 2009’, 2° FCI Thailand 2009
U kan de uitzonderlijke kwaliteiten van beide ‘stampkoppels’ nalezen in de reportage over de kolonie Cools-Blancke die in 2002 op Pipa verscheen, of op de uitgewerkte schema’s met de stamopbouw.

You can read about the exceptional breeding qualities of both ‘stock couples’ in the report over the colony Cools-Blancke which appeared on Pipa in 2002, or in the detailed schemes with the stock building.

-Piet Blancke then formed a 3° prominent breeding couple from these 2 stock couples, say the current ‘breeding couple NR 1’, namely the ‘TOP BREEDER 100/00’ (son of basic pair 1) x ‘ASKE 018/00’ (daughter ‘basic pair 2’). Amongst their most prominent descendants we come across
*’Cristina 164/01’: self 2° Chartres 459 p., 8° Argenton 2.844 p. in ’01, 10° Prov Blois 4.034 p., 25° Prov Chateauroux 7.347 p., 35° Argenton 3.642 p. in ’02… She is now mother of ‘Erna 364/03’ or the 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB West-fl 2004, and of ‘Paola 818/07’, winners 91° Nat Gueret 2007.
*’Crista 143/01’: 1° Tours 115 p., 1° Bourges 212 p., 1° Tours 261 p., 4° Blois 1.972 p.
*’Darling 274/02’: 1° Ace pigeon Middle Distance Old birds KBDB West-fl, and 1° Nat Bourges 4.931 p. Zone  in 2004
*’Sister Darling 222/07’: mother of ‘Mathilde 335/08’, winner 92° Nat Bourges 2.499 p. in ‘09
*’Flica 531/04’: mother of ‘Marieke 512/08’ who by Rik Cools won 1° Nat Gueret 5.166 p. Zone A in 2008 and was also flagged as 1° Ace pigeon Youngsters KBDB West-fl 2008.

-a 4° important pillar in the breeding loft is the ‘Pinocchio 776/04’(in 2008 sold in ‘The Jewels of the sky’ by PiPa), a grandson of ‘Bieke’ who amongst other things is father of
*’Miss Gueret 447/06’: 2° Nat Gueret 10.670 p. in 2006
*’Astrid 863/07’: 22° Nat Bourges 27.506 p. in 2009
*’Mathilde 335/08’: 92° Nat Bourges 22.499 p. in 2009
These are more or less the most prominent pigeons which form the basis of the colony Declerck-Blancke, and who perform excellently in the provincial and national ’grand middle distance’ to ‘light long distance’. Since 2006 Piet has been busy at home building up a small stock fro the ‘extreme long distance’, with the goal being tackling the ‘international grand distance races’. This stock is made up for 90% with direct Batenburg-Van de Merwe pigeons. Each year Piet buys 30 to 40 youngsters, which are immediately entered for the races and selected. Amongst the first pigeons from 2006 there are a few that have only raced 2 Barcelona races. In this way Piet hopes that within 3 seasons he will own a team of ‘extreme long distance races’ which are capable of taking on the very best in this discipline.

Racing method
In their planning for 2010, Bart and Piet have decided to only enter the arena with hens, this both with youngsters as with old birds. The cocks will then be entered for a few ‘one loft races’ or be given another destination. The racing system will mainly correspond with the success method of Cools-Blancke. The 2010 s3eason will here also be started with 24 old hens in widowhood (12 old birds + 12 yearlings) with stay at home partners… and 70 to 80 young hens. Piet knows from experience that the very best pigeons can only keep up this game for a maximum of 3 years. Then only 2 or 3 top hens remain, which are then placed in the breeding loft.
The old hens normally take part in winter breed, whereby they are allowed to raise a round of youngsters, but not lay again. At the beginning of April they are coupled again whereby they are separated as soon as the last hen lays her eggs and than the widowhood begins. They then have to directly train and are entered for the competition races. When they return from the races they enter the loft with nest boxes where their cocks are waiting for them… After being separated they are moved to the adjoining rest loft with triangles, where they remain for the rest of the week. They train 2 x per day for 1 hour (from the middle of April)… in the morning from 7am to 8am and in the evening from 6pm to 7pm. At the start of the season it may occur that they don’t train for a full hour, but after a few weeks in widowhood this is no longer a problem. In any case, they ensure that their pigeons are called in straight after training, the hens are not allowed to stroll about on the roof! Before they are basketted they are allowed to spend an hour with their cocks. They are not troubled by the pigeons pairing with each other, and according to Piet there are reasons for this:
-firstly, they own a stock that has been selected on this game section for years, so pigeons from certain lines that could not adapt to this system… didn’t stand a chance of surviving!
-the hens are basketted every week. The next groundwork is usually 2 ‘grand middle distance races’, followed by a lighter race (read: Ablis). Only when it has been a really tough race or when the pigeons have flown too far by a delayed liberation… then the plan can be changed… A system that also offers a benefit for winning the title ‘Ace pigeon’, that is also one of the aims of Declerck-Blancke!
- the feed! Plays a not to be underestimated role in the pigeon game, because hens can recuperate easier than cocks! By the homecoming up to and including Tuesday the pigeons are given a light mixture… and seeing that Bart and Piet opt for the Beyers mixtures as the main component (in combination with a few other trade mixtures), is this here the low protein Vandenabeele mixture. On Wednesday this is then ½ light mixture and ½ sport mixture. On Thursday the ladies can fill themselves with 100% widowhood mixture.
The same system is used for the youngsters. These are darkened from the 1st of March until around the longest day (21st of June), from about 6pm until 8am… although Bart and Piet haven’t yet decided if they will keep to this system in 2010, or if they will darken for a shorter period. After the 21st of June lighting is used by the young hens. The young hens will be coupled with old partners, but not allowed to lay eggs. Once they are paired they are separated again an the widowhood game can begin. By the basketting they come together for 1 to ½ hours. The young hens are usually allowed to stay with their cocks until the following morning. Piet places importance on the recuperation (both by the youngsters as by the old birds).
We then come to the not to be underestimated aspect of the medical guidance, and that of course is the favourite area of veterinary surgeon Piet Blancke… who has built up a strong reputation in pigeon land at that level. Piet opted to give the pigeons entirely ‘nothing’ or ‘as little as possible’ for 6 to 8 months, and to guide them on a natural basis… so with natural products, whereby he laid the emphasis on creating an ‘acid milieu’, because all the dangerous bacteria doesn’t really feel at home here. Then in the run-up to the season it is time to free them of any possible damaging germs… so that they can begin the season with a 100% ‘healthy pigeon’! It is important to Piet to have the following under control before the start of the season:

1. The parasitic diseases: pigeons free of coccidiosis, worms and trichomoniasis
2. The bacterial diseases: salmonella (paratyphus), airways, streptococci
3. The viral diseases: paramyxo, smallpox (via vaccination)

For this the pigeons have firstly to be examined for coccidiosis and worms, and a laboratorial screen for possible paratyphus germs is recommended. In any case their own pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo, smallpox and paratyphus before the start of the season. This is followed by a 14 day cure against airway problems (depending on the diagnosis after the screening), and during the brooding the pigeons are also treated against trichomonasis. They are only given something against coccidiosis after a check-up! Through this course of action the pigeons should start the season 100% healthy. During the sport season there follows a preventive individual treatment per pigeon, preferably with an alternation of various products for the same problem. A medical scheme is still dependant on the fancier in question, the conditions of the race, and the distance that is raced. Piet is a real ‘crack’ where this is concerned, and knows perfectly what he is talking about. The magnificent achievements in the Cools-Blancke lofts at the time, and now in the Declerck-Blancke lofts have proved that he is right and also the perfect system and guidance at medical level.

The current top pigeons
So as already mentioned, a start was made with the youngsters in the Declerck-Blancke lofts (in Tielt by Bart) in 2006 , and starting 2007 with the yearlings in widowhood, and as from 2010 they will only concentrate on the game with hens! When you take a closer look at the current top pigeons and their performances you will understand why! That Bart & Piet have an exquisite stock of top pigeons, largely based on the noble Vandenabeele blood… can be concluded from the above mentioned stock building. This translated into marvellous, even often ‘spectacular’ achievements in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’. Only lady’s… yet the ‘stronger sex’ by the pigeons… that made it all happen in the colony Declerck-Blancke, deserve a closer inspection:

-‘Miss Gueret’ B06-3159447
Daughter of ‘Pinocchio 776/04’ (coming out son Bieke being the ‘Polleke 577/03’ x ‘Granddaughter Vital 693/02’ from Noël Lippens) x ‘Farah 868/04’ (daughter of a grandson ‘Kleinen’ Vandenabeele, and son of the ‘Stier’… namely ‘Jerry Stier 009/98’ x ‘Donna 289/00’ direct Gaby Vandenabeele and granddaughter ‘Wittenbuik’)… hen with a noble lineage and  ‘pulsating names’ in the pedigree, no wonder then that she grew to be a real racing phenomenon in the Declerck-Blancke lofts… she won a.o.:
’06 Gueret  Club     272 p. 1
            Prov  1.734 p. 2
            Zone  4.044 p. 2
            Nat  10.670 p. 2
’06 Clermont        476 p. 11
’07 Clermont      1.532 p. 85
’07 Ablis           402 p. 14
’07 Tours           234 p. 7
            Prov  1.981 p. 109
’07 Argenton yearlings 503 p. 3
             old birds   202 p. 4
          Prov YL 5.134 p. 29
          Prov OB 2.401 p. 19
’07 Argenton   YL    53 p. 1
          Prov YL   573 p. 16
’08 Poitiers Club    146 p. 2
          Prov OB 1.227 p. 6
          Prov 2Y   267 p. 3

-‘Astrid’ B07-3164863
Half-sister of ‘Miss Gueret’ as daughter of ‘Pinocchio 776/04’ x ‘Fijntje 097/05’, granddaughter 1° Nat Bourges Gaby Vandenabeele and inbred to super hen ‘Fryda’ (daughter of ‘James Bond Junior 584/04’, direct son 1° Nat Bourges 13.116 p. ‘James Bond’… x ‘Fryda 770/99, a full sister ‘Aske’) x ‘Chateauke 222/01’, winner 1° Prov Chateauroux 7.347 p. (out the ‘Antoine 574/00’ x ‘Fryda 770/99’). A dream lineage, which translated in top performances… how could it be otherwise:
’08 Chateauroux     464 p. 2
          Prov    4.793 p. 59
’08 Blois club       111 p. 3
          Prov    1.125 p. 25
’08 Tours Prov    2.394 p. 186
’09 Bourges I       257 p. 3
          Prov    2.763 p. 13
          Zone A  7.394 p. 22
          Nat    27.506 p. 22
’09 Orleans         145 p. 12
                    939 p. 88
’09 Tours           173 p. 8
’09 Argenton        155 p. 2
          Prov    1.273 p. 39

-‘Paola’ B07-3164818
Daughter of top breeder ‘Piwi 288/01’, father of ‘Erna’ who was 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl 2004  (and son of the ‘Ace pigeon 952/98’ out the Picanol-line Vandenabeele x ‘Wiske II 248/99’, granddaughter ‘Wittenbuik’, and mother of ‘Elke’ or the 2° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl ’03) x top hen ‘Cristina 164/01’ (daughter of the current top breeding couple ‘Top breeder 100/00’ x ‘Aske 018/00’). She won a.o.
‘07 Brionne        731 p. 18
’07 Gueret Club     241 p. 1
           Prov  2.060 p. 4
           Zone  4.798 p. 26
           Nat  12.586 p. 91
’08 Ablis          208 p. 1
’08 Ablis          252 p. 15
’09 Orleans        145 p. 2
                   939 p. 14
’09 Ablis           80 p. 1
’09 Bourges II      52 p. 1
           Prov    595 p. 9
           Zone  2.075 p. 89

-‘Blue 303’ B08-3035303
Half-sister ‘Paola’ and daughter of top breeder ‘Piwi 288/01’ x ‘Nathalie 070/05’, on father’s side half-sister of the ‘Aske’ and on mother’s side half-sister of ‘Mister Thai 2009’ (out the ‘Frans 137/95’ x ‘Clemmy 130/01’. The ‘Blue 303’ performed marvellously as a yearling in 2009 with:
’09 Bourges I Nat 22.499 p. 350
’09 Orleans          198 p. 3
              Prov 1.331 p. 26
’09 Argenton I club   466 p. 4
              Prov 5.251 p. 82
’09 Bourges II club    84 p. 3
              Prov 1.003 p. 80
’09 Argenton II club   47 p. 2
              Prov   526 p. 28

-‘Granddaughter Bliksem’ B07-3164893
Miraculous 1° prize racing hen out the ‘Blauwen Bliksem 389/02’, direct Gaby Vandenabeele (out wonder boy ‘Bliksem 062/98’ x ‘Bieke 029/00’ Cools-Blancke) x ‘Maya 234/05’ (out ‘Den Tours 108/01’ x ‘Bontje 028/00’ who was 2° Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl ’02 + 4° Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl ’00). She the following ‘top prizes’:
’08 Ablis          252 p. 2
’08 Ablis          208 p. 3
’08 Blois   club    111 p. 1
            Prov 1.125 p. 4
’09 Bourges club    257 p. 4
            Prov 2.763 p. 14
            Zone 7.394 p. 23
            Nat 27.506 p. 23
’09 Ablis           66 p. 3
’09 Bourges II      52 p. 2
            Prov   595 p. 11

-‘Chequered 363’ B08-3035363
Daughter of ‘Dirk 61’ 161/01, a Roger & Dirk Speybroeck out Vinkt x ‘Eline 334/03’ who won 1° Argenton 960 p. Zone A, 6° Prov Tours 2.977 p., 20° Prov Blois 5.246 p., 43° Prov Chateauroux 4.061 p by Cools-Blancke (daughter of the ‘Witneus Bliksem 171/01’ direct Gaby Vandenabeele x ‘Fryda 770/99’). This ‘Chequered 363’ is one of the promises for 2010, and performed magnificently in 2009 with:
’09 Bourges I Pro  2.286 p. 40
             Zone  5.738 p. 77
             Nat  22.499 p. 101
’09 Orleans  club     198 p. 2
             Prov  1.331 p. 25
’09 Argenton I club   466 p. 10
             Prov  5.251 p. 136
’09 Tours    Prov  3.642 p. 179

So as you will have noticed these are one for one classy racing hens… which have placed the Declerck-Blancke colony in the spotlights these last few seasons. Performances which have had an imitation abroad with the winning of the ‘top 2’ in the FCI Thailand! We don’t have to draw a picture as to why Bart & Piet have chosen the game with the hens for the future. It is simply ‘logic’ itself… tackle what you can handle and do what you are ‘good’ at!  You can also predict with great certainty that the performance curve will shoot up even higher over the following sport seasons, when they show what they are capable of with only their ‘ladies’. Class and quality coupled with an optimal guidance… and based on a racing system with which top successes have been achieved for 18 year! Declerck-Blancke… a name that stands for ‘top class’... that was more than proved at the end of December with the winning of the 1° + 2° FCI Thailand World Championship 2009! Congratulations Bart & Piet… Now on to new stunt work in 2010!

A selection of the top achievements in the period 2006-2009

11/6 Clermont   606 p. 7-10-11-21-22-24-30… (23/60)
02/7 Clermont   688 p. 1-8-10-18… (26/55)
08/7 Ablis      258 p. 3-9-15-16… (11/24)
23/7 Blois      232 p. 1-6-7-16-22… (11/20)
        Prov  1.956 p. 6-49-61… etc.
29/7 Lisieux    330 p. 1-3-4-11-12-13-14-16-20.. (31/56)
        Prov  6.552 p. 18-40-58… etc.
05/8 Tours      365 p. 3-12-19… (6/9)
05/8 Nantes     141 p. 5-8-10…
        Prov  1.843 p. 19-66-78-129…
12/8 Tours      271 p. 2-4-5-6-8-10-30… (8/9)
19/8 Tours      222 p. 4-5… (4/6)
08/9 Gueret     272 p. 1-2-7… (11/21)
        Prov  1.734 p. 2-5-23…
        Zone  4.044 p. 2-7-63…
        Nat  10.670 p. 2-11-82…

Clermont YL     990 p. 4-15-25-29-48-57-58…
Clermont old birds 1.532 p. 2-27-39-40-41-42…
Ablis YL        305 p. 2-3-11…
Ablis old birds      225 p. 2-3-17…
Tours YL        234 p. 7-8…
Argenton YL     503 p. 1-3-4-25-31…
Argenton old birds   202 p. 1-2-4-5-16-18…

10/5 Ablis YL   208 p. 1-3-4… (12/23)
     Ablis old birds 171 p. 2-4-6-8… (13/21)
14/6 Chateauroux 464 YL 1-2-5-6… (9/20)
28/6 Chateauroux 402 YL 2-7-14-16… (10/16)
06/7 Blois       137 Yl 1-3-10-12… (7/7)
12/7 Poitiers    146 p. 2-7-9… (6/8)
12/7 Blois       111 YL 1-3-4-8-9… (10/14)

02/5 Ablis old  435 p. 5-7-10-20-21…
23/5 Bourges I   241 YL 5-6-12-13-17… (8/17)
          Prov 2.286 YL 39-40-79-81-100…
          Nat 22.499 YL 92-101….
      old birds club   257 p. 3-4… 5/10
          Prov 2.763 p. 13-14…
          Nat 27.506 p. 22-23…
30/5 Orleans     198 YL 2-3-6… (5/9)
       WingRek 1.331 YL 25-26-48…
          old birds   145 p. 2-4-6-7-10-12… (10/14)
       WingRek   939 p. 14-21-26-27…
13/6 Argenton    466 YL 4-9-10-19… (5/7)
           old birds  290 p. 2-7-8-17-20-23… (9/12)
25/7 Bourges II   52 p. 1-2 (2/4)
           Prov  595 p. 9-11 (2/4)
08/8 Argenton     47 YL 2-3-4… (5/5)


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