Leideman Brothers (Hardenberg, NL) in peak form in 2019

The pleasure you get from keeping pigeons. That has always been the number one motivation for André and Bert Leideman. There has been a powerful synergy between the two fanciers in this combination from day one.

The team claimed numerous victories seemingly with ease, and they spent a lot of time looking for pigeons that can make a difference, in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The end result was a pigeon breed based around three crucial bloodlines.

The two brothers agree that the key to success is a collection of good quality pigeons, and that is what they have been looking for over the past several years. Today, they have three important bloodlines in their team: Silver Dream, Magnus x Zus Tip Top 5 and of course Goed Grijs.

Renowned for their convincing victories

Bert and André became one of the leading names in the northeast of Holland already in the 1990s. They were particularly known for claiming victory against thousands of pigeons, seemingly without much effort. The strong bloodlines of Tip Top x Zeeuws Meisje were the backbone of Bert and André's road to the top.

Bert Leideman

Their pigeon breed is the result of a continuous search for super class birds. By the late 1980s, their search led to the loft of H&O from Nieuwendijk, where they primarily obtained pigeons from the Van Damme bloodline. Different brothers and sisters of this champion have played an important role in the development of the Leideman breeding lofts. In 1991 we saw the introduction of Linssen Janssen pigeons from 'Tovada', obtained from Tonnie van Dam. And these are the bloodlines which 'Tip Top' is based upon. He was then paired to 'Zeeuws Meisje', which was obtained as an egg from champion Koen Minderhoud.

André Leideman

Unparalleled in 2019

Many fanciers had assumed that it would be almost impossible to be even more successful than in 2017 or 2018. And yet, the combination raised the bar again in 2019.

They have won as many as 24 first prizes against 2,542 pigeons on average!

'Goed Grijs', now the dam of 3 winners in big races

If you are interested in a complete overview of their results, or if you want to know what the two brothers look like, feel free to reread one of our earlier news reports.

Excellent racing birds, magnificent breeding birds

The racing team of the two brothers has performed incredibly well in recent years, and that is still an understatement. Top quality bloodlines will never disappoint, and this shows through the breeding abilities of many of their pigeons. We take a closer look at a few of them.

We start with NL19-1248576, born in Hardenberg and now called 'Speedy Grizzle'. This pigeon repeatedly excelled in the lofts of Lotte Eijerkamp, claiming the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Natour along the way. Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp discussed the importance of the Leideman birds within their team in a short video; click here to watch it again.

Speedy Grizzle comes from a pairing of Viton x Daughter Goed Grijs. 

Viton finished in the provincial top 7 on 4 different occasions, with most notably a 1st of 4,299 pigeons from Hannut. His dam is Jet, and she won three first prizes in major competitions. She was for instance the fastest overall in the NPO race from Gien of 7,768 pigeons. Daughter Goed Grijs won a first prize from Hannut of 5,447 pigeons.

Viton, sire of a 1st National Ace Pigeon Natour 2019

Another brilliant breeding bird from Hardenberg is NL19-1248552, or Bert. This pigeon was an 11th National Ace Pigeon Natour last year. Bert stems from a pairing of Father Justify x Rachel. Besides Bert, Father Justify is also the sire of Justify, winner of a first prize of 10,570 pigeons, etc. Father Justify finished in the top 55 in seven NPO races. And the hen that he was paired to in 2019 was quite special: it was none other than Rachel. She won a 1st provincial of as many as 11,059 pigeons! This is a fantastic breeding pair!

Rachel, winner of a 1st provincial, and the dam of Bert, 11th National Ace Pigeon Natour 2019. Click here for her pedigree.

We could not discuss all of the team's best result in a single report but we did want to include the duo Justify x Alive: NL18-1459366 and NL18-1459367. The 366 won a 1st and 6th provincial of 3,696 and 4,229 pigeons in Hardenberg. This blue band pigeon is now called Gustavo. His nest mate, the 367, claimed a title of 9th National Ace Pigeon in Germany for one of the German neighbours of the Leideman Brothers: Wolfgang Roeper. For the pedigree of Gustavo, click here.


It is fairly clear now that this pigeon family can breed talented new descendants with ease. And this pigeon family has repeatedly excelled in different other lofts as well, which is quite special as well. And nobody will be surprised if they are able to quickly put together a racing team packed with talent in their new loft.