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Auctions raise 280,000 EURO in total – Norbert Ally has average of almost 2,000 euro for 24 young birds

7 different auctions ended last Sunday, raising a total of 281,000 euro for 185 pigeons. We briefly discuss each auction below.

Golden Wing – 13 pigeons – 1,665 euro/bird
This year, just like every year, a number of renowned fanciers gifted a young bird, to support the Bruges Barcelona Club. The end result was total of 21,650 euro for 13 young birds. The most expensive pigeon comes from Hendrik Mortier; a youngster of the best Belgian International Ace Pigeon of 2019 over 3 races. This bird was sold to a Belgian fancier for 5,200 euro. The 13 young birds will find a new home in Belgium (5), Taiwan (4), Romania (2), Japan (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Kristof Mortelmans – 8 pigeons – 1,606 euro/bird
We saw quite an exciting finish in the last few hours of this auction: the average sale price almost tripled, resulting in 1,606 euro per youngster or 12,850 euro in total. The most expensive youngster is a full brother of Red Ace, a 1st National ace Pigeon KBDB extreme long distance. He goes to Romania for 3,400 euro. The 8 youngsters will be moving to Romania (3), France (2), Denmark (2) and Taiwan (1).

Norbert Ally – 24 pigeons – 1,956 euro/bird
A wonderful selection of young birds of Nobert Ally, 24 in total, was sold for 46,950 euro in total. The most expensive bird was a youngster of Schumi Jr., which goes to Germany for 6,600 euro. Meanwhile, a daughter of Angoulême Vooruit goes to China for 4,400 euro. The third most expensive pigeon was another son of Schumi Jr.; he goes to China for 4,000 euro. The 24 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (12), China (5), The Netherlands (4), Germany (1), Poland (1) and Taiwan (1).

DVV – 12 pigeons – 779 euro/bird
Johan De Vroe & Rudi Vandeputte auctioned 12 pigeons, including some great racing birds. The most expensive bird, a youngster of the winner of a 30th National Argenton, was sold for 1,200 euro to a Chinese fancier. The 12 pigeons raised 9,350 euro in total, and they are about to be shipped to Belgium (5), China (3), Taiwan (2), The Netherlands (1) and Turkey (1).

Thibaut Boons – 71 pigeons – 1,601 euro/bird
Thibaut Boons was forced to sell his entire collection of middle distance birds, since he will be focusing 100% on the long distance in the future. As a result, he auctioned his 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance old birds, which also proved the most expensive bird, with an 11,400 euro price tag. It was sold to a Chinese fancier. In fact, 9 out of 10 of the most expensive pigeons are moving to China. The 71 birds were sold for 113,650 euro in total, and they are about to move to China (28), Belgium (25), Taiwan (11), France (3), Hungary (3) and South Africa (1).

Performance Pigeons – 32 pigeons – 1,544 euro/bird
This is another racing birds' auction in which 9 of the 10 most expensive birds go to China. The most expensive pigeon was sale 1 of part 2, a top class bird of Chris Debacker, which goes to China for 4,800 euro. The 32 pigeons raised 49,400 euro together, and they were sold to fanciers from China (20), Belgium (5), Japan (3), Taiwan (2), Romania (1) and The Philippines (1).

Alpdag Brothers – 25 pigeons – 1,086 euro/bird
These champions from Turkey auctioned off 25 pigeons, including 16 young birds with a Turkish ring. They all have exceptional origins. Fanciers from 13 different countries obtained pigeons in this auction, which had a total revenue of 27,150 euro, or almost 1,100 euro per bird. The new owners come from Poland (5), China (4), Turkey (4), Taiwan (2), Hungary (2), Belgium (1), Germany (1), France (1), Kuwait (1), Libya (!) (1), Morocco (1), Qatar (1), and the USA (1).