Pieter Veenstra & Sons (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) crack a bottle to celebrate their top result from Chalons-Champagne

Many fanciers had already noticed that the pigeons of the Veenstra family where in excellent form; you could tell from their provincial top prizes recently. And everything fell into place in the sectoral race from Chalons & Champagne, where they scored a terrific result: five pigeons in the top ten against 3,122 competitors. At sectoral level these five birds finished in 2nd, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 26th place against as many as 6,919 pigeons.

The fanciers from the Drachtstercompagnie are having a solid season so far. They ended the one day long distance season with a clean sweep in a demanding race from Vierzon, where they had to cover an impressive 720km. They won 15 prizes with 15 pigeons and a 3rd and 4th NPO, which gave them the confidence they needed to get going with the young birds.

The young birds' loft on the loft, with two aviaries.

2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th NPO of 3,122 pigeons

A group of 80 young birds were basketed for Chalons & Champagne, racing with the sliding door. The young birds were not taken away in the week prior to the race; they did a training flight at home instead. The distance to Drachtstercompagnie is 422 km, which is the longest distance for the young birds this season. And it turned out to be a particularly demanding flight, with a 100 metre difference between the first and 10th bird in the race. 45 on a total of 80 basketed pigeons managed to claim a prize, including 5 prizes 1:100 and 27 prizes 1:10. This was an excellent result, and a confidence-inspiring performance towards the last young birds' race on 14th of September.

A look inside the young birds' loft

NL19-4200003, the eye-catcher of the past 3 races with 3 (!) first prizes 

The string of victories of racing bird '003 began on 19th of August, in the race from Arlon (386km). She came in first place in the club, right before her own teammate, claiming a 24th provincial of 3,691 pigeons. She was then basketed for the natour race from Weert (213km) the following week, where she finished ahead of her own teammates again. And she was successful again in the aforementioned race from Chalons & Champagne on 31st of August: a first prize at club level with a lead of almost 14 minutes, and a second place NPO.

The sire of the '003 was obtained from fellow club member Wim Huisman, and this cock won a title of 9th best ace pigeon in the PIPA ranking marathon in 2016. The dam of the '003 was inbred to the world famous Esmee of Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga.

Click here for the pedigree of the NL19-4200003.

An important role for 'Cartier', thanks to two youngsters and a grandchild

This bird was perhaps the most important discovery for Pieter and his sons: NL15-114396, better known as Cartier, is a full brother of the now world famous Return Flojo, which is soon to be paired to Armando. Return Flojo was the big star of last year, and winner of the title of best national ace pigeon KBDB 2018 with a record coefficient. This star was then sold for an incredible 1.2 million euro.

Like we said, Cartier is a full brother of this Return Flojo, which also won the title of best ace pigeon SAMDDR 2017-2018 with an incredible 2 hour and 16 minute lead.

We saw two direct youngsters of Cartier claim a top prize in Chalons-Champagne: a 7th and 8th NPO, won by NL19-4200022 and NL19-4200041 respectively. They both stem from the same sire but from a different hen. And the 10th place winner happens to be a grandchild of Cartier: racing bird NL19-1165701.

Click on the respective ring numbers for the full pedigrees.


Cartier, the sire and grandfather of a 7th, 8th and 10th NPO last weekend.

To conclude: transfer news - the best one day long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2019 moves to Drachtstercompagnie

It was announced last week that the combination obtained the six year old New Hurricane from Marco Kerkhof from Emmerich. This cock is likely to take the first place in the WHZB/TBOTB competition one day long distance 2019.

Click here for the full pedigree of 'New Hurricane'.

From left to right: Gerrit Veenstra, Pieter Veenstra, Marco Kerkhof, Aant Arjen Veenstra