Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) sees excellent season rewarded with a (long awaited) provincial first prize

Even though Chris's racing team has had yet another fantastic season so far, they had been unable to take a coveted provincial win this season. They claimed numerous top results but there was no icing on the cake yet. That all changed on 24th of August in Chateaudun, with the team winning the first four prizes at provincial level against 1,923 young birds.

Chris Debacker: happy with his 26th provincial victory so far!

Strong results again in 2019

Make no mistake. The fact that they had to wait until late August to take their first provincial win of the season does not alter the fact that Chris Debacker can look back on another brilliant season. His pigeons were very successful throughout the season, with great results on a regular basis. As usual, the best performing birds for Chris Debacker were descendants of none other than the incredible stock sire Nick. His first provincial prize (and a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.) of 1,923 young birds on 24th of August adds to a total of 26 provincial wins to his name. This is admittedly quite a number of victories already. It underlines the incredible potential of Chris's breeding loft, which is still mainly based around the best Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines. This loft is founded on a strong group of breeders, fuelled by a passionate and determined fancier. This has been quite a success story so far, and we reckon things will only get better in the future.

Chateaudun (24/08)

The 2019 provincial young birds' race from Chateaudun has been a memorable day for sure. They did exceptionally well against 1,923 young birds:

1-2-3-4-8-9-10-11-12-13-15-29-36-40-65-68-70-90-97-100-105-106-179-354 (24/31)

This makes for an impressive 23 prizes per 10 (on a total of 24 prizes), including 11 prizes per 100. That is very impressive.

We take a look at the top-four.

BE19-3029458: 1st provincial Chateaudun

And we start off with the provincial winner. This racing cock was already in good form this season. He won for instance a 3rd prize of 2,834 young birds the week before his provincial win of 1,923 young birds. This is his full palmares:

1st prov. Chateaudun (1,923 young birds)
3rd prov. Chateaudun (2,843 young birds)
33rd prov. Chateaudun (7,170 young birds)
118th prov. Pontoise (17,443 young birds)
59th Blois (3,898 young birds)

The sire of the provincial winner is Alfred, a son of Staf (BE09-3088279), which is the winner of a 3rd provincial ace pigeon middle distance KBDB and a terrific breeder. He is for instance the grandfather of 1st National Argenton Sero Sero and of 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019 Bonte Crack (winner of a 2nd & 12th Nat. Limoges and a 13th Nat. Libourne), both raced by Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE). The sire of Staf is none other than Chris Debacker's number one stock breeder: Nick.

The dam of the winner is a 100% W.A. De Bruijn, from the top lines of Olympic Zeus, Gilbert, Olympic Hurricane, etc.

For a detailed pedigree click here.

BE19-3029573: 2nd provincial Chateatun

The provincial second place winner has won quite a few top prizes along the way as well:

2nd prov. Chateaudun (1,923 young birds)
11th prov. Pointoise (17,443 young birds)
12th  prov. Chateaudun (7,622 young birds)
17th Chateaudun (2,843 young birds)
27th Fontenay (3,197 young birds) / 1st (155 young birds)
36th Blois (3,698 young birds)

The sire is Winsor, who is himself an excellent racing bird and winner of a 60th National Chateauroux (21.515 pigeons), 8th Tule (1,053 pigeons) and 7th Chateauroux (1,441 pigeons). He is a son of Tony, winner of a 3rd National Chateauroux (16,477 pigeons), 5th National Bourges (20,589 pigeons), 26th National Chateauroux (25,263 pigeons), 38th National Argenton (19,728 pigeons), etc.

The dam is Zeverien, a daughter of super class breeder Quico, the sire of Tilly (2nd prov. ace pigeon) and Valentina (5th prov. ace pigeon), among others. Quico is the sire of stock breeder Nick.

This is another pedigree that boasts a lot of winning bloodlines. Click here for the full version.

BE19-3029541: 3rd provincial Chateaudun

The bronze medal was won by a hen that already had a 4th provincial from Pointoise to her name. We take a look at some of her earlier results:

3rd prov. Chateaudun (1,923 young birds)
4th prov. Pointoise (17,443 young birds)
6th Clermont (504 pigeons)
10th Clermont (530 pigeons)

The sire is Zakki, himself a great racing bird and winner of a 4th-6th-7th-10th-12th and 25th in the longer middle distance against 2,500 pigeons on average. He is a son of Saartje, one of the daughters of stock breeder Nick. Saartje was paired to Antoine (a direct Antoine Benoot), bred from his Victor (winner of 5 first prizes).

The dam is Smeyterke, a top class breeding hen and a granddaughter of New Freddy x Lara (PEC), inbred to the sire La Roche (W.A. De Bruyn), a 2nd Nat. ace pigeon KBDB middle distance and winner of 4 first prizes.

And things look even better in the full version of this marvellous pedigree.

BE19-3029457: 4th provincial Chateadun

The 4th provincial was won by a nest brother of the provincial winner, which means this racing bird was also bred from a grandson of stock breeder Nick. He had already won a 3rd provincial from Chateaudun earlier on.

This is his palmares:

3rd prov. Chateaudun (7,170 pigeons)
4th prov. Chateaudun (1,923 pigeons)
62nd prov. Pontoise (17,443 pigeons)
3rd Clermont (504 pigeons)
5th Clermont (530 pigeons)

Feel free to check the full pedigree, which can be found here.

The winners of an 8th, 9th and 10th provincial Chateaudun were also bred from a grandchild of stock breeder Nick. And it gets even better: the 8th provincial is a full sister of the 1st and 4th provincial, and thus another youngster of Alfred, son of Staf and grandson of Nick. It does look like Alfred is quickly growing to become the next super class breeding bird for team Debacker.

Stock breeder Nick continues to live up to his name

Bonte Crack of Anthony Maes is one of the super class descendants of de Nick and his son Staf

Marevellous results with the young birds in 2019

Like we said, the race from Chateauroux on 24th of August was the icing on the cake after another fantastic season. Their results in the past few weeks are particularly promising. Here is a brief selection of the best results from their young birds:

08/06/2019 - Clermont (504 p.)         
   1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-11-15-17-18-21-31-33-45-46-... (51/102)
6/07/2019 - Fontenay - Prov. (7,114 p.)     
   359-386-454-465-476-482-486-567-570-684-... (60/86)
15/07/2019 - Chateaudun - Prov. (7,622 p.)
   241-249-  251-262-267-273-283-316-395-398-419-421-428-429-494- 516-535-541-
   584-608-616-709-... (67/84)
20/07/2019 - Chateaudun - Prov.  (7,170 p.)       
   592-667-... (62/69)
29/07/2019 - Blois -  Prov. (3,501 p.)   
   4-9-10-11-14-34-35-37-46-52-57-60-160-166-206-252-245-322-324-336-... (33/36)
03/08/2019 - Pontoise - Prov. (17,443 p.)     
   3-4-11-25-25-28-40-60-62-81-118-120-127-128-131-136-138-175-176-187-189- 231-
   850-896-988-1212-1218-1345-1452-1574-1582-1652-... (63/73)
10/08/2019  - Chateaudun - Prov.  (4,755 p.)       
10/08/2019 - Chateauroux - Prov. (4,976 p.)       
   3-17-183-214-278-311-357-368-487-491-... (20/34)
19/08/2019 -  Chateaudun - Prov.  (2,843 p.)       
   3-5-6-7-9-10-10-12-14-17-18-32-32-50- 97-180-182-187-196-216-221-222-283- ... (33/36)
24/08/2019 - Chateaudun - Prov.  (1,923 p.)       
   1-2-3-4-8-9-10-11-12-13-15-29-36-40-65-68-70-90-97-100-105-106-179-... (24/31)
24/08/2019 - Argenton
   Prov.  (5,665 p.)       
      24-30-63-87-125-129-161-173-188-247-317-347-390-437-457-524- ... (34/63)
   Zonaal (8,939 p.)
      51-62-128-173-237-242-285-309-326-464-600-644-715-800-832-... (29/63)
   Nationaal (23,258 p.)
      75-97-229-312-424-432-542-589-632-906-1196-1286-1450-1628-1698-1936-... (31/63)

Are you interested in Chris Debacker's full list of achievements in 2019? Click here.

On their way to the next top result

The palmares of Chris Debacker has become increasingly impressive over time. He has just added a 26th provincial victory to an already incredible list of achievement. He has gradually become one of the big guns both at provincial and national level. We are quite impressed with the many top class descendants of stock breeder Nick, who stems from the old Bliksem bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele. All 7 pigeons in the provincial top 10 in Chateaudun on 24th of August are great-grandchildren of this top class breeder. And it goes without saying that Nick appears in the pedigrees of many of Nick's other provincial prize winners as well. And Nick's descendants have excelled in many other lofts as well; think for instance of the recent top reference of Bonte Crack of neighbouring fancier Anthony Maes. This bird became 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019 with a 0.3914% coefficient, having won 3 national top 13 prizes! And there will be many more highly talented Nick descendants to come, as the Chris Debacker pigeons will continue to excel both at home and in other lofts.