New auctions: Sangers Pigeons BV, Collectors Items & Big Andy's One Loft Race

Wednesday the 5th of June, these new auctions start: Marcel Sangers (NL), Collectors Items & Big Andy's One Loft Race (USA).

Sangers Pigeons BV (NL)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Unparalleled - that pretty much sums up the achievements of Team Sangers over the years! They claimed first prizes against thousands of pigeons and several ace pigeon titles, which says it all. The key to success for this team was crossing the old Sangers bloodline to the renowned Kittel dynasty of Dirk Van Den Bulck. Sangers Pigeons probably have the world's best two sisters of Kittel in their collection with Angelina and Gold Dust. And Skittel (son of Kittel) is a fantastic breeder as well! The Lincia dynasty of Stefaan Lambrechts is thriving within team Sangers as well, thanks to several successful youngsters and brothers/sisters of this fantastic bird. Sangers Pigeons is now selling youngsters of their most-valued breeding and racing birds.

Collectors Items
With the advent of internet, pigeon racing has seen its international status skyrocket. Since PIPA is now providing top class pigeons to fanciers all across the globe, you might come across rare and valuable pigeons in every corner of the world. Think for instance of youngsters of renowned breeders that are no longer alive, or pigeons from highly renowned bloodlines that developed into fantastic breeders themselves. We offer for sale a fantastic group of unique pigeons, for fanciers with an eye for talent!

Big Andy's One Loft Race (USA)
Winners and ace pigeons

The role that Andy Larentzakis is playing in the international pigeon racing scene has had quite an impact on the competition in the North American continent. As a middleman, Andy has been responsible for a steady stream of European top quality pigeons to North America, where they proved very successful. The descendants of these imported pigeons have had their share of success in the many One Loft Races across America. Andy eventually decided to get involved in the action: he launched his own Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge in Spring Hill, Florida, a few years ago. This is a race for youngsters of the best breeding and racing birds from renowned lofts. The winners and ace pigeons of this prestigious one loft race will now be sold on PIPA!