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Last but one auction weekend raises 411,000 euro - Mike Ganus gets record average sale price of 8,200 euro per youngster

The last but one auction weekend of the season came to a close last Sunday 16th of June. Next week we have our Season Finale, an apotheosis after what turned out to be PIPA's best auction season ever. And our Season Finale is promising to be quite a special event.

Nine different auctions closed last Sunday, in which 218 pigeons were sold for a total of 411,350 euro, or an average of nearly 1,900 euro/bird.

Alpdag Brothers – 21 pigeons – 2,736 euro/bird
Arguably the most renowned loft in Turkey belongs to the Alpdag Brothers. Fatih, Serdar & Bayram Alpdag are pioneers in Turkey, and they have been investing in some of the best pigeons from Western Europe for years. This was their second auction on PIPA, and it was another big success, with 21 pigeons being sold for 57,450 euro, including 9 pigeons with a Turkish ring. The most expensive bird was a youngster of Gladiator x Acy, bred by Bart Geerinckx; it goes to Iraq for 12,200 euro. The most expensive pigeon with a Turkish ring was a grandchild of Gladiator, which goes to the United States for 5,000 euro. Given the high demand for pigeons within Turkey, and the fact that the brothers do not sell any pigeons at home, 4 of their 21 pigeons were sold to fellow countrymen. The remaining birds go to Japan (3), Belgium (2), Switzerland (2), India (2), Taiwan (2), the USA (2), China (1), Iraq (1), The Netherlands (1), and South Africa (1).

Sorin Florea – 18 pigeons – 1,035 euro/bird
Florea Sorin is another fancier that has invested heavily in European pigeons over the years. He sold a number of older breeding birds, the most expensive of which was a youngster of Cees (Jan Hooymans), which goes to The Netherlands for 4,000 euro. The 18 pigeons were sold for 18,625 pigeons, and they will soon be transferred to Iran (4), The Netherlands (3), Taiwan (2), Japan (2), Romania (2), Slovakia (1), Poland (1), the United Kingdom (1), China (1) and Belgium (1).

Sangers Pigeons BV – 22 pigeons – 1,684 euro/bird
Marcel Sangers owns one of the most highly valued collections of Dirk van den Bulck & Stefaan Lambrechts birds worldwide. He sold a group of youngsters from closely inbred breeding pairs that were built around his most important breeders. The most expensive young bird is a youngster that stems from Kittel x Dam Kittel from its father's side, paired to a full sister of Kittel. This youngster goes to the United Kingdom for 5,200 euro. The second most expensive youngster is a daughter of Gold Dust, arguably the very best sister ever of Kittel; it goes to China for 4,800 euro. The 22 pigeons were sold for 37,050 euro, to fanciers from China (7), the United Kingdom (6), Qatar (3), South Africa (2), Taiwan (2), Morocco (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Collectors Items – 49 pigeons – 2.028 euro/bird
The last Collectors Items of the season had a few very special birds on offer. The most expensive pigeon is a son of Son MG 430 x Klein Kweekstertje of Jelle Jellema, which goes to the Pallats Breeding Centre in the United Kingdom for 7,800 euro. The 2nd and 3rd most expensive pigeons were both bred by Jan Hooymans, and they were sold to two different fanciers from Taiwan, for 7,600 euro each. The 49 pigeons were sold for just under 100,000 euro; the exact number is 99,375 euro. The pigeons went to fanciers from China (11), Taiwan (10), The Netherlands (7), Belgium (3), Germany (3), France (2), the United Kingdom (2), India (2), Japan (2), Kuwait (2), Morocco (2), the USA (2) and Qatar (1).

Davy Tournelle – 8 pigeons – 1,413 euro/bird
After a brilliant result from Blois on Saturday, a group of 8 youngsters from Davy Tournelle's best breeders were sold on Sunday. The most expensive of them was a youngster of Torres, paired to the dam of a 2nd National Chateauroux, making it a double grandchild of Tiësto. This youngster goes to Germany for 2,200 euro. The second most expensive youngster comes from the same pair, and it was sold to the same fancier as well, with a 1,800 euro price tag. The 8 youngsters were auctioned for 11,300 euro in total, to fanciers from Germany (4), Taiwan (2), China (1) and Romania (1).

Mike Ganus – 7 pigeons – 8,200 euro/bird
Mike Ganus had his highest average sale price ever on PIPA in this Sun City Special auction, making this the 12th most successful young birds' auction on PIPA in terms of average sale price. Have a look at our milestones page: All the young birds in this auction were either youngsters or grandchildren of Sun City, a unique breeding bird that is the sire of two different winners in the final of the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa. The most expensive young bird is a youngster of Wolverine, paired to Laura is a Big Winner Today (winner of the MDPR and a daughter of Sun City). This youngster goes to Kuwait for 15,800 euro. The second most expensive bird is a daughter of Sun City, which goes to Germany for 8,200 euro. The 7 youngsters were sold for 57,400 euro in total, and they will be transferred to Germany (3), Kuwait (1), Iraq (1), Malta (1) and Bulgaria (1).

Michel Dauchez – 35 pigeons – 1,296 euro/bird
After a brilliant racing career, the 84 year old Michel Dauchez decided to sell his best racing & breeding birds on PIPA. This collection includes some big names, such as Olympic Elite, an Olympiad Pigeon in Poznan Cat. B, which goes to Kuwait for 11,000 euro. The 35 pigeons were sold for 45,375 euro in total, and they will be moving to France (14), Belgium (8), China (5), Kuwait (4), Qatar (2), Germany (2), Taiwan (1), the United Arab Emirates (1) and the United Kingdom (1).

June Auction – 42 pigeons – 1,023 euro/bird
This June Auction offered for sale a group of pigeons from earlier PIPA auctions that had not been paid for. The most expensive bird is a youngster of Gaby Vandenabeele's Pico, which goes to China for 4,200 euro. The 42 pigeons were sold for 42,975 euro in total, to fanciers from Belgium (9), the United Kingdom (6), the United States (6), Japan (5), Taiwan (4), China (3), Germany (2), France (1), Albania (1), Ireland (1), Norway (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1), and Sweden (1).

Big Andy’s One Loft Race – 16 pigeons – 2,613 euro/bird
PIPA was honoured to auction the winners of Big Andy's One Loft Race for the fourth year in a row. It turned out to be the most successful edition in recent years, with an average of more than 2,600 euro for 16 pigeons. The most expensive bird was the winner of the final, called Golden Wing, which was sold to China for 6,000 euro. The 16 pigeons raised 41,800 euro in total, and they were sold to fanciers from China (6), the United States (4), Canada (2), Germany (2), Qatar (1) and the Czech Republic (1).