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Auctions closing on Sunday and Monday have a total revenue of 529,100 euro

A total of 223 pigeons were sold on Sunday and Monday across 11 different auctions, with a total revenue of 529,100 euro. This resulted in an average sale price of 2373 euro/bird.

Bert Vanden Berghe – 84 pigeons – 2,873 euro/bird
Bert Vanden Berghe sold a collection of pigeons for 241,350 euro in total. The most expensive bird was Princess Harry, a daughter of Harry and Princess Gloria. She was sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 14,000 euro. Bert's pigeons will soon be spread across the globe: Taiwan (25), Belgium (16), China (13), Japan (8), The Netherlands (4), the USA (4), Romania (3), the United Kingdom (2), Portugal (2), Ireland (2), Mexico (2), South Africa (1), Bulgaria (1) and France (1).

Dehon-Demonseau – 8 pigeons – 3,050 euro/bird
This auction had quite a few close relatives of sprint champion Best Kittel, and the eight pigeons were sold for 24,400 euro in total. Sister Best Kittel was the most expensive pigeon; she was sold to a Belgian fancier for 10,400 euro. The pigeons will be moving to China (2), Taiwan (2), Belgium (1), Iraq (1), the United Kingdom (1) and Kuwait (1).

Hardy Krüger – 12 pigeons – 2,600 euro/bird
Season after season, the Black Power dynasty of Hardy Krüger shows to be very well suited for one loft races. This auction had an overall revenue of 31,200 euro, and Black Chanel was the most expensive bird of the lot; she was sold for 4,400 euro. The 12 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Poland (5), China (3), Germany (1), Taiwan (1), the US (1) and Qatar (1).

Rudi de Saer – 26 pigeons – 1,599 euro/bird
A collection of 26 youngsters of Rudi De Saer's best breeders was sold for 41,575 euro in total. Tomahawk, a son of New Tours and TGoedje, was sold to a Polish fancier for 6,200 euro, making him the most expensive pigeon in auction. Only 7 of the 26 pigeons remain in Belgium; 5 are moving to Poland, 3 to Germany, 3 to the United Kingdom, 2 to Canada, 2 to Taiwan, 1 to the US, 1 to China, 1 to Switzerland and 1 to Malta.

Etienne Meirlaen – 13 pigeons – 2,923 euro/bird
Next up was a group of pigeons all closely related to the team's best breeding hen Yelena; they were worth 38,000 euro in total. The most expensive pigeon was Daughter Yelco 68, which stems from a pairing of a son and daughter of Yelena. This double granddaughter of Yelena was sold for 5,400 euro. Fanciers from Taiwan were particularly involved, obtaining as many as six pigeons in this auction. Four other birds will stay in Belgium, and the remaining birds are moving to France (2) and the Philippines (1).

Freialdenhofen & Sons – 6 pigeons – 1,200 euro/bird
The six pigeons were sold for 7,200 euro in total. The most expensive of them was Copy of Forrest Junior, a son of Forrest Junior and Blue Lady. He was worth 2,000 euro. The pigeons were spread across Belgium (2), Germany (2), Taiwan and Poland.

Franz-Josef Irmer – 12 pigeons – 1,942 euro/bird
A group of youngsters of his best breeders were sold for 23,300 euro in total. Son Goed Rood turned out to be the most wanted pigeon, with a sale price of 3,000 euro. Most pigeons went to Taiwan (4), followed by China (2), the US (2), the United Kingdom (1), the Czech Republic (1), India (1) and Macau (1).

March auction – 35 pigeons – 1,939 euro/bird
The last auction to close on Sunday was our March auction, with a total revenue of 65,925 euro. The most expensive bird was New Olympic Bolt 511, a hen of Stefaan Lambrechts bred from the parents of Olympic Bolt, an Olympiad Pigeon in Nitra 2013. She was sold for 9,000 euro to a fancier from China, as were six other pigeons. Eight pigeons are moving to Belgian lofts loft, and the other birds will be transferred to Taiwan (4), the US (3), Germany (2), Romania (2), Canada (1), the United Kingdom (1), India (1), Japan (1), Kuwait (1), Morocco (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1) and Slovakia (1).

Carlo Gyselbrecht – 5 pigeons – 2,180 euro/bird
Another three auctions closed on Monday, starting with this Carlo Gyselbrecht auction, which had a total revenue of 10,900 euro. The most expensive pigeon was a daughter of Wilco x Lisa 656, a double grandchild of New Laureaat. She was sold for 4,000 euro. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (2), Taiwan (1), Japan (1) and Romania (1).

Kristof Mortelmans – 9 pigeons – 961 euro/bird
Long distance star Kristof Mortelmans offered for sale a selection of his best breeders; they were sold for 8,650 euro. The pigeon with the highest value was Sister Red Ace; she was sold for 2,200 euro to a Belgian fancier. There were nine pigeons on offer, and six of them remain in Belgium. The other three birds are moving to South Africa, Portugal and The Philippines. 

Jan Hooymans – 13 pigeons – 2,815 euro/bird
Jan Hooymans sold his 13 pigeons for 36,600 euro in total. The most expensive bird was Beau Harry Birdy 814, with a sale price of 4,200 euro. The pigeons will soon be on their way to China (4), Taiwan (3), Belgium (2), The Netherlands (2), Iraq (1) and Mexico (1).