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Auction weekend raises almost 300,000 euro – Sagan sold for 44,000 euro – Loft Liliane Demely 5,600 euro/bird

Several auctions closed on Sunday 10th of March, raising 295,300 euro in total for 144 pigeons, or more than 2,000 euro on average per bird.

Chris Hebberecht – 8 pigeons – 2,175 euro/bird
A group of 8 young birds, mainly double grandchildren of Ike, were sold in auction. The eye-catcher however was a youngster of the old top breeder Costello, which goes to the USA for 4,200 euro. The 8 youngsters raised 17,400 euro in total, and they will be shipped to the USA (4), China (2), Belgium (1), and Germany (1).

Chris Debacker – 12 pigeons – 921 euro/bird
Chris Debacker auctioned 12 pigeons for 11,050 euro in total. The most expensive birds were sale 1 and 3, which were sold for 1,300 euro each. The first one goes to Belgium, the second one to Iraq. The 12 pigeons are moving to Belgium (8), Taiwan (3) and Iraq (1).

Vandeputte-Kubica – 5 pigeons – 2,720 euro/bird
This small auction from a renowned Walloon pigeon loft had a revenue of 13,600 euro. The eye-catcher was top bird Zalco, which was sold to a Belgian fancier for 7,000 euro. The remaining pigeons will either stay in Belgium (3) or move to Egypt (1).

Hok Liliane Demely – 6 pigeons – 5,600 euro/bird
In the wake of a fantastic 2018 season, both Hok Liliane Demely and PIPA considered this the perfect moment to host this loft's first PIPA auction this winter. It was a major success. A select group of six pigeons were on offer, including the only youngster of Mr. Unique to be sold this winter. The pigeons were sold for 33,600 euro in total, and the youngster of Mr. Unique went to a Chinese fancier for 15,200 euro. The other birds will be moving to China as well.

Martial Maindrelle – 10 pigeons – 668 euro/bird
Doctor Martial is one of France's finest fanciers, and he had several Olympiad pigeons in his collection in recent years. His 10 young birds raised 6,675 euro in total, and they are moving to pigeon lofts in France (5), China (2), Canada (1), the United Kingdom (1) and Belgium (1).

Jos Goessen – 67 pigeons – 2,318 euro/bird
Jos Goessen regrets having to put an end to his pigeon racing career. It resulted in the unique top class bird Sagan being sold in auction. He was one of the best pigeons in The Netherlands in recent years, and he is now an exceptional breeder as well: his grandchildren have won a 2-2-2-3 NPO. This seven year old champion received quite a number of bids, and the winning bid came from China: 44,000 euro. This added to an overall revenue of 155,325 euro. The 67 pigeons are moving to Taiwan (25), The Netherlands (15), China (13), Belgium (2), Germany (2), Japan (2), France (1), the United Kingdom (1), Italy (1), The Philippines (1), Romania (1), Poland (1), Slovakia (1) and the USA (1).

Mark Gilbert – 9 pigeons – 1,567 euro/bird
Similarly to the Jos Goesesen auction, the majority of Mark Gilbert's pigeons, 6 out of 9, went to Taiwan as well. A single pigeon was sold to the United Kingdom, Trinidad & Tobago and Japan respectively. The 9 pigeons raised 14,100 euro in total, and the most expensive bird was a double grandchild of Zwart Goud, which goes to Japan for 2,700 euro.

Embregts-Theunis – 10 pigeons – 2,700 euro/bird
Peter Theunis offered for sale a fantastic collection of young birds, including the first youngster of the new superstar Olympic Millennium; it goes to a Dutch loft for 5,200 euro. The 10 youngsters raised 27,000 euro in total, and they will be shipped to The Netherlands (6), Taiwan (2) and Morocco (2).

Roger Mylle – 5 pigeons – 755 euro/bird
The 5 pigeons of Roger Mylle raised 3,775 euro in total, and they are about to be transferred to Belgium (3), China (1) and Germany (1).

Roger Debusschere – 12 pigeons – 1,065 euro/bird
After a highly successful auction in late 2018, Roger Debusschere now sold a group of youngsters of his best breeders. The 12 youngsters were sold for 12,775 euro, and the most expensive bird was a doubule grandchild of Rudy. It was sold for 2,000 euro to a Chinese loft. The 12 pigeons are moving to China (4), Germany (3), Taiwan (2), France (1), Romania (1) and Belgium (1).