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Ranking best Bourges yearling + old bird 2008-2009

These rankings give an overview of the best Bourges birds on the last National Bourges races in Belgium. One ranking is based on the last 3 National Bourges races (Bourges I + II 2008 + Bourges I 2009) and the other ranking is based on the last 2 National Bourges races (Bourges young birds 2008 + Bourges I 2009 Yearlings).

Thanks to Steven van Overstraeten!

The fancier with the best Bourges yearling bird in Belgium, based on the National Young bird race in 2008 + National Bourges Yearlings 2009 is Johan Tant from Olsene (who also won 1st Nat. Souillac in 2006). His super Bourges bird won as young bird 113° National Bourges against 41.783 youngsters and beginning of this season the same bird won 127° National Bourges against 22.499 yearlings!


Also in the ranking for the old birds we find back a famous name, namely Deno-Herbots. They are the owners of the best old Bourges bird in Belgium. Their 2094057/06 won 3 times an absolute topresult, here they are:
38° Nat. Zone Bourges against 11.051 pigeons in 2009, 15° Nat. Zone Bourges II against 4.282 pigeons 2008 and 136° Nat. Zone Bourges I against 7.838 pigeons in 2008.

Below you can click for the full rankings.