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Ending auctions: van der Auwera (BE), Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Saudoyez (BE), Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), van Toor (NL), van de Velde (NL), DVV-Pigeons (BE), Florea (RO), Goeteyn (BE) & Palm (BE)

On Sunday the 20th of January, these auctions will end: Guy van der Auwera (BE), Wojciech Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Kevin Saudoyez (BE), Marcel Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), Dennis van Toor (NL), Sjaak van de Velde (NL), De Vroe- Vandeputte (BE), Sorin Florea (RO), Annick Goeteyn (BE) & Jean-Pierre Palm (BE).

Guy Van der Auwera (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders and racing birds

All the pigeons from 2016 and older of Van Der Auwera found a new home after a spectacular auction in the spring of 2018. All that was left was a group of exponents of the exclusive Kaasboer legacy, combined with mainly the best of the Charlie's Angels bloodline and the best descendants of Antonio (De Saer) and Gladiator (Geerinckx). Guy soon managed to get some great results with his yearlings and young birds, which is no surprise, given the level of quality in his pigeon breed. We are now selling pigeons from the best of Guy Van Der Auwera & son on PIPA.

Wojciech Handerek (PL)
Youngsters of his best breeders

The pigeon lofts of Wojciech Handerek are home to arguably the most valuable collection of pigeons in all of Poland. He invested in top class pigeons from Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, and he developed a team that won him a place in the 2017 Olympiad in Brussels. In this exclusive PIPA auction we are selling some super class racing birds, as well as youngsters of his Olympiad Pigeons Dakar and Karin paired to each other, and youngsters from their parents.

Depasse-Lardenoye (BE)
Youngsters of their best breeders

The pigeon family of Stéphane Depasse-Lardenoy traditionally plays a leading role in the extreme long distance, and the Barcelona classic in particular. This combination really excelled in the most demanding races from Barcelona in recent years. This is an invaluable collection of pigeons, and some of them will be offered for sale in a spectacular extreme long distance auction on PIPA. We are selling youngsters of their best racing and breeding birds.

Kevin Saudoyez (BE)
1 racing bird and youngsters of his best breeders

Kevin Saudoyez did it again in 2018! He took a 1st National Bourges of 19,129 pigeons, claiming a national victory three years in a row! This is a rare feat in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium; this is something only a few other fanciers have been able to do! Kevin is now among a select group of champions, although his results from earlier seasons had already turned him into a reputable fancier. It is now for the third consecutive season that Kevin is selling youngsters of his very best pigeons on PIPA, straight from one of Belgium's top lofts.

Marcel Sangers (NL)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Unparalleled - that would be a good way to describe the achievements of Team Sangers over the years! They claimed numerous victories against thousands of birds, as well as several national ace pigeon titles. The key to success was a crossing of the old Sangers bloodlines with the renowned Kittel dynasty of Dirk Van Den Bulck. The loft of Sangers Pigeons is home to Angelina and Gold Dust, arguably the best two sisters of Kittel worldwide, as well as to Skittel (son Kittel), another fantastic breeder! The Lincia dynasty of Stefaan Lambrechts has been thriving in the Sangers pigeon family as well; this team has several youngsters and brothers/sisters of this phenomenal bird. Sangers Pigeons is now selling youngsters of their most valued breeding and racing birds.

Rutz & Söhne (DE)
Youngsters of their best breeders

The renowned German combination of Rutz & Sons gained an international reputation over the years; the Rutz racing bird appears to have great potential in the most demanding international competitions worldwide. Numerous champions have excelled with the help of the Rutz bloodlines, and that explains the popularity of these pigeons! The likable German fanciers have been reaping the rewards of their exceptional pigeon family as well, adding quite a number of national first prizes to their palmares along the way. A group of top class youngsters of their best breeding and racing birds are put up for auction, specially for PIPA!

Dennis van Toor (NL)
Stefaan Lambrechts collection

Dennis van Toor predicted a great future for the Lambrechts pigeons in a very early stage! He visited Stefaan's loft to obtain descendants from all of his best breeders, giving his own pigeon family a considerable quality boost. After a few years of selection the most precious direct Lambrechts pigeons were kept on board, and Dennis is now selling them exclusively on PIPA.

Sjaak van de Velde en Zoon (NL)
Best racing and breeding birds sold in auction

Father and son Sjaak Van De Velde have been one of the leading teams in the extreme long distance in The Netherlands for decades. They gained a reputation as a team that gets fantastic results with limited means and a small racing team. They have had some fantastic results in the national and international classics, winning more than 100 national top 100 prizes since 2004. The best breeding and racing birds will be sold on PIPA, including most notably their 1st best extreme long distance pigeon ZLU 2016 in the PIPA rankings. The old champion Kleine Dure, winner of a 1st Int. Bordeaux yearlings will be sold as well, along with some other other iconic racing and breeding birds!

DVV-Pigeons (BE)
Youngsters of their best breeders Johan Devroe and Rudi Vandeputte continued their collaboration after the successful old birds' auction of DVV-Pigeons on PIPA in late May 2017, still using the name DVV Pigeons. The trio turned into a combination after their 2017 sale, in which they they sold some of their best breeding pairs. Johan and Rudi are now selling descendants of those same super class bloodlines, along with a great racing bird from 2018, from a talented new generation. We are auctioning descendants from their best breeders, from their Dreampair, and from their super class racing birds Smart Princess, New Tom, Blue Lucien, Magic Bart, Ricky, Finn, Always There, etc. This is a team that managed to become one of Belgium's leading lofts in no time!   Sorin Florea (RO)
Youngsters of his best breeders The iconic Romanian fancier Florea Sorin surrounded himself with top class birds over the years, which he obtained mainly in PIPA auctions. These include the renowned Limbourg racing bird Copy Gilbert (a son of Gilbert) and Miss Fantastic (the dam of a 5th nat. ace pigeon, sister Eagle Eye), as well as several youngsters of Eagle Eye, youngsters of New Freddy, Bak 17 and Lucky 848, and youngsters of Sprint (Berckmoes), Olympiade (Heremans), Parents Sun (Steveninck), Wittekop Sylvester (Geerinckx), Euro Diamond (Brockamp), parents Dolce Vita (Veenstra), etc. In other words: he has a collection of world class pigeons. Florea is now selling pigeons from his most important breeders on PIPA.   Annick Goeteyn (BE)
Youngsters of her best breeders With a fantastic first year under their belt, Annick and her daughter Kim continued to deliver in 2018 as well, winning a provincial first prize from Orleans and numerous other first prizes and great results in the club, along with several early arrivals in national and provincial races. They are well on their way to becoming one of our sport's national stars in the near future, and their excellent results on a weekly basis can be largely attributed to two fantastic stock breeders: Tsaby x Kim and Orlando x Nicofelia. In fact, most of their greatest achievements come from direct descendants of either of these two pairs. A group of young birds from their most important descendants will now be sold on PIPA.   Jean Pierre Palm (BE)
Performances pigeons + ybs from the best breeders The team has been highly successful over the years, and 2018 was the icing on the cake for Jean Pierre & Yvette Palm, with racing bird BE16-1109229 representing Belgium in category B with the lowest coefficient ever! It is a magnificent feat. A full brother of this super class bird will be put up for auction on PIPA, along with two youngsters and two other racing birds of this internationally renowned breed.