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Leideman Brothers (Hardenberg, NL): golden years lead to Olympiad nomination

Everyone will agree that the Leideman pigeons have been particularly tough to beat in recent years, claiming a long series of important victories against thousands of pigeons. They can look back on two very successful years of racing in Belgium.
Now it will be just a matter of time before their Olympiad nomination for Poznan 2019 will be officially confirmed. They are in pole position for an important international title!
  "André and Bert Leideman now have a group of birds that is always one step ahead of the competition" Gerard Koopman couldn't have said it any better. The list of achievements of the champions from Overijssel are truly outstanding. They had 36 first prizes against an average of almost 3,000 pigeons in two years' time, and Raissa will be representing The Netherlands at the Poznan Olympiad (to be officially confirmed). Meanwhile, Ace 820 wins a top 10 in the Dutch Olympiad both in the sprint and the middle distance. Can you think of a fancier that has had similar results over the years? We don't.  


Raissa, Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2018*

One of the racing birds to play a lead role in Hardenberg is Raissa NL15-1234061. She has a remarkable palmares, which resulted in a well deserved Olympiad nomination in the sprint category. Raissa wins:
      3rd NL Olympiad pigeon sprint Poznan 2018*
      1st Duffel                 4,613 p. & fastest 6,969 p.
      2nd Quievrain             10,570 p. behind loft mate
      3rd Niergnies              9,897 p.
      3rd Heusden-Zolder         5,927 p.
      5th Heusden-Zolder        11,336 p.
      5th Rethel                 1,867 p.
      * cut-off date was 7th of December 2018
Click here for the pedigree of Raissa.

The Raissa bloodline was almost impossible to stop, and it gave way to a successful trio of brothers and sisters, including first of all Sia, a full sister of Raissa and the winner of:

      1st Gennep                11,041 p.
      1st Quievrain              2,480 p.
      11th Quievrain            10,570 p.
      26th Morlincourt           4,815 p.
      34th Heusden-Zolder       11,336 p.
Sia bred a very promising yearling for 2018, which won a 7th Nat. S4 Chateauroux 3,647 p. and a 37th Nat. S4 Bourges 5,877 p. A full brother of Sia (the 691/17) transferred to the loft of his good friend Wolfgang Roeper. According to André and Bert, Wolfgang is arguably the best Western European fancier of the past decade. The 691/17 won the following prizes for team Roeper in 2018: 
      1st Lubieszyn 304 km       1,124 p.
      1st Lubieszyn 304 km         846 p.
And that brings us to another top result from this fantastic family. A full sister of Raissa bred the winner of a 2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux of 3,647 p. This pigeon was beaten only by the amazing Manu of Gerard Koopman, which claimed two first prizes in the sector in 2018.
Let's have a look at the origins of these fantastic pigeons, quoting Gerard Koopman again: "André has been visiting renowned and less well known fanciers for over 20 years. If he comes across something that he likes, he will not hesitate to invest. And that is the secret: you should never make concessions when it comes to investing in pigeons." The sire of the Raissa dynasty is Magnus, which comes from the loft of Wolfgang Roeper. Bert explains: "We obtained pigeons from H&O in the 1990s, because we knew he had perhaps the best pigeon in Western Europe in his collection. But we changed our mind when we saw that he lost his Olympiad title to a pigeon of Wolfang Roeper. We promptly turned to Wolfgang for our future investments!"   Magnus is a son of the 269, which became 6th National Ace Pigeon in 2012, as well as 1st International Olympiad Pigeon at the Olympiad Category H. They decided to basket him again the following season, in which he won a 1st Int. Ace Pigeon title allround Europe Cup 2013. He is quite a champion indeed! A full brother of Magnus bred racing bird Margrit for Team Leideman, and she wins a 1st NPO Morlincourt 4,634 p. The dam of Raissa is a sister of Tip Top 5, winner of a 9th final Million Dollar Race 2013. Tip Top 5 was bred from a sister of Fernando, 1st NPO Arras 366 km of 10,735 p. with a five minute lead.  

Silver Dream exponents; Jet & Ace 820

One of the pigeons that has contributed to the recent top results of the Leideman brothers is breeding hen Silver Dream, and two of the eye-catchers of 2018 are in fact direct youngsters of this phenomenon: Jet and Ace 820. the blue coloured NL15-1234091 Jet is in a league of his own, with three incredible first prizes over the past few years:
      1st Asse Zellik           11,343 p.
      1st NPO Gien              4,911 p. & fastest of 7,768 p.
      1st Rethel                4,692 p.
      6th Laon                  6,371 p.
      10th Duffel               5,821 p.
Click here for Jet's pedigree   A full brother and sister of Jet have been stealing the show in previous years: Voltar (2nd Ace Pigeon one day long distance Entente with a 1st of 394 p.) and Nestmaat Voltar (1st Rether 1,494 p.). Jet's half brother NL16-1075820 Ace 820 joined the game in 2018: this super class racing cock was a successful member of this year's racing team, in which he claimed a number of ace pigeon titles. Here are the highlights of Ace 820:
      1st ace pigeon allround Province 10 (over 1,000 members) 2018
      1st ace pigeon middle distance Province 10 (over 1,000 members) 2018
      4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance WHZB/TBOTB 2018
      1st Weert                  5,230 p.
      2nd Boxtel                 1,961 p.
      3rd Quievrain             10,570 p. behind 2 loft mates
      3rd Laon                   6,371 p. behind 2 loft mates
      6th Rethel                 7,115 p.
In addition, Ace 820 is in the top 10 of best racing birds in The Netherlands in both the sprint and the middle distance. He will not be winning a ticket to Poznan but finishing in the top 10 of best Dutch pigeons in two years' time in two different disciplines is still quite exceptional of course!  
Click here for the pedigree of Ace 820   The highly praised hen Silver Dream was obtained from Stellerman, coming from a 1st National Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB of August Wouters. Silver Dream developed into a super class breeder for André and Bert in no time, and he now has quite a list of references:
      1st ace pigeon province 9 allound & middle distance 2018 (Ace 820, son)
      4th Nat. acebird middle dist. TBOTB 2018 (Ace 820, son)
      1st Asse Zelik            11,474 p. (Floyd, son)
      1st Asse Zellik           11,343 p. (Jet, daughter)
      1st Boxtel                10,739 p. (Sigrid, granddaughter)
      1st Quievrain             10,570 p. (Justify, great-grandson)
      1st Tessenderloo          10,314 p. (Enzo, great-grandson)
      1st Weert                  5,230 p. (Ace 820, son)
      1st NPO Gien & snelste     7,768 p. (Jet, daughter)
      1st NPO Nanteuil ` `       3,926 p. (Vitória, great-granddaughter)
      1st Chalons en Champagne   2,315 p. (606/17, great-grandson)
      1st Rethel                 1,867 p. (Nestmaat Voltar, son)
      1st Tongeren               1,580 p. (790/16, granddaughter)
      1st Rethel                 1,133 p. (567/17, great-grandson)
      1st Quievrain                986 p. (567/17, great-grandson)
      1st Chimay                   600 p. (578/17, grandson)
      1st Troyes                   371 p. (Sigrid, granddaughter)
      1st prize                    342 p. (Voltar, son)
      1st Sens                     323 p. (Sigrid, granddaughter)
      1st Sens                     285 p. (795/16, grandson)

De Leideman pigeon; the best of his generation

Pigeons that are one step ahead of the competition; you can tell from their achievements that there is a lot of truth to it. The Leideman brothers are fond of super class pigeons, and their continuous search for this type of bird has led to the development of an invaluable team of breeders. It does remind us of such world famous fanciers like Leo Heremans, Stefaan Lambrechts or Wolfgang Roeper (see earlier): they are constantly on the outlook for top quality birds, irrespective of their commercial value, their country of origin or the fancier who bred them. They only obtain pigeons that were deemed good enough to be added to their team, and this is how they end up with a fantastic collection of breeding birds capable of delivering new champions season after season.   And those champions never leave their home loft, since they are the breeders of the future. Take for instance BE15-6106415 Goed Grijs, a direct Van den Brande Brothers. This grey coloured racing hen attracted several interested buyers but she was nog allowed to leave her loft in Hardenberg. In fact, she already bred the one year old winner of a 1st Hannut of 5,447 p. in 2018. And her niece Young Grijs has already had some prominent results as well: a 1st Interprov. Vervins of 7,753 p. and a 1st Wijchen of 1,105 p. And to refresh your memory, here is another look at the palmares of Goed Grijs:
      1st NPO Laon             6,371 p.
      1st Duffel               5,821 p. 2 minute lead
      1st Heusden Zolder       2,775 p.
      1st Laon                 1,052 p.
      1st Wijchen                786 p.
      1st Heusden-Zolder         656 p.
      1st Hapert                 231 p.