Flanders Collection (Liedekerke, BE) is taking great care of Belgium's pigeon racing heritage

The Flanders Collection from Liedekerke, led by Bruno Van Den Brande and Yannick De Ridder, have clearly left their mark on the international competition in recent years. Fanciers from across the globe have visited their loft to obtain pigeons of some of Belgium's signature bloodlines.

Bruno Van Den Brande and Yannick De Ridder, the men behind Flanders Collection

Belgian pigeon racing heritage

A few years ago Flanders Collection invested in some of the best bloodlines of Leo Heremans (Vorselaar, BE), as well as the cream of the crop of another highly renowned loft from the Kempen region: Dirk Van den Bulck (Grobbendonk, BE). The bloodlines of both these grandmasters have led to fantastic results on a weekly basis, both at home and abroad, and they have clearly played a defining role at international level. In fact, almost all of Belgium's leading lofts have shown an interest in the invaluable pigeon collection from Liedekerke, which consists of some of our country's heritage bloodlines. Fanciers from other parts of the world have in fact been investing in pigeons of Flanders Collection as well; the descendants of this world class team have done quite well over the years:

- they win races of up to 600km in The Netherlands and Germany
- they win over-sea races in Australia in highly demanding conditions
- they win races in Ireland in harsh weather
- they win races across the mountains in Portugal
- they win a 500km race in South Africa in 35°C
- they win races through the desert in Kuwait
- they have dominated the KBDB ace pigeon competitions since 2013, each time with at least five 1st National Ace Pigeons that are related to several bloodlines of the Flanders Collection.

The four big stars of this loft in a row

With so many invaluable bloodlines in the Flanders Collection, it would be almost impossible to talk you through every top class bird in this loft. Instead we decided to pick four absolute champions (all from 2017) of this current generation, four regular winners with fantastic origins.

Blauwe Olympiade 042, 8x 1st prize, 1st ace pigeon Noyon

BE17-4231042 'Blauwe Olympiade 042' is a great bird. This hen claims 8 first prizes (no doubles) and she wins 11 prizes in the first 1%. Here are few results: 1/1,176 birds, 1/575 birds, 1/456 birds, 1/366 birds, 1/216 birds, etc. She became 1st ace pigeon Noyon in 2018 (best coefficient).

As her name suggests, this hen is a 100% Leo Heremans.

The sire is a son of 'Broer Safir' (Safir - 4 x first prize - is a son of Olympiade of Gust Jansen) x 'Daughter Jan' (De Jan - stock breeder of Leo Heremans and winner of 6 first prizes).

The dam is 'Beauty Blake', a half sister of Blake, 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB and a granddaughter of Nieuwe Olympiade of Leo Heremans.

Her fantastic pedigree can be found here.

Super 37 Kittel, 4 x 1st prize, 3rd ace pigeon Entente Noyon

Another star in this team is BE17-4231037 'Super 37 Kittel', a super class hen and winner of 4 first prizes in 2018, and 11 prizes in the first 1%. He wins for instance a 1/407 birds, 1/375 birds, 1/316 birds, 2/1,185 birds, etc. She was 3rd ace pigeon in Entente Noyon (best coefficient).

She comes from the best bloodlines of Dirk Van den Buck and Leo Heremans.

Her sire is for instance a son of Beauty Bolt, which comes from a brother x son of world champion Bolt Golden Red Kittel, a full sister of that other world champion Kittel, 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2013 with the lowest coefficient ever: 0.9% with a 1/2,089 birds, 1/1,792 birds, 2/2,023 birds and 3/2,443 birds.

The dam is New Golden Lady, winner of a 1/1,080 birds and 2/1,612 birds from Quievrain, and a daughter of Dubbele As, 6 prizes per 100 x Golden Lady, a daughter of Nieuwe Rossi Eenoogske, the fantastic new breeding pair of Leo Heremans. The descendants of this line have won an impressive 32 first prizes.

Click here for her fantastic pedigree.

Super 58 Safyra pair, 8 x 1st prize - 1st ace pigeon Noyon (most prizes)

BE17-4231058 Super 58 Safyra Pair is another very successful hen with 8 first prizes to her name, including a 1/1,295 birds, 1/882 birds, 1/660 birds, 1/349 birds, etc. She became 1st ace pigeon Noyon (most prizes) in 2018, and 2nd ace pigeon Noyon (best coefficient).

As her name suggests, she is a direct daughter of The Miracle Pair, 'Safier Supreme' x 'Daughter Jan Junior'.

'Safier Supreme is a full brother of some world class Leo Heremans birds, including Surprise (3 x 1st), Safier 076 (2 x 1st), Safier 142 (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon The Netherlands), etc., and a son of Safier, an excellent son of De Olympiade x the dam of Dubbel Aske, that same daughter of De Jan Super 888 hen.

This means Daughter Jan Junior comes from a talented son of De Jan, namely Jan Junior (4 first prizes) x a sister of Nieuwe Olympiade.

This is another invaluable set of bloodlines, as you can tell from the pedigree.

Super Mealy 040, 8 x 1st prize in 2018 - 2nd ace pigeon Entente Noyon

The last bird in our overview is a gem as well: BE17-4231040 Super Mealy 040 wins 8 first prizes and 2 first prizes in the Entente in 2018, including a 1/363 birds, 1/316 birds, 1/185  birds, etc. She was 2nd ace pigeon in the Entente (best coefficient).

Her sire is Mealy Kittel, a direct son of Kittel Goed Rood. 'Kittel' became 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2013 with the lowest coefficient ever: 0.9% with 1/2,089 birds, 1/1,792 birds, 2/2,023 birds and 3/2,443 birds. Goed Rood wins 15 prizes per 100.

The dam is Beauty Roeper, a direct daughter of the Leo Heremans stock pair Jan Roeper (son 'Jan' x 'Nathalia') x Kim (daughter 'Olympiade 003' x 'Mother Bourges'). 

This bird has fantastic origins as well! Click here for the pedigree.

A closer look at the best results at home

Here are some of the best results of 2018, all prizes per 3:

Noyon Entente (1,508 pigeons): 1-2-3-4-5-5-7-7-9-10-11-12-13-14-16-17-25-26-27-28-28-30…
                                37 prizes in the top 85 / 45 per 10 and (62/73)
Noyon Entente (882 pigeons): 1-2-3-7-8-9-19-24… (14/15)
Noyon Entente (660 pigeons): 1-2-3-8-9-10-24… (14/15)
Noyon Entente (456 pigeons): 1-6-8-9-11-12-18-19-36… (11/15)
Noyon Entente (575 pigeons): 1-7-12-13-14-17-34-35… (11/15)
Noyon Entente (407 pigeons): 1-2-4-6… (7/11)
Noyon Entente (375 pigeons): 1-2-3-5… (7/11)
Noyon Entente (150 pigeons): 1-2-4-6-7-10-12-13… (9/13)
Noyon Entente (494 pigeons): 2-5-8-11-16-17-23… (9/13)
Noyon Entente (709 pigeons): 3-6-14-49-22-24-37… (8/13)
Noyon Entente (901 duiven): 8-9-10-12-13-13-15-16-17-19-19-22-25…
Momignies overall release (2,278 pigeons): 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-11-14-15-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-30-31-33-39…
                                         25 prizes per 10 and (43/69)​

Some first prizes in major races:

1st prize Noyon - 3,405 young birds
1st prize Chevrainvilliers - 2,655 pigeons
1st prize Chevrainvilliers - 2,567 pigeons
1st fastest Chevrainvilliers Sector-1 - 5,222 pigeons
1st provincial Blois - 1,408 pigeons (22m/min lead)

Championships at club level:

1st general king sprint + middle distance + longer middle distance (150 members)
1st champion 1+2+3 old birds Noyon
1st champion 1+2+3 yearlings Noyon
1-2-3-4-6-7-9 ace pigeon most prizes in Noyon (with 15 one year old hens)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ace pigeon best coefficient over 7 races Noyon (with 15 one year old hens)

Some references from 2018 in other lofts

It would be impossible to include every reference in this article. Let's say that the Van den Bulck pigeons have done exceptionally well in national races and in the national championships KBDB:

​1st National ace pigeon middle distance young birds KBDB 2018: from the line of broer Goede Rode x 40000
1st National Zone B1 Argenton - 4,990 young birds: from the line of Kittel
3rd National ace pigeon sprint young birds KBDB 2018: from the line of sister Kittel
3rd Nationaal Chateauroux - 12,855 pigeons: from the line of sister Kittel Golden Red Kittel
5th Nationaal Argenton - 16,496 young birds: from the line of Kittel
7th National ace pigeon sprint KBDB young birds 2018: from the line of brother Goede Rode x 40000
16th National ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB young birds 2018: from the line of sister Kittel
28th National Chateauroux III - 17,281 young birds: from the line of Kittel
36th National Chateauroux - 17,281 pigeons: from the line of sister kittel Golden Red Kittel
37th National ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB young birds 2018: from the line of Kittel

The list of achievements outside of Belgium is perhaps even more impressive:

Marcel/ Brian Sangers => 99% van de Van Den Buck collectie is Origine Flanders Collection:

1st semi national not nominated champion one day long distance (more than 12,000 pigeons for every race, competing against the best teams in The Netherlands)

1st Provincial champion one day long distance not nominated

- Da Capo (kleinzoon New Kittel x Gilberta Supreme: org Flanders Collection)

   10th NPO Gien 5,615 pigeons 559 km 15th NPO Gien 9,395 pigeons 559 km
   17th NPO Bourges 5,094 pigeons 627 km

- Homesick (from full brother Kittel: org Flanders Collection)

   12th NPO Gien 5,612 pigeons 559 km
   30th NPO Pithiviers 6,699 pigeons 527 km
   48th NPO Bourges 4,271 pigeons 627 km

Here are some fantastic results with pigeons that come from the Flanders Collection:

3rd of 2,396 pigeons => 1st pigeon comes from sister Kittel Flanders Collection
1st of 2,450 pigeons => 1st pigeon comes from the line of Supersprint 873/13
23rd of 7,088 pigeons => 1st pigeon from a full brother Kittel Flanders Collection
1st of 7,100 pigeons => 1st pigeon, Nikki, was bred in the Flanders Collection loft
  Nikki had already won an 11th Nat ace pigeon “De Allerbeste” and 10x top 10 against an average of 1,000 birds
5th of 2,120 pigeons => 1st pigeon was a grandson of New Kittel x Gilberta Supreme Flanders Collection
1st of 2,500 pigeons => 1st pigeon comes from the line of Supersprint 873

And Andreas Drappa (3rd National Ace Pigeon YBs in the 'Tipes' competition in Germany), Jozef Kusser (1st RV Verbandsmeister YBs 2018), Martin Stefll (3rd National Ace Pigeon (Tipes' competition in Germany), Les Green (UK), Herbie Thorpe (Ireland), and others have had some great results with direct descendants of the Flanders Collection as well.
Click here for a full overview.

What does the future hold 

This loft has a solid future: they have many more successful season ahead of them, backed by the invaluable bloodlines of some of Belgium's best pigeon breeds kept in Liedekerke. And there is more: the team now enjoys the support of Paulo Campos, the man behind Campos - Flanders Collection, the Portuguese side loft of Flanders Collection. This loft closed the season with a 1st national champion middle distance, which marked the end of a highly successful adventure. It shows that the team from Liederkerke has a bright future indeed. And even though it is quite difficult to compare fanciers and pigeon breeds across different generations, it looks as if a "new Jansen" has emerged, based on this loft's impact pigeon racing at national and international level. Just like the Jansen brothers, these fanciers have been able to conserve the genes of what is considered to be the perfect Belgian racing bird; this has become a trademark well beyond the borders of Belgium.