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Auction weekend closes with 300,000 euro – Gino Clicque 2,900 EURO average for 36 youngsters – Comb. Elzinga 116,000 euro for racing team

7 different auctions with 149 pigeons on offer closed last Sunday, and they raised 297,975 euro in total, or exactly 2,000 euro average per pigeon. We talk you through each auction below.

Brugse Barcelona Club – 15 pigeons – 1,470 euro/pigeon
15 gifted pigeons were put up for auction to support the Bruges Barcelona Club. The most expensive bird that was given away was a pigeon of Batenburg-Van de Merwe. It was sold for 3,200 euro to a Belgian loft. The second most expensive bird comes from Etienne Meirlaen, and will be shipped to Romania for 3,000 euro. The third most expensive bird comes from De Smeyter-Restiaen, and will be going to Kuwait for 2,100 euro. The 15 pigeons raised 22,050 euro in total, and will be moving to a loft in Belgium (6), Japan (3), The Philippines (2), Kuwait (1), Romania (1), Taiwan (1) and the USA (1).

Kristof Mortelmans – 8 pigeons – 1,031 euro/pigeon

This extreme long distance champion from Antwerp sold 8 youngsters from his best breeders. They raised 8,250 euro in total, with the most expensive of them, sale 1, going to Taiwan for 2,000 euro. In fact, 4 out of 8 pigeons were sold to Taiwan, 2 will remain in Belgium and the other to are going to the USA and to the Czech Republic.

Andreas Drapa – 12 pigeons – 1,433 euro/pigeon
The best flown youngsters of Andreas Drapa were put up for auction, and the most expensive one was sale 4, which goes to The Netherlands for 4,000 euro. The second most expensive bird is sale 1, which goes to South Africa for 2,500 euro. The 12 youngsters raised 18,200 euro in total, and will be moving to Taiwan (3), Germany (2), Russia (2), Austria (1), Kuwait (1), The Netherlands (1), Thailand (1), and South Africa (1).

Gino Clicque – 36 pigeons – 2,889 euro/pigeon
After his best season ever in 2018, Gino Clicque sold a large group of youngsters for the first time: 36 pigeons, mainly inbred to stock breeder Golden Prince. The eye-catcher was sale 1, a youngster of Golden Prince x Golden Princess. Golden Prince had been sold to Samuel Lofts in South Africa in an earlier Gino Clicque auction, and he now lives in the breedings lofts of PIPA. When Gino won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings with Golden Princess, a grandchild of Golden Prince, Gino and Samuel agreed to put these two pigeosn together: grandfather x granddaughter, winners of the exact same title. Their highly exclusive youngster was sold to a Chinese fancier today, for 14,800 euro. That same fancier also obtained the second most expensive bird in this auction: a double grandchild of Golden Prince, which was sold for 5,600 euro. The 36 youngsters were sold for 104,000 euro in total, to 14 different countries: China (8), Taiwan (8), Belgium (5), Qatar (4), Japan (2), Germany (1), the United Kingdom (1), Italy (1), The Netherlands (1), Slovakia (1), The Philippines (1), Thailand (1), USA (1), and South Africa (1).

Comb. Elzinga – 62 pigeons – 1,877 euro/pigeon
Father and son Elzinga had a fantastic 2018 season, both with the old birds and the young birds. Their racing team of 62 pigeons was sold in auction, and the overall revenue was an impressive 116,375 euro. The most expensive pigeon was a nest sister of super class bird '807', which goes to Taiwan for 10,000 euro. The second most expensive bird was Ace of Harry 769; she was sold to China for 8,800 euro. She is a yearling that claimed an 11th prov. ace pigeon as as young bird, and she is now the dam of a youngster that already won a 1st prize. She comes from a son of Harry x a granddaughter of Esmee. The 62 pigeons have been sold to China (19), Taiwan (16), USA (8) The Netherlands (5), Belgium (4), The Philippines (3), Iraq (2), Bulgaria (1), Germany (1), Japan (1), Slovakia (1), and Thailand (1).

Daniel Bucaciuc – 8 pigeons – 1,988 euro/pigeon
Daniel Bucaciuc had the higlight of his career this season thanks to Mr. Fantastic, which won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB. This pigeon was sold to China last year but Daniel raised one more youngster from this star, specially for PIPA. This youngster goes to Ireland for 6,000 euro. The other 7 youngsters were mainly grandchildren of Mr. Fantastic or the sire of Mr. Fantastic, and their sale prices range from 1,100 euro to 2,100 euro. The 8 pigeons raised 15,900 euro in total, and will soon be shipped to China (4), Ireland (1), Belgium (1), Taiwan (1) and South Africa (1).

Hok Reijnen Bolton – 8 pigeons – 1,775 euro/pigeon
Erik Reijnen & Brian Bolten have been an excellent combination for a few years now, and they have been very successful both at home and in One Loft Races. They were selling a group of pigeons mainly related to top bird Picasso. This includes one of Picasso's brothers, which goes to the USA for 7,400 euro. The 8 pigeons raised 14,200 euro and will be moving to the USA (4), China (3) and Trinidad & Tobago (1).