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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) takes the win in Agen (Sector 1) of 6,379 pigeons with a descendant of the legendary Klamper

Grandmaster Cor de Heijde had already won a 1st National from perpignan back in 1997, and he now shows his class a second time with a 1st prize from Agen (Sector 2) of 6,379 pigeons.

Cor (r) with his trusted right-hand man Bert van Beek (l)

This year's winner from Agen in sector 1, Cor de Heijde, is a name that speaks to the imagination. This fancier has won numerous first prizes over the years, and his pigeons have enabled other fanciers from across the globe to get excellent results themselves as well. Cor's great results can be mainly attributed to breeding bird Klamper. This fantastic bird has given hundreds of descendants that were able to excel in the national classics, and they have been particularly successful in Barcelona. The pigeons from the Klamper bloodline have excelled in Barcelona season after season, both at home and abroad and both at national and international level. And the Klamper descendants have had some fabulous results in the other marathon classics every year as well. And Cor himself has now claimed victory in the afternoon release from Agen in Sector 1, with a two year old cock closely related to Klamper.

NL16-3621456 De Agen, 1st Sector 1 (6,379 pigeon)

The pigeons were released in Agen on Friday afternoon 13th of July at 12:10pm. It was by no means an easy race, with just 9 pigeons reaching a speed over more than 1,000 m/min. Racing bird De Agen arrived home on Saturday morning at 7:35'37" with a velocity of 1,161 m/min, claiming a prestigious win in Sector 1 against 6,379 pigeons. Like we said earlier, the pedigree of De Agen shows that he is closely related to none other than Klamper. The sire of De Agen, Don Michel, is a grandson Klamper.

Don Michel (NL96-9659671) is not only the grandfather of De Agen, he is also the sire of Miss Marseille (NL99-9829107), 3rd nat. Marseille (5,884 p.), and Son Don Michel (NL05-2173785), 16th nat. Perpignan (5,409 p.) and 13th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona-Perpignan. He was an excellent racing bird as well, as you can tell from the following results:

1998  17th Nat. Perpignan 5,479 p.    (60th Int. 16,025 p.)
1999 164th Nat. Marseille 4,919 p.   (762nd Int. 16,784 p.)
1999 306th Nat. Perpignan 6,857 p. (1,359th Int. 17,574 p.)
2000  39th Nat. Dax       3,755 p.
2000  21st Nat. Perpignan 7,195 p.    (41st Int. 18,426 p.)
2001 179th Nat. Dax       4,328 p.   (761st Int. 12,176 p.)
2001 149th Nat. Perpignan 7,567 p.   (347th Int. 20,859 p.)
2002  58th Nat. Dax       5,617 p.   (480th Int. 14,507 p.)
2001   1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 1999-2001 Perpignan
2002   1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2000-2002 Dax

The dam of De Agen is Miss Orange, and she won a 1st National Orange (4,307 p.). Cor obtained Miss Orange from J. Mulder & Son, and she too is closely related to Cor's own bloodlines. Click here for the full pedigree of De Agen.

A super clas loft based around the ever-present Klamper dynasty

Cor de Heijde has been one of the leading names in the marathon in the Netherlands for over 20 years now. He won his first national victory in 1997 with a son of Klamper, and 21 years later another Klamper descendant takes a first prize in the sector. Meanwhile several other national first prizes were won both by Cor's pigeons, both in their home loft and for fanciers from across the globe.