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Auction weekend ends with 290,000 EURO – Bender 36,500 EURO, Poulidor 20,000 EURO, Daughter Yelena 12,000 EURO

Today, the 1st of April, was the closing day of 8 different auctions. It was a very successful auction weekend, with an average sale price of just over 2,960 EURO/pigeon. We briefly take you through each of the auctions.

Collector’s Items – 28 pigeons – 2,058 EUR/pigeon

This Collector's Items auction had quite a few special birds on offer.
Here are the most expensive ones:
- Son from Harry paired to Sister Dolce Vita, original Jan Hooymans, goes to Taiwan for 7,600 EURO
- Son Bliksen CEO, original Gevaert-Lannoo , went to China for 5,200 EURO
- Son Champion, original Chris Hebberecht, sold to the USA for 5,000 EURO
- Grandchild Olympiade, original Leo Heremans, sold to Great Britain, also for 5,000 EURO

The 28 pigeons were sold to no less than 12 different countries: China (5), Columbia (5), Taiwan (4), Portugal (3), Qatar (2), and Morocco (2), and to Australia, Ireland, Japan, Great Britain, Romania, Serbia, and the USA (one each).

Freddy & Jacques  Vandenheede- 10 pigeons -  7,930 EURO/pigeon

The personable brothers from Zingem sold Bender and nine different youngsters of Bender in auction in their Bender Special.
Bender, 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2012, was sold to a fancier from China for 36,500 EURO. Poulidor, a son of Bender and winner of several top prizes, including a 1st Nat. Zone Limoges, goes to a different Chinese fancier for 20,000 EURO.

No less than 9 on a total of 10 pigeons go to China, with the remaning pigeon moving to Slovakia.

Davy Tournelle – 9 pigeons – 2,011 EURO/pigeon

The Davy Tournelle auction was the fourth auction to end this weekend. We were selling the last ever youngster of Tiësto, as well as the first youngster of Moeder Mila ever to be sold online.

Here we have the two most expensive pigeons:
- Exclusive Tiësto, the last youngster of Tiësto ever to be sold, will be moving to a different top loft in Belgium for 3,400 EURO.
- Lovely Inbred, a double granchild of Tiësto and a daughter of Tevez, was sold to a Chinese fancier for 3,200 EURO.

The 9 pigeons were shipped to the following countries: China (4), Belgium (3), Taiwan (1) and Poland (1).

Kristof Mortelmans - 12 pigeons – 1,455 EURO/pigeon

Kristof Mortelmans, winner of a 1st National ace pigeon extreme long distance 2016, sold 12 youngsters of his best breeders in auction.

The most expensive pigeons are a brother and sister of Red Ace, 1st National ace pigeon extreme long distance 2016. These two pigeons were sold for 3,200 EURO. The brother goes to France, and the sister goes to Taiwan.

The pigeons were sold to the following countries: Belgium (4), France (4), Columbia (2), The Philippines (1) and Taiwan (1).

Benny Steveninck – 8 pigeons – 3,100 EURO/pigeon

In this auction we had no less than 8 youngsters from De Gueret, which was paired to hens from Benny's Sun dynasty.
This is the most expensive bird:
- Son Gueret (1st National Limoges) x Sun (1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB), sold to Taiwan for 5,400 EURO.

6 on a total of 8 pigeons were sold to Taiwan, with the remaining two birds going to France.

Etienne Meirlaen – 9 pigeons – 4,244 EURO/pigeon

The winner of a 1st and 3rd National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB sold nine youngsters all closely related to his invaluable stock dam Yelena..

The most expensive pigeons are:
- Last Yelena, the last youngster ever to be sold from Yelena; she goes to a renowned Dutch loft for 12,000 EURO
- AA Super 982, a double grandchild of Yelena and owner of the rare AA gene; she goes to China for 4,800 EURO

The pigeons will be shipped to the following countries: Poland (3) and China, Germany, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, The Philippines, and Taiwan (one each).

Jan Hooymans – 13 pigeons – 3,685 EURO/pigeon

In this OLR Special Jan Hooymans sold the first youngsters of his Carnival Wonder and the first youngster of Hali, which won a 3rd prize in the final of the SAMPDR, bred by Jan Hooymans himself.

The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a hen of Carnival City: Dollar Harry Lady. This pigeon goes to The Netherlands for 5,600 EURO.

The pigeons were sold to 7 different countries: Taiwan (3), China (2), Japan (2), The Netherlands (2), Poland (2), Belgium (1) and Thailand (1).

Axel & Mario Verschueren – 9 pigeons – 765 EURO/pigeon

Axel and Mario Verschueren sold 9 pigeons in their first PIPA auction. The most expensive birds were Inbred Olympiade, the sire of Millennium, and Millenium himself, a proven racing bird.The two pigeons were sold to China for 1,300 EURO.

This event attracted many fanciers from China, and 5 pigeons were eventually sold to Chinese lofts. Other pigeons went to Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq and Poland.