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Mike Ganus buys the 2018 winner of South Africa Million Dollar Race for 95.000 US Dollar

Saturday 17th of February the auction of the top 50 winners of the Million Dollar Race final took place. The winner was sold to Mike Ganus at 1.150.000 South African Rand, about 95.000 USD. The most expensive South African rung pigeon ever sold.

Photo from the auction room after selling "Mix", 1. place in final. Photo by Jurie Erwee

Over the last years, Mike Ganus made it a tradition to buy the winners of the SAMDPR Final Race. That does make sense, knowing the 2016 SAMDPR winner of Mike Ganus himself was a descendant of the 2013 SAMDPR final race winner. By buying the 2018 SAMDPR winning hen, Mike Ganus owns the most impressive collection of SAMDPR winners in the world:

2016 winner Laura Is a Big Winner Today
2015 winner Sanjay 1
2014 winner Halover
2013 winner Untamed Desert

The 2018 Final winner named “Mix”, bred in South Africa by Gaddin Bros & Charl Stander, was auctioned in a public auction in South Africa and bought by Mike Ganus.
Click here for the pedigree of "Mix"
Mix won the final by no less than 18 minutes advance on the 2. final winner. An exceptional performance.

The second most expensive bird was 3. place in the final & knock-out winner, “Kleine Blue”, bred by Bobby Brown from USA, and sold for almost 38.000 USD to Jan Hooymans, who also bought 8. & 10. final winner.
Click here for the pedigree of "Kleine Blue"

The third most expensive pigeon was 1. Grand Average Acebird from Pieter Veenstra, he bought it back for about 30.500 USD. Pieter Veenstra also bought lot 6,7,15,18,25 and 26
Click here for the pedigree of 1st Grand Average Ace

The 4th most expensive pigeon was the final, bred by Fahad Alwatri, sold for 27.000 USD