50% Roziers hen claims victory in knock-out of Danish Pigeon Race for Winkie Pigeons (Spain)

Besides the winner of the Danish Pigeon Race 2017 final, the first pigeon in the knock out phase of that same race has a Belgian mother as well. This time it is the Jelle Roziers pigeon breed that brings success to another fancier.

The most difficult competition

The knock-out of the Danish Pigeon Race awards the pigeon with the best aggregate result in the past five hot spot races and the final race. The slowest 50% of all the competing pigeons are left out. This makes for a particularly tough championship with nothing but proven birds that manage to perform at a high level across several races. The best of the pack was ESP17-166030 of Winkie Pigeons (Spain), winner of a 23rd place in the semifinals and a 38th place in the final.

Jelle Roziers wins and lets others win

The pedigree of this knock-out winner features some renowned pigeons. Sire Azul was bred by Monick Nys from her Janssen bloodline, inbred through both his parents to Elfpenner. Dam Rodado is a Houben pigeon of Jelle Roziers. Her sire is a 100% Houben from Black Shadow (son Billy, 1st Prov. Orléans) x Britney (18th Interprov. Bordeaux and 18th & 52nd Angerville). The dam of Rodado is a youngster of Conrad x Brunella, two 100% Roziers pigeons. This is yet another great reference for Jelle Roziers, who has recently won a 1st National. It shows that his pigeons know how to excel not just in their home loft but in other teams as well. Click here for the full pedigree of the winner of the knock-out competition.