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Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) is going strong with the help of the bloodlines Fabian and Ellis

Jo Bauters has been racing at a high level all season long, to a large extent thanks to the bloodline of Fabian, 1st National Poitiers 2014. He is also the sire of Ellis, 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs 2016 and the best young bird in the PIPA ranking (3 and 4 races).

Fabian develops into invaluable stock breeder

Jo Bauters has a super class breeder in his collection with Fabian (BE11-4239270). He was outstanding as a racing bird as well, claiming a national first prize from Poitiers in 2014 (against 12,379 pigeons), as well as a provincial first prize from Bourges in 2012 (against 2,473 pigeons). But he proved even more valuable as a breeder, having bred several top class racing birds across multiple generations.

The sire of Fabian comes from the old line of Jo and was raced solely in the sprint competition, which resulted in a 10/10 from Noyon. Fabian's dam is a 50% Vandenheede (obtained via Edmond Stockman) and a 50% Gevaert-Van Schoorisse. Click here for the pedigree of racing bird Fabian.

Fabian was transferred to the breeding loft right after his national victory, as Jo would rather not sell his champion. Instead, he was paired to some top class breeding hens of Rudi Desaer, Gino Clicque, Team De Jaeger, and of course his favourite hen Bolleke (see pedigree). Bolleke won 3 top 6 prizes at zonal level in national races (see picture further down). All of their direct youngsters were reserved for the breeding loft, which means over 80% of the youngsters of 2016 and 2017 are descendants of this Fabian.

His most famous grandchild is without doubt Ellis BE16-4076089, a great racing bird and 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB young birds in 2016. She was also the best young bird in the PIPA ranking across 3 and 4 nationals. There are her results:

And then there is Lucas BE16-4076061. This racing cock is a grandson of Fabian x Bolleke (from his father's side) and a son of a half sister of Fabian (from his mother's side) and this is his list of achievements:

Tulle (10,128 pigeons): 103rd
Chateauroux (591 pigeons): 10th
Argenton (4,235 pigeons): 361st
Libourne (3,948 pigeons): 94th

The pedigree of this talented yearling can be found here

Another successful grandchild of Fabian is BE15-4155728, winner of:

Pont Ste Maxence (1,168 pigeons): 75th
Blois I Provincial (4,517 pigeons): 38th
Blois II : (488 pigeons): 34th (no provincial result available yet)

Another talented descendant of Fabian is Cesar BE16-4076027. His dam Belle is a full sister of Fabian, and he does live up to the reputation of this bloodline. Cesar has won the following prizes:

Tulle (10,128 pigeons): 123rd
Chateauroux (591 pigeons): 3rd
La Souterraine (4,390 pigeons): 121st
Souppes (349 pigeons): 23rd

Click here for the pedigree of Cesar

Ellis bloodline highly successful as well

Ellis BE16-4076089 became National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB YBs and the best young bird in the PIPA ranking for 3 & 4 national races. Like we sais, she is a granddaughter of stock breeder Fabian. Her origins from her mother's side are equally valuable though: her grandparents are Noah (BE10-4103964) and Naomi (BE10-4109959). And let's not forget Bolleke, Fabian's first partner, which in turn bred several talented racing birds as well. It must be great to be able to breed from so many high quality bloodlines.

A full sister of Ellis has won a 26th Provincial Blois from 4,517 pigeons.

Titus, BE16-4076072 is a direct son of Bolleke (BE12-4181946), grandmother of Ellis. She happend to be paired to Stybar (BE15-4143922), winner of a 6/6 as a young bird in the national races of the longer middle distance, and winner of a 13th place in that year's PIPA ranking. The sire of Stybar is Jack, a son of Noah and Naomi.

This is the palmares of Titus:

Libourne (3,948 pigeons): 34th
Chateauroux (591 pigeons): 9th
Souppes (395 pigeons): 8th
Tulle (10,128 pigeons): 117th

Click here for his full pedigree.

Bolleke, just like Fabian another high value breeder for Jo Bauters

The last one in the list is Fredo BE14-4017662, a direct son of top pair Noah and Naomi, and winner of:

Libourne (3,929 pigeons): 14th
Tulle (6,101 pigeons): 28th
Chateauroux (5,910 pigeons): 191st
Souppes (606 pigeons): 12th
La Souterraine (1,381 pigeons): 106th
Tulle (8.020 pigeons): 446th

Fredo's pedigree can be found here.

Fredo has proven to be an excellent breeder as well, with one of Fredo's youngsters winning the following prizes:

Peronne (619 pigeons): 5th
Toury (429 pigeons): 17th
Orleans (663 pigeons): 17th

Some excellent results

This racing team has quite a few champions in its ranks, and this explains their remarkable palmares. Here is a brief overview:

Libourne National (3,929 olds): 14 (1/2)
Libourne National (3,948 yearlings): 33-34-94-249-... (5/7)
Chateauroux (591 yearlings): 3-9-10-17-24-30-35-36-37-58-... (17/24)
Bourges (218 olds): 6-12-19 (3/3)
Peronne (619 YBs): 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-15-26-30-33-34-36-41-42-44-47-48-52-53-60...(45/57)
Toury (429 YBs): 2-3-4-7-9-10-16-17-20-24-27-31-32-37-... (43/60)
Blois (488 YBs): 1-25-33-34-41-... (25/51)

Success founded on a well developed breeding loft

When Jo decided in 2014 to transfer his national winner Fabian to his breeding loft instead of selling it (even though there were plenty of potential buyers), he did not realise how important his decision would prove to be. Fabian developed into a highly talented breeding bird and he is an excellent combination with the Ellis bloodline as well. Today, the breeding loft is home to an extensive group of direct youngsters of Fabian, successfully paired to some of the best partners available. We think there is still a lot more to come from this successful pigeon breed.