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Goed Grijs of Leideman Brothers (Hardenberg, NL) has an exceptional season and dominates the competition in The Netherlands

No other loft in The Netherlands has made such an impression as that of the Leideman brothers. They have won eight first prizes in major races so far, against 3,000 pigeons on average. They often have several pigeons in the top 10 as well, which shows that they are particularly strong these days. One of the most sensational pigeons in The Netherlands is Goed Grijs, winner of no less than seven first prizes.

Contrary to what her name suggests, Goed Grijs has completed the first half of the season with flying colours. In fact, no other pigeon has been so successful in the lowlands these days. But that has now come to an end, as André and Bert Leidema decided after her 1st NPO Laon against 6,371 pigeons on 17th of June to keep her inside for a while. Surprisingly enough, that did not keep them from winning another first prize in the teletext race from Duffel against 6,969 pigeons one week later, which says everything about the level of quality in this pigeon collection.

Goed Grijs

Goed Grijs is obviously a top quality pigeon judging from the seven first prizes on her palmares, but André and Bert will always see her as the pigeon with an unusual finishing sprint: "We have never seen a pigeon with such an impressive finish", the two brothers told us. "She really storms the loft when she comes home, not just after a race but after an ordinary training flight as welll. She comes home like a bullet. It reminds us of such iconic pigeons as Kleine Dirk, Geeloger or Kannibaal, which were known to be fast finishers as well!"

It is partly thanks to her impressive final sprint that Goed Grijs has been able to win several top prizes as a yearling and a two year old. We take a look at the seven victories on the palmares of one of the current-best pigeons of her generation in The Netherlands:

      1st NPO Laon         6,371 p. 2017
      1st Duffel           5,821 p. 2016 - 2 minutes lead
      1st Heusden-Zolder   2,775 p. 2017
      1st Laon             1,052 p. 2017
      1st Wijchen            786 p. 2016
      1st Heusden-Zolder     656 p. 2017
      1st Hapert             231 p. 2016

André Leideman talks a bit more about his favourite pigeon Goed Grijs: "We obtained this great looking hen in the spring of 2015 from the Van De Brande brothers from Berlaar (Belgium), a renowned sprint loft. They only compete in Quievrain and Noyon, which are races of around 100 and 200 km. Remarkably enough their pigeons can go a lot longer if they want." Add to that the fact that Goed Grijs has already won 7 first prizes against an average of 2,527 pigeons (no doubles), and it explains why the brothers decided to no longer basket this exceptional bird.

His brother Bert continues: "She has won many top results and she comes from an excellent family, making her an invaluable addition to our breeding loft. Last year we almost had a disastrous race somewhere in the middle of the season. We then agreed that if she would manage to return home, we would also try to purchase her parents. She arrived home that very day in the evening. Fortunately enough the Van Den Brande brothers were willing to sell her parents, and they joined our team almost a year ago." The nest brother of Goed Grijs is quite a good performer as well, winning a 3rd Wijchen 220 p., 11th Wijchen 421 p., 3rd Boxtel 418 p., 19th Heusden-Zolder 2,267 p., 26th Asse-Zellik 2,214 p., 34th Weert 1,503 p., 17th Quievrain 2,017 p. and 55th Laon 2,022 p.

Goed Grijs comes from the very best bloodlines of the Van Den Brande brothers. Her grandfather is the number one stock breeder, which at least 75% of the family originates from. André explains: "These fanciers race in a fairly small entente, which is why they often stay under the radar. Still, their pigeons can reach some very high speeds in the races from Quievrain and Noyon, even against some of the most renowned players in the area. They have been one of the leading sprint lofts in Belgium for many years, and we are confident that the Goed Grijs bloodline will continue to prove invaluable in the future as well." Click here for the pedigree of Goed Grijs.

An experience

Enjoyment is a critical factor for André and Bert in their pigeon racing careers. "We still get a lot of enjoyment from looking after our pigeons, and watching their behaviour. How they enjoy their bath, their sense of pride after a training flight, etc. We are obviously proud of our achievements in our sport but the connection between pigeon and fancier is what means the most to us." The successful brothers are currently working for Gerad Koopman, where they are welcomed with the same attitude. "Gerard gives us the space to experience pigeon racing the way we want, which is fantastic."

Besides a lot of enjoyment, the Leideman brothers have also gained quite a few exceptional results in the course of 2017. Here is a brief overview:

15-04-17 Deurne 137 km
      2nd-3rd-5th against 903 p.
22-04-17 Budel 162 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th-11th against 1,016 p.
29-04-17 Heusden–Zolder 192 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th against 2,775 p.
      And 2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th against 11,336 p.
06-05-17 Asse-Zellik 247 km
      1st-6th-7th-9th against 2,720 p.
13-05-17 Quievrain 314 km
      1st-12th-17th-19th against 2,480 p.
20-05-17 Laon 387 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th against 1,052 p.
27-05-17 Sens 540 km
      1st-3rd-4th against 414 p.
27-05-17 Weert 161 km
      5th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th-11th-12th-13th against 758 p.
03-06-17 Rethel 373 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-5th-6th-7th-10th-11th-12th against 1,867 p.
10-06-17 Heusden–Zolder 192 km
      2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th against 5,262 p.
10-06-17 Sens 540 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-9th-10th-11th-12th against 323 p.
17-06-17 Laon 387 km
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th against 6,371 p.
25-06-17 Duffel 218 km
      1st-2nd against 4,962 p.
      And 1st fastest of 6,969 p.

Raissa, 1st fastest in Duffel 6,969 p.

The fastest pigeon from Duffel, just one week after the NPO win of Goed Grijs in Laon, is NL15-1234061 Raissa. She is a very talented racing hen that is almost just as strong as her loft mate. This is her palmares so far:

      1st Duffel          4,613 p.
         = fastest of     6,969 p.
      3rd Niergnies       9,897 p.
      3rd Heusden-Zolder  5,927 p.
      5th Heusden-Zolder 11,336 p.
      5th Rethel          1,867 p.

Raissa is a hen from a great breeding pair. One of her full sisters won a 1st from Quievrain against 2,480 pigeons in 2017, and her parents (Magnus x Zus Tip Top 5) have bred several other prize winners as well. Magnus is a son of Wolfgang Roeper's 269, an Olympiad Pigeon, Pre-Olympiad Pigeon and National Ace Pigeon in Germany. He had three very successful racing seasons! The nest brother of Magnus is Antar, the sire of the outstanding Margrit of team Leideman in 2016. She won the closing NPO race from Morlincourt young birds against 4,634 pigeons. The dam of Raissa is a full sister of Tip Top 5, winner of a 9th prize in the closing flight of the Million Dollar Race in South Africa in 2013. Click here for the full pedigree of Raissa.

Magnus, the sire of Raissa and uncle of 1st NPO winner Margrit