Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) shines and lets others shine as well

We are probably repeating ourselves, but Erik Limbourg is having another outstanding season. And the Limbourg birds are doing great in other lofts as well: the invaluable Limbourg breed plays a prominent role for Gustaaf De Bisschop (1st National Argenton YLs) and for the Desbuquois brothers (2nd National Cahors).

Limbourg pigeons as a renowned brand

Mercedes and BMW are top of the line car brands. According to the dictionary a top brand is a brand that is known for producing excellent quality products. This leads us to conclude that Erik Limbourg, or the Limbourg pigeon breed to be more precise, ticks all the boxes to be considered a top brand. Erik has won numerous top prizes in his own loft, and numerous other fanciers from Belgium and abroad have achieved great results with pigeons from Brussegem as well. Last weekend alone we witnessed how it always pays off to invest in pigeons of Erik Limbourg in the long run, with Gustaaf De Bisschop claiming a 1st National Argenton YLs with a 50% Erik Limbourg, and the Desbuquois Brothers winning a 2nd National Cahors with a 7/8 Erik Limbourg. And there were probably many more fanciers that benefitted from the invaluable Limbourg bloodlines over the weekend. And in the meantime, Erik is having another great season as well.

Gustaaf De Bisschop: 1st National Argenton 22,383 yearlings (fastest of 36,004 p.)

The national winner for Gustaaf De Bisschop and the fastest of all 36,004 pigeons is a 50% Erik Limbourg. The sire is none other than a full brother of BE14-2151152 Trikke, also known as Limoges Joost, winner of a 2nd National Ace Pigeon title KBDB Long Distance 2016. Trikke has won a 4th National Zone B Limoges of 3,089 pigeons, a 36th National Montelimar 4,000 pigeons, a 25th National Zone B Cahors 3,328 pigeons, a 44th National Brive 9,049 pigeons and a 22nd Provincial Blois 1,680 pigeons. Trikke originates from two top class bloodlines, namely De Joost (1st International Perpignan 2003 for De Smeyter-Restiaen) and Gaston (1st Olympiad Pigeon Allround in Germany for Uwe Berg) x Daughter Lucky 848 (De Rauw-Sablon). Click here for the full pedigree of the national winner from Argenton. The pedigree of Trikke can be found here.

Desbuquois Brothers: 2nd National Cahors 5,659 pigeons

The Desbuquois brothers, often considered the grandmasters of the extreme long distance, visited the Limbourg loft in Brussegem quite a few times. Their racing bird BE15-2060079 Petros, winner of a 2nd National Cahors, is for 7/8 related to the Brussegem breed. He comes from Pedro from his father's side, winner of a 6th National Perpignan in 2005. The dam of Pedro comes straight from Erik's collection. His grandmother Tonia is a half sister of Dina, 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2005 (his sire is a direct Erik Limbourg), and a half sister of Lucas III, 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2005 (the dam is a direct Erik Limbourg). The dam of Petros is a 100% Erik Limbourg from the lines of Bolleken Watten, 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2008, Lucky 85, De Slappe (9th National Bourges 11,875 pigeons) and Blue Erica (daughter of Blue Ace, 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2007 and 10 x top 100 national). This is a combination of high quality bloodlines indeed! Click here for the full pedigree of Petros.

2017 is another great success for Erik's own team

The home loft of the Limbourg breed is having another exceptional year as well. Here is a look at their impressive palmares for 2017 so far:

Vierzon 20/05/2017 – 445 km
Club - 462 olds
1-2-4-6-10-23-27-34-36-37-38-39-50-56-57-58-59-60-… (25/40)
Brabant Union - 2,610 olds
2-2-5-10-21-… (25/40)
Club - 332 yearlings
5-14-19-21-30-31-36-39-… (17/27)
Brabant Union - 1,942 yearlings
20-75-126-… (16/27)

Bourges 27/05/2017 – 449 km
Club - 191 olds
1-2-3-4-5-7-12-14-15-20-21-23-25-26-28-33-38-39-40-41-43-… (25/40)
Brabant Union - 2,318 olds
4-14-23-24-41-48-… (25/40)
Club - 220 yearlings
1-2-3-5-6-9-10-13-14-15-20-22-23-24-29-32-34-39-40-41-… (34/65)
Brabant Union - 2,870 yearlings
3-14-15-28-35-76-77-… (40/65)

Chateauroux 10/06/2017 – 495 km
Club -  326 olds
3-7-40-42 (4/4)
Provincial Vlaams-Brabant - 2,374 olds
55-100-581-702 (4/4)
Club -  441 yearlings
111-117-121-128-134-138-141-142 (41/59)
Brabant Union - 3,449 yearlings
19-25-31-59-63-69-… (33/59)
Provincial Vlaams-Brabant - 3,570 yearlings
20-26-31-65-69-74-74-99-151-179-181-228-268-286-288-296-425-432-474-476-600-… (37/59)

Valence 10/06/2017 – 669 km
Club - 154 olds
2-4-5-12-20-27 (6/9)
Brabant Union - 969 olds
4-6-10-46-68-109-294 (7/9)
Provincial Vlaams-Brabant - 844 olds
3-5-8-32-52-84 (6/9)
National - 7,198 olds
30-39-49-281-377-604 (6/9) – 3 x top 50 national with just 9 pigeons!

The season goes on

We are not yet halfway into the season, but we think it is safe to assume that there is plenty more to come. Some might get the impression that this is a walk in the park but make no mistake: the success story of Erik Limbourg is the result of determination, patience, motivation and having an excellent understanding of pigeons, amongst other things. He has shown to be a true grandmaster of pigeon racing in recent decades, and we think anyone would agree that the pigeon lofts in Brussegem are home to one of the best all-round pigeon families in Belgium (and far beyond). You can tell from their results at home and in numerous other lofts. And that brings us back to our earlier conclusion: the Limbourg pigeon is the perfect all-round pigeon of its generation, a top brand.