Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) has an impressive start to the 2017 season

The Embregts-Theunis combination had an overwhelming start to the 2017 season. Peter's pigeons have managed to win a top prize in some important races on a weekly basis, and we would like to take a closer look at each of these race winners.

The Theunis-Embregts combination

Fast Dragon

The race from Peronne on 15th of April against 1,521 pigeons was an easy target for NL15-3530497 Fast Dragon. This blue coloured racing cock has been in great form in the early 2017 season, as he went on to win a 2nd prize from Quievrain of 2,110 pigeons one week later. Fast Dragon originates from top class breeder Rocketeer. The sire of Fast Dragon is Rockets Boy, a son of Blue Rocket, which was bred directly from Rocketeer. The dam is Last Lady, Rocketeer's last daughter, and winner of a 1st Pommeroeul of 764 pigeons. Click here for Fast Dragon's pedigree.

Fast Dragon has won quite a few early prizes already:

1st  Peronne    1,521 p.
1st  Peronne      609 p.
2nd  Peronne    4,706 p.
2nd  Quievrain  2,110 p.
6th  Creil      1,177 p.
8th  Feluy      1,717 p.
8th  Creil      1,516 p.
11th Quievrain  6,706 p.
18th Creil      4,225 p.
23rd Creil      5,127 p.
23rd Feluy      5,127 p.
55th Creil NPO 14,578 p.
71st Fontenay   2,139 p.

Space Angel

The first race of the season was won by the blue coloured hen NL15-3513984 Space Angel, which claimed a first prize from Quievrain against 1,893 pigeons on 8th of April. Space Angel was bred from several champions. Space Angel's sire is NL12-3220102 Space Boy, which was a successful racing bird as well:

2nd NPO Orleans against 7,795 p.
4th Houdeng against 6,459 p.
15th NPO Orleans against 5,179 p.

The dam of Space Angel is NL12-3220131 Blue Miracle, which won for instance a 7th of 7,795 pigeons in an NPO Orleans. It shows where Space Angel got her prize winning abilities from. Click here for the pedigree of Space Angel.

Space Angel has won the following prizes over the course of her racing career:

1st Quievrain       752p
1st Quievrain     1,893p
2nd Quievrain     5.736p
8th Sens          1,364p
10th Feluy        1,717p
17th Sens         3,652p
22nd St.Quentin   1,880p
22nd Creil          383p
25th Feluy        5,127p
37th Npo Sens    12,104p
43rd St.Quentin   5,539p
50th St.Quentin  19,196p

Big Time Rocket 

Blue coloured racing hen NL16-3632811 Big Time Rocket wins the race from Morlincourt on 6th of May 2017, claiming a first prize in CC De Westhoek '70 against 2,196 pigeons, which also resulted in a 1st prize against 7,183 pigeons in Rayon 2. Big Time Rocket was bred from Fine Rocket, a full brother of Orleanske and winner of a 1st NPO Orleans against 5,180 pigeons. The dam is Rockets Lady, another invaluable breeding hen. She is also the dam of Black Diamond, winner of a 6th NPO Morlincourt. Click here for the pedigree of Big Time Rocket.

Big Time Rocket does have quite a list of achievements as well:

1st  Mourlincourt       7,043 p.
1st  Mourlincourt       2,196 p.
3rd  Mourlincourt      22,106 p.
6th  Quievrain          1,893 p.
7th  Quievrain          1,397 p.
13th Mourlincourt       1,224 p.
17th Quievrain          5,342 p.
22nd Quievrain          1,692 p.
27th Quievrain          5,736 p.
32nd Pont-St.-Maxcence  1,165 p.
33rd Mourlincourt       3,916 p.
39th Asse-Zellik        1,560 p.
55th Quievrain          6,080 p.

The results of 2017

To give you an idea of their highly successful start to the 2017 season, here are the team's results in their first five races:

Quievrain 08-04
Vereniging 752 p. 1-2-3-6-8-10-11-12-19-22-28-33-49-51-57-60-65-81-94-97-101-108-109-
                  115-118-150-152-153-178-183-185-213-220-221-243 (46/35)
Westhoek  1893 p. 1-5-6-11-14-16-17-18-31-34-41-47-86-88-100-110-114-118-141-161-165-
Rayon 2   5736 p. 2-25-27-46-58-60-63-64-100-108-133-152-345-350-394-427-438-442-506-

Peronne 15-04
Union      609 p. 1-12-27-47-49-51-54-55-77-79-81-86-92-115-117-120-140-152-175-180-
                  182-183 (46/22)
Westhoek  1521 p. 1-23-53-85-90-93-97-99-158-162-166-181-194-235-238-246-289-311-353-363-
Rayon 2   4733 p. 2-58-151-257-269-273-286-289-446-456-467-523-563-699-710-738-863-938-

Quievrain 22-04
Union      772 p. 2-5-14-15-18-34-41-42-49-52-53-58-60-88-107-120-125-132-138-152-153-155-
                  163-175-183-215-218 (46/27)
Westhoek  2110 p. 2-6-26-28-32-53-67-68-85-90-93-101-106-168-210-227-236-256-273-314-315-
Rayon 2   6706 p. 11-41-187-211-224-311-394-396-449-470-494-521-560-812-988-1074-1108-1197-

Morlincourt 29-04
Union      781 p. 3-4-5-9-11-17-20-21-54-55-64-82-84-86-88-91-93-109-136-151-192-193-196-
                  210-211-214-218-219-237-239 (45/30)
Westhoek  2261 p. 6-9-14-25-29-40-43-46-116-119-138-178-182-186-192-195-197-241-310-355-462-
Rayon 2   7349 p. 18-30-38-75-79-119-125-130-348-358-491-511-530-541-545-550-699-917-1075-

Morlincourt 6-5
Union      756 p. 1-4-5-7-10-11-12-13-15-18-20-24-25-30-31-34-47-48-50-65-90-92-94-119-132-
                  145-162-180-186-201-208-211-234-240-248-251 (44/32)
Westhoek  2151 p. 1-8-10-13-19-28-29-30-34-42-50-58-59-74-75-82-119-120-122-148-200-203-205-
Rayon 2   7183 p. 1-26-28-45-75-102-105-106-112-143-172-204-209-261-262-292-426-427-432-525-

Where does it end?

We all know that Peter Theunis has been doing really well in recent seasons, and the first races of 2017 seem to indicate that he will be a force to be reckoned with this year as well, especially for the championships. We will continue to watch his results, and we assume we will be able to bring you another report about his excellent achievements as the season progresses.