Geert De Coninck (Beveren, BE) found a worthy successor for El Campio Barca with Gina

Geert De Coninck won the PIPA ranking for Best Barcelona Pigeon International (2013, 2014 and 2015) with racing bird El Campio Bara, which is now enjoying retirement in the breeding loft. It appears that another pigeon is eager to follow in his footsteps: racing bird Gina.

BE13-4093808 Gina

As El Campio Barca was transferred to the breeding loft, the rest of the racing team had the difficult task of trying to cover his absence. But it appears a new champion has come to the fore with Gina, a three year old hen. She did her first extreme long distance race in 2015 in Narbonne, where she won a 1st prize against 99 pigeons in the region in Sint-Gillis-Waas, and a 10th provincial of 748 pigeons. She debuted in Barcelona in the 2016 racing season, and she did really well: she won a 1st prize against 164 pigeons in the region, a 2nd provincial against 1,620 pigeons, and an impressive 10th national of 7,693 pigeons. She finished in 26th place international against 17,729 pigeons. She was the only pigeon of the Barcelona team that was also basketed for the closing race from Perpignan, where she delivered again with another regional first prize (3 out of 3), a 38th provincial against 812 pigeons and a 131st National against 4,191 pigeons.

Narbonne 2015

1st   Region against 99 pigeons
10th  Provinal against 748 pigeons
119th National against 4,047 pigeons
271st International against 10,754 pigeons
90th  International hens against 4,679 pigeons

Barcelona 2016

1st Regional against 164 pigeons
2nd Provincial against 1,620 pigeons
10th National against 7,693 pigeons
26th International against 17,729 pigeons
14th International hens against 5,538 pigeons

Perpignan 2016

1st Regional against 80 pigeons
38th Provincial against 812 pigeons
131st National against 4,191 pigeons
248th International against 12,869 pigeons
48th International hens against 2,915 pigeons

Her excellent achievements of 2016 have also resulted in a 10th place in the PIPA ranking for Best European Hen International Races Ace Pigeons (2 prizes).

Gina's eye

The sire of Gina is Toon, a son of De Schicht (Lemahieu x Rene De Meester) x Ohra (Hugo De Jonghe). De Schicht won a 1st provincial Barcelona against 2,315 pigeons and an 11th National against 12,998 pigeons in 2005, as well as a Bronzen Vleugel trophy in Barcelona Club Bruges. This successful racing bird also won a 7th provincial Barcelona against 2,162 pigeons the year before, as well as a 48th National Barcelona against 12,275 pigeons. He was also 2nd Ace Pigeon National Barcelona across those two seasons. Ohra is a half sister of a 5th National Dax, which is in turn the dam of a 1st Provincial Barcelona 2014. The dam of Gina is Helga, a direct Burkhard Heller (Germany). Helga is a granddaughter of a 1st National Barcelona 2008 and a great-granddaughter of the 1st International Barcelona 2004! Click here for Gina's impressive pedigree.

Barcelona, Geert De Coninck's main objective

In early 2016 we discussed the impressive achievements of Geert De Coninck's patiently crafted team for Barcelona in recent years. They are always raced from the nest, and he makes sure all pigeons are basketed with the most ideal nest position. You can reread our article from early 2016 here (Dutch only).

We quickly summarise his results over the past five seasons (prizes per ten):


Reg. (195 p.): 1 - 4 - 6
Prov. (2,125 p.): 19 - 25 - 36
Nat. (11,590 p.): 103 - 131 - 202


Reg. (188 p.): 1 - 2 - 5 - 12
Prov. (1,933 p.): 31 - 47 - 60
Nat. (10,542 p.): 169 - 218


Reg. (141 p.): 1 - 4 - 6 - 7
Prov. (1,829 p.): 1 - 19 - 63 - 73
Nat. (8,764 p.): 9 - 115


Reg. (135 p.): 1 - 6 - 10
Prov. (1,506 p.): 8 - 36
Nat. (7,791 p.): 32 - 113


Reg. (164 p.): 1 - 4
Prov. (1,620 p.): 2 - 43
Nat. (7,693 p.): 10 - 186

BE10-4140140 El Campio Barca

El Campio Barca, 1st Best Pigeon from Barcelona International 2013-2015, is currently housed in Geert's breeding loft, where he is occasionally paired to Gina as well. El Campio Barca was (and still is) a great champion across the board, and his achievements in Barcelona were particularly impressive:

Barcelona 2015:  32e National against  7,791 pigeons
Barcelona 2014: 115e National against  8,764 pigeons
Barcelona 2013: 297e National against 10,542 pigeons

Click here for the impressive pedigree of El Campio Barca.

The half sister of El Campio Barca is very well suited for the classic from Barcelona as well: BE10-4140154 Victoria won a 169th National Barcelona against 10,542 pigeons in 2013, and she did great in 2016 as well, with a 186th National Barcelona against 7,693 pigeons. The pedigree of Victoria, half sister of El Campio Barca, can be found here.

The future

Many fanciers dream of a great result in Barcelona, the queen's race of the extreme long distance. But not too many fanciers will achieve that dream, and only a select number of players has the potential of winning a top prize from Barcelona every single season. It takes years of hard work, a lot of patience, a strict selection approach, and being able to peak for one single race. Geert De Coninck is clearly one of those fanciers that can deliver season after season, and his racing team has everything it takes to win a prestigious victory from Barcelona. Racing hen Gina has the potential to win this race, or perhaps a new star is about to be born in Beveren? See you next summer!