Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) wins title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2016 with Ellis

Jo Bauters owns one of Belgium's most iconic young birds of 2016: the outstanding Ellis. She not only won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB, she was also the best young bird of Belgium in the PIPA rankings, over 3 and 4 national races.

Jo Bauters is quite impressed with his racing bird Ellis

Pigeon racing, a relaxing pastime

Combining a successful pigeon loft and a demanding job can be quite challenging. Jo and his brother Nico are successful real estate developers. Their pigeon loft enables them to clear their minds and to forget about their demanding careers in business. They come to the pigeon loft to relax their minds but that does not mean they have no ambitions. They are in fact determined to turn their pigeon breed into a successful racing team. Jo is fortunate to get some help from his wife Mieke, who does a great job at taking care of the pigeons every day. Jo believes he could not have succeeded without her. His career really took off in 2014 thanks to his pigeon Fabian.

Fabian, winner of 1st National and the star of this team

Everyone who competes in national races dreams of winning a national first prize one day. This dream came true for Jo Bauters in 2014. It was a prestigious victory for him, since it was the team's strongest pigeon that took home the win: Supercrack Fabian. This talented racing bird put the team of Jo Bauters in the international spotlight in a rather demanding race from Poitiers in 2014, in excellent racing weather with a strong headwind of 1111.98 m/min. It was quite an impressive effort from a top class pigeon.

-Fabian BE11-4239270

 1st Nat. Poitiers 12,379 p. ’14
 1st Prov. Bourges  2,473 p. ’12 
 4th Prov. Argenton 5,548 p. ’12 (24th Nat 22,384 p.)
38th Prov. Bourges  1,791 p. ’13
49th Prov. Argenton 3,161 p. ’13
55th Prov. Bourges  2,175 p. ’12

National winners attract a lot of attention from prospective buyers, especially if the race was won in hard weather conditions with strong headwinds. But Jo Bauters did not give in; he appreciated the breeding potential of his national winner, which got a well deserved spot in his breeding loft.
​It was a smart move: Jo owes much of his success in the national classics in the past two years to breeding bird Fabian, who is now the sire of a 3rd Prov. Vierzon, and the grandfather of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2016. Several other successful racing birds of Team Bauters are closely related to this new stock breeder.

In 2015 Fabian was paired to a few top class hens of Rudi Desaer, Gino Clicque, Team De Jaeger, and of course his favourite hen Bolleke (click here for her pedigree). All direct youngsters joined the breeding team right away, as a result of which more than 80% of the young birds for 2016 were related to Fabian. And it showed in the results.

Ellis, 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2016

If Jo had sold his racing bird Fabian there would be no Ellis. This exceptional racing hen excelled in this year's national young birds' races in Belgium, and she is a granddaughter of Fabian. She managed to finish high up in each of the four national young birds' races, which eventually resulted in her winning the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2016 (over 3 races). She was also the 'best young bird of Belgium' over 4 national races. This is the impressive palmares of this talented young bird:

-Ellis BE16-4076089

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2016
1st Best Young Bird of Belgium 2016 over 4 national races
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon long distance YBs KBDB East Fl. 2016

Sire: Pirlo BE15-4143931
A son of Fabian BE11-4239270 (winner of 1st Nat. Poitiers 2014) x Bolleke BE12-4181946 (4 1st prizes, 2nd N.Zone Issoudun 671 dp, 3rd N.Zone Chateauroux 1,015 p., 6th N.Zone Bourges 1,751 p.).
Dam: Ester BE15-4143918
A daughter of Noah BE10-4103964 (grandfather of Ellis and Stybar: 6 out of 6 in the national races of 2015, and a Roger De Meulemeester x Jan Haesart, obtained both from Marc Adam) x Naomi BE10-4103959 (grandmother Ellis and Stybar, from a crossing of Charles Van Lancker x Simon Moreels, obtained both from Marc Adam). Noah x Naomi are also the parents of Fredo BE14-4017662: 1st club 61 p., 5th Prov. 1,383 p. and 28th Nat. Tulle 6,101 p. in 2016.
Click here for the full pedigree of Ellis.

Pirlo x Ester are also the parents of Electra BE16-4076022, winner of a 25th N.Zone Bourges 7,821 p., a 145th Prov Blois 4,406 p., etc.
Click here for the pedigree of Electra

And that is not all. Basso, winner of the title of 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015, is a grandson of Fabian x Bolleke as well. This is his palmares:

-Basso BE15-4143949

  3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon long distance YBs KBDB East Fl. 2015
  5th Prov. La Souterraine 2,682 p.
 22nd Nat. La Souterraine  9,760 p.
 78th Prov. Chateauroux    3,661 p.
109th Prov. Argenton       4,200 p.

Sire: Moser BE14-4014764
A son of Fabian x Bolleke and thus a full brother of Pirlo (the sire of Ellis).
Dam: Elke BE14-4014752
A daughter of Poulidor BE12-4181918 (halfbrother of Fabian bred from the same dam) x Maxima BE10-4101988.
Click here for the full pedigree of Basso

Patiently working towards the future

Jo Bauters made the right choice by not selling Fabian, and by sending his young birds straight to the breeding loft.It enabled him to create a pigeon collection with plenty of talented birds. It was an investment in the future, and a successful one: you can tell from his impressive results at club level, which we included below. This new generation of talented racing birds has led to great results in recent seasons (click here for his most important achievements in 2012-2016) and they will be breeding successful new generations in the future as well.

In 2017 Jo would like to create a team of 18 hens in widowhood for the first time, with partners that stay home. They will be expected to deliver results in 2017, along with 22 widowers (cocks) and about 100 young birds. The team of Jo Bauters works hard to achieve their goals. The pigeons follow a specific diet (with Pluc IC mixtures of Versele-Lage), and their health is monitored by Dr. Piet Blancke.
​This pigeon breed has everything it takes to turn 2017 into another great season: several talented pigeons, strong determination and a very ambitious fancier. Preparations for the upcoming breeding season are well underway, and this is always a crucial step towards new successes next season. Congratulations!

The highlights of 2016 at club level

Chateauroux YL:    155 p. 8-10-24  (3/4)
Bourges olds:      351 p. 2-14-23-38  (5/6)
Argenton olds:     230 p. 14-26-51-51-55-90 (6/6)
La Souterraine YL: 215 p. 3-16-60 (3/3)
Orleans YL:        195 p. 13-14-37-52 (4/5)
Souppes YBs:       601 p. 7-34-41-46-47-51-69... (14/21)
Argenton olds:     129 p. 3-13-17-24-37 (5/6)
Blois YBs:         146 p. 3-4-5-12-15-16-28... (16/25)
Souppes YBs:       395 p. 2-8-18-22-31... (13/18)
Bourges YBs:       111 p. 2-3-8-11-28-30-33  (7/15)
Tulle olds club:    61 p. 1-6-7-9 (4/5)
          Prov.: 1,383 p. 5-42-52  (4/5)
Bourges YLs:       102 p. 4-5-20-36 (4/4)
Bourges YBs:       398 p. 2-3-5-10-22-31-32-35-37-40... (24/29)
Argenton YL:        32 p. 1-12  (2/2)
Argenton YBs:      342 p. 7-11-12-16-19-21-23-29-36... (21/25)
Orleans YBs:       925 p. 26-45-68-78... (7/10)
Issoudun YL:        32 p. 1-3-8-12  (4/4)
La Souterraine YL:  34 p. 2-6-8 (3/3)
La Souterraine YB: 400 p. 1-9-13-16-20-34-49-52... (13/27)
Chateauroux YBs: 383 p. 1-19-28-32-36... (11/14)
Chateauroux YL:     42 p. 3-4  (2/2)