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Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) is a sprint champion with a small team

Jos Cools has won quite a number of national championship titles KBDB in the sprint competition in recent years. In 2015 he became National Champion sprint young birds KBDB while also winning the title of 4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint young birds KBDB with racing bird Speedy. And 2016 was another memorable season for Jos.

Invaluable breeding team based on top class bloodlines

The breeding loft of Jos houses nothing but the best sprint bloodlines he can find. Over the years he obtained pigeons of his good friends Danny Van Dyck, Dirk Van Den Bulck, Gustaaf Berckmoes, Charles Corthout, Miel Van Den Brande and Rik Hermans. Meanwhile several pigeons took the opposite direction, as Jos transferred his own pigeons to the lofts of his friends. This is what friendship is about, and it is something he holds dear.

Miel and Octavia: the golden stock pair

It often takes a bit of luck to discover an exceptional breeding pair. Jos Cools discovered an exceptional pair of breeders with Miel and Octavia. Miel (BE10-6252797) is a grandson of Di Caprio of Leo Heremans, obtained through Van den Brande-Hermans, which currently belongs to Dirk Van Dyck. The lines of Kannibaal (Dirk Van Dyck) and Goudhaantje (Rudi Diels) can be found in the pedigree of Miel as well. Octavia (BE12-6254608) was a successful racing hen and she developed into a top class breeder for team Cools, having bred several ace pigeons. She stems from Den 77, an outstanding racing bird and winner of the Leo Heremans trophee, which in turn originates from a direct Staf Boeckmans (a crossing of Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx x Dirk  Van den Bulck). The dam of Octavia, Kleine Dirk, is a daughter of Dirk Van den Bulck's Olympiade 4000.

The most famous daughter of this stock pair is without doubt BE13-6138827 Super Lady, 6th National Ace Pigeon sprint yearlings KBDB in 2014. Click here for the full pedigree.

BE13-6138827 Superlady

Cher Ami, which became 14th National Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB in the same year, is a grandson of Miel and Octavia. Click here for his pedigree. Several other descendants of this breeding pair have been successful in 2016; see below.

B14-6090932 ​Cher Ami

Outstanding once again

Competing for the earliest prizes in the highly competitive Tienverbond Entente with such a small team is quite a challenge. Jos has been able to beat some of the most renowned sprint champions in the area regularly in recent seasons. He has already won 5 first prizes in the Tienverbond competition. Some of his most prestigious wins of 2016 can be found below; pay attention to the number of pigeons that Jos has basketed for each race:

Quievrain (293 pigeons): 8-10-12-18 (4 pigeons)
Noyon (262 pigeons): 2-9 (2 pigeons)
Noyon (506 pigeons): 1-42 (2 pigeons)
Noyon (1.224 pigeons): 5-20 (2 pigeons)
Noyon (575 pigeons): 11-44 (2 pigeons)
Noyon (368 pigeons): 1 (1 pigeon)
Noyon (518 pigeons): 2-29 (2 pigeons)
Quievrain (213 pigeons): 11-13 (2 pigeons)
Quievrain (245 pigeons): 1-4 (2 pigeons)
Quievrain (213 pigeons) 11-13 (2 pigeons)

The results of the national and provincial championships are yet to be announced but Jos had already won several titles in the Tienverbond competition: 2nd Champion old birds Quievrain, 3rd General Champion Quievrain, 3rd Champion Yearlings Noyon, 2nd General Champion Noyon and 3rd Champion Quievrain + Noyon.

Some of the stars of 2016

BE14-6090932 Cher Ami, 14th National Ace Pigeon sprint young birds in 2014

This pigeon is one of the stars of this loft, and he had a great sprint season in 2016 as well:

1st against 834 pigeons
1st against 506 pigeons
4th against 373 pigeons
9th against 1,472 pigeons
10th against 813 pigeons
11th against 575 pigeons

Cher Ami is a grandson of stock pair Miel x Octavia (the parents of Super Lady).

BE13-6138877 Bliksem

1st against 245 pigeons
8th against 212 pigeons
10th against 211 pigeons
10th against 293 pigeons

Click here for the pedigree of Bliksem.

BE14-6090967 Schone

1st against 368 pigeons
5th against 373 pigeons
9th  against 262 pigeons

De Schone is a full brother of Super Lady, which makes him a son of top pair Miel x Octavia. Click here for his full pedigree.

BE15-6208035 Son Chipring

2nd against 518 pigeons
5th against 1,304 pigeons
8th against 876 pigeons

He is a son of Chipring (co-winner of a 4th National Champion sprint YBs KBDB 2011), as well as a grandson of Miel x Octavia from his mother's side. Bekijk de afstamming van Zoon Chipring hier.

BE15-6208049 Triumpf

3rd against 507 pigeons
5th against 1,224 pigeons

This is another full brother of Super Lady, and thus another son of stock pair Miel x Octavia. Click here for the pedigree of Triumpf.


2nd against 3,309 pigeons
9th against 2,162 pigeons

The 014 is a grandson of that same stock pair. Take a quick glance at the pedigree of the 014 here.


1st against 1,837 pigeons
3rd against 291 pigeons

This is another first prize winner; his dam is a full sister of Super Lady. You guessed it right, he is another grandchild of the stock pair of Cools. Click here for the pedigree of the 031/16.


4th against 2,057 pigeons
9th against 1,925 pigeons

We conclude our overview with a direct daughter of Super Lady, which was paired to Speedy, 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB sprint 2015. Click here for the pedigree that features all of these invaluable bloodlines.

Successful in other lofts as well

As we said earlier, friendships are important to Jos Cools. He got many good quality pigeons from his friends, and at the same time many of his own pigeons were transferred to other lofts as well. For instance, a direct Cools hen can be found in the pedigree of Danny Van Dyck's Kanon, which won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Western European Countries Cup, 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance, etc. He is also the sire of Kogeltje, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon young birds 2013.

Dirk Van den Bulck was very successful with the Jos Cools bloodlines as well; all three stock bloodlines of Van den Bulck are related to Cools. One of the stock pairs of Dirk Van den Bulck is a 50% Jos Cools: Blauwe Leo (BE06-6148378) x De Jos Cools Hen (BE02-6219637). This line has bred many of the stars of Van den Bulck: Kittel, Greipel, Olympiade 4000, Golden Leo 976, Golden Leo 987, etc. The other two stock lines of Van den Bulck, Goede Rode and Broer Goede Rode, are two grandchildren of a direct Jos Cools. This goes to show that friendship and a successful career in pigeon racing go hand in hand.