Xavier & Maxim Thoné (Niel bij As, BE) win 1st Nat. Tulle old birds

They had already won a 1st Provincial Agen yearlings and Chalon-sur-Saône yearlings earlier this season, and the Thoné pigeon breed has now won a well deserved national victory old birds in the closing race from Tulle, with the fastest pigeon overall of 13,423 pigeons. It was already their 42nd first prize this season. Well done!

Jos Thoné with his wife Gaby and his son Xavier

Pigeon racing is all about having a top quality breed in good form, and waiting for the right moment. Jos Thoné, who lives in the easternmost part of Belgium, knows that more than anyone else. The geographical location of his loft makes it very difficult for him to win national races. But apparently that did not stop him from becoming an internationally renowned fancier with a solid list of achievements.

Last weekend he added another victory to his palmares, claiming a national first prize from Tulle old bidrs. It was already his 8th national victory, and this first prize was won across the street, where he races under the name of his two sons Xavier and Maxim Thoné. He gets a lot of help from Marcel Vierendeels as well, a highly proficient loft manager. It was in this loft that he won the title of 1st Nat. Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2015. This title shows that there is a new generation of talented racing birds ready to take over. This team has a bright future indeed.

Jos sold his entire old birds' collection from his own loft earlier this year, forcing him to continue with a team of yearlings from 2015. Most fanciers would struggle to find their best form after getting rid of their best pigeons, but that was not the case with Jos, who can rely on an exceptionally talented pigeon breed. 2016 is proving to be another great season for him, having won already 42 first prizes. And we expect him to add a few more wins to his palmares in the next few weeks. He has had quite an exceptional career.

Not a week went by without the Thoné pigeons winning a first prize. Sometimes they would claim three victories in a single weekend, whether it be a sprint race or an extreme long distance race, or anything in between. This shows once again how versatile the Thoné pigeon breed really is. In fact, last weekend they won a first prize from Chimay young birds (sprint), a first prize from Perpignan old birds (extreme long distance), and a national first prize from Tulle old birds (long distance).

1st Nat. Tulle olds with half sister Kirin

The team of Thoné put in another big effort in the closing weekend of the long distance and the extreme long distance. They started the weekend with a top performance from Perpignan, where they had to settle for second place at provincial level.

Perpignan  92 olds: 1-2-15 (3/3)
    Prov  487 olds: 2-4-82 (3/3)
    Nat 4,191 olds: 14-38-681 (3/3)

It was a promising performance for sure, especially because Jos had gathered an impressive team for Tulle. These pigeons had been used to collect points for the longer middle distance competition, and Jos wanted to put them to the test in a long distance race as well, but he waited for the right circumstances. Tulle proved to be the perfect race for that: there was a lot of wind coming from the west, and the release site of Tulle is fairly centrally located. Jos wanted to see what these pigeons were capable of in the long distance, and they did really well!
His first nominated racing hen Tilke claimed the national first prize at 15:42'14", being the fastest of 13,423 pigeons from Tulle with a velocity of 1361.7287 m/min. This hen was raced in total widowhood, and she had quite a palmares already:

-Tilke BE14-2022243

 1st  Nat Tulle       6,101 p. ’16 (670 Km)
 7th  Prov Limoges      368 p. ’15 (659 Km)
11th  Zone C2 Gueret    746 p. ’15 (605 Km)
22nd  Zone C Argenton   580 p. ’16 (575 Km)
26th  Chimay          1,938 p. ’14 (139 Km)
27th  Zone C Bourges  1,464 p. ’16 (494 Km)
30th  Sourdun         1,738 p. ’15 (319 Km)
 7th  Gien              127 p. ’16 (426 Km)
14th  Chimay            536 p. ’14
44th  Laon              489 p. ’15 (201 Km)  
47th  Gien              603 p. ’15
55th  Chimay            765 p. ’14
250th Nat Brive       9,049 p. ’15 (692 Km)

Sire: Son 801 Aelbrecht BE09-4263054
He comes from Marc De Cock and he is co-winner of the title of 2nd Nat. Champion Long Distance KBDB ’11. He won an 18th Nat. Orange, 37th Zone Cahors, 42nd Nat. Libourne, etc. He is a nephew of Leen (1st Intnat. Narbonne) and Niq (1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance). He was bred from Blauwe Zoon Perpignan BE07-4138801 x Daughter Nightflyer BE06-4140108 (from Nightflyer 722/02 x Rebecca 481/02, the grandmother of Leen, winner of a 1st Intnat. Narbonne).
Dam: Daughter Avril BE09-5061500
A super class breeding hen and the dam of Kirin, winner of 10 first prizes. She is also the half sister of the Thoné champions Iruna and Deep Impact. She is a daughter of Nestbrother Artificial Jutta BE03-5071666 x the amazing Avril BE03-5071209, which was 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon in ’05-’06 and ’07.

You can find Tilke's full pedigree and her palmares here.

Super class hen Kirin: winner of 10 first prizes and a half sister of Tilke, which won a 1st Nat. Tulle old birds

Jos won a national top result from Tulle in his own loft opposite the street as well: a 16th national against 7,322 yearlings. This pigeon was also his first nominated, which shows that he has an eye for talent.

The 2016 long distance season for old birds has come to an end, and it has not been the easiest of seasons. Still, the pigeons of Jos Thoné managed to stand out on a weekly basis, winning two provincial first prizes and a well deserved national victory from Tulle old birds. Many congratulations to the entire Thoné team!

Jos Thoné and the loft manager for the lofts of Xavier & Maxim: Marcel Vierendeels

The racing lofts of Xavier en Maxim, home of the winner of a 1st National Tulle